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 :yay   What great news! :congratswave
 :yay :wow Congratulations!  :love5 :stars3 :yippee
Congrats!  :hurrah
PAL Book Promotion / Re: I'm a debut published author! August 8th release!
« Last post by DellaRF on Yesterday at 08:08 PM »
Congratulations!  :yippee
Dear Friends,

I am giving away an ARC of my debut novel, PEASPROUT CHEN, FUTURE LEGEND OF SKATE AND SWORD. It is a middle grade fantasy coming out from Holt/Macmillan in April 2018 about a girl who wins a place a famous academy to study the beautiful and deadly art of kung fu figure skating.

Please see the attached and this link for details.

Thank you,

Henry Lien
Thanks, Melody.

The four years was spent writing it, not trying to get it into print. I've published four books previously but decided to self-publish this one because it's topical & I wanted to get into print as quickly as possible.
Promotional News / Re: My novel, INCOGNOLIO, is out in eBook and paperback!
« Last post by Melody on Yesterday at 01:36 PM »
Congrats! You are in good company here as far as having to wait a while to see a book in print....
Chapter Books & Easy Readers / Re: Rcent Comp Titles
« Last post by mgmystery on Yesterday at 12:37 PM »
Okay, if I go in the direction of having book #2 finished and the next two outlined, would the query still read the same (about the plot of book #1 only, not my intentions for the series)?

Also, should comps still be specific titles instead of comparing to the series? And,  is it okay to use only series titles as comps? Or should I find one that's not from a series too?

Thanks so much for all the help!
The Craft of Writing / Re: Getting Personal
« Last post by thunderingelephants on Yesterday at 08:20 AM »
She has quite a strong opinion and I think readers might get a better perspective and hopefully a connection with her.
That's always my aim writing anyway.
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