The Amber Brown Grant commemorates author and beloved school speaker, Paula Danziger.  Two schools are awarded each year with an author or illustrator visit and new books to continue Paula’s love of connecting children with creative influences.


Deadline: Applications must be submitted from November 1 – April 15


1. Any school can apply.  You do not need to be a member to nominate a school.

2. Applications must be filled out entirely and can only be submitted from November 1 – April 15.

3. A statement of support from the nominated school’s principal.

4. Mail applications to: 

SCBWI Amber Brown Grant   
8271 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

5. The winning schools will be determined by a committee of published SCBWI members. The winning schools will be published in the SCBWI Bulletin and on the SCBWI website, blog, and social networks.

6. Two schools will receive an all-expense-paid visit by a well-respected children’s author or illustrator. The chosen schools will also receive a $250 stipend to create a memorable day and $250 worth of books by the visiting author.

7. One runner-up school will be selected and rewarded with books valued at $250.

Amber Brown Application Form

Questions? Contact Gee Cee Addison

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Amber Brown Fund Donation Form