Crystal Kite Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Crystal Kite Awards? You can enter your book from your member homepage by following THESE DIRECTIONS
If my book has been entered into the Golden Kites do I have to enter it into the Crystal Kites? Yes you do. The Golden Kites and the Crystal Kites Members Choice Awards are two separate awards.

What is PAL?
PAL stands for Published and Listed. Click here for more information including how to list the publisher if your publisher is not listed. 

I have PAL membership status. Are my books eligible?
Once you have a PAL published book you are always a PAL member but not all books are eligible. Only books that are published by one of the PAL publishers are eligible for the award.
How do I know if my publisher is PAL? 
A list of the current PAL publishers can be found on the drop-down list when adding your book.
Is a self published book eligible?
No these awards are only for PAL published books (even if the member has PAL status). Self-published books are eligible for the Golden Kite Awards.
How do I know if my book has been entered?
If you selected the submit for publication button when you nominated your book under the Manage My Profile tab then your title will be considered for entry. Please note all eligible titles must meet the criteria that are listed on the Crystal Kite Awards page. Please not that only the member (author or illustrator) who created the title can nominate the book for entry into the Crystal Kites.
Can I advise people to vote for my book?
We want you to promote and publicize the Crystal Kite Awards and remind people to vote! We just can't allow promotion or publicizing of individual titles. For example, you can tweet, Facebook and otherwise state: "Don't forget to vote for your favorite in the Crystal Kite Awards"! or words to that effect. However, publicizing a specific title will lead to disqualification of that title.

You may not:

- Send emails to people you do not know to promote your book

- Use the SCBWI messaging system to promote your book

- Use any SCBWI discussion board or listserve to promote your book

 Doing any of these will immediately flag your book for deletion in the Crystal Kite Awards.

Can both the author and the illustrator nominate the book?
Yes, as long as they are current SCBWI members. If both members are in the same Division and appear in the nominating list their votes will be combined for determining Round 2 eligibility. If the creators are in separate Divisions they can each nominate the title in their Division.

Do I have to nominate my book for the Crystal Kite Awards?

No. Entry to these awards is optional. You can still add your book data so that the details show up in your profile,

I cannot access the manage My Profile page to nominate my books?
You need first to login to the site. If you can’t login then check that you are using the correct email address / password. If this is a problem contact a staff member at 323-782-1010
How do I change the image for my cover?
Go to "My Home". At the bottom of the page is the list of your titles then click on the Edit link. That will bring up the details of the book, and then you simply replace the existing image with the correct one.
How do I change the details of my book?
Go to 'My Home" Choose the title to be edited and click on the Edit link. That will bring up the details of the book, and then you simply insert the correct details.
The cover image will not upload. What is the problem?
Please ensure that you have the image to upload in the correct format, (.jpg or .gif or .png), that it is below 4MB and that there are no strange symbols in the image name (eg: symbols like “, ‘, or ,)


Now that I have entered the details for my book do I need to send a hard copy of the book in to the SCBWI?
No. Once details are entered into your profile the books is entered. 
I have entered my title twice. Is this a problem?
You should have just one listing for the title on your profile page. To correct this enter your profile page and then click on the Delete button to remove the title from the database. Remember to delete the title you do not want.
I have had more than one title published this year. Do I have to choose just one?
No. You can nominate all your titles.
Can you confirm that details of my title are entered?

Click on "edit" next to the book in "My Home" and make sure you have clicked YES to submit the title for the award. Before voting begins there will be a week-long preview period when you can view all the titles entered in your division.


My book has been reprinted. Is it eligible for these awards? No. The eligible books must be first run.
How do I vote in the Crystal Kite Awards?

When voting opens there will be a link to vote from the homepage and from "My Home"

Please note that you must be logged in to vote.

Can all members vote in the Crystal kite Awards? Yes they can.

Still have a question? Then please don’t hesitate to email Christopher Cheng, Board of Advisors Member and Crystal Kite Member Choice Awards Coordinator.