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Graphic Novels / Re: Who's working on a Graphic Novel project?
« Last post by karen-marks on Today at 05:44 PM »
Feeling lost but thinking to do a Graphic Novel, among other things I'm working on YA novels 60thousand word, MG, PB and I have this story that I made rough sketches for (potential graphic novel) but have no experience with scrivener, what if I just did it all by hand? I have no comic book or graphic novel experience, do you suppose it's worth my time to just throw something together to see if I can do a rough then move it to a format?  How do publishers like to see these documents?
Not sure I made any sense there but let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks
Like this thread. .
Off Topic Board / Re: Wedding Etiquette?
« Last post by AnnH on Today at 05:06 PM »
I think so. Especially if there will be dancing.

There is dancing. But my husband uses a wheelchair for outings--maybe that was the problem. In any case, I politely declined the invitation.
Thanks for your reply, Starfish.

I'm going to wait and check with them later next year.  You're right, I should focus on something new and sub it around.

Good luck on your submissions. I will post back if I hear anything.

Thanks :)
I'm still waiting on the 2 subs from early January and a third I just recently submitted. The editor did email me in July to tell me they were considering one of the Jan subs for an upcoming issue and they requested an electronic copy. But I haven't heard back on that. Based on prior experience, I'm assuming it didn't fit that particular issue and they're holding it until it does fit an issue. I personally don't mind because the market is so limited as it is - I'm just happy they're interested!

To be honest, as you've said, 4 months is no time at all for most of the major mags. I've waited more than a year for acceptances with Humpty Dumpty and the Cricket group, and while my acceptances with Highlights have come around 4 months, I did  wait 8 months once for a Highlights rejection. The waits seem to be getting longer overall with all magazines. But with Humpty Dumpty, I like to think the longer wait means there's interest. They have given out rejections in the past if you look at the response times board.

If you're going to simultaneously sub, I would let them know.  Best thing is to work on something new and sub the new piece to another magazine. Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful. Good luck with whatever you do!
Off Topic Board / Re: Wedding Etiquette?
« Last post by David Wright on Today at 01:48 PM »
I have heard of people limiting invitations to a specific person when it's someone from work. I gather it comes across as 'we had to so we didn't leave you out, but please say no because we want to keep our numbers down'
Book Talk / Re: Villians we love to hate
« Last post by olmue on Today at 01:43 PM »
If I remember right, the villains in Journey to the River Sea (Eva Ibbotson) get their just desserts.

There is something satisfying about MG that lets karma have its way... (er, not that I'm a naturally vengeful person! But fiction you can exact justice in a way you can't in the real world...)
Off Topic Board / Re: Wedding Etiquette?
« Last post by janet-young on Today at 10:57 AM »
I think so. Especially if there will be dancing.
Off Topic Board / Re: Wedding Etiquette?
« Last post by Barbara Etlin on Today at 10:43 AM »
Of course. Manners never go out of style.
Education / Re: Rutger's One on One 2017 Attendees - Dinner?
« Last post by jeffrey-faville on Today at 10:36 AM »
Hey TJ! I remember you from previous RUCCLs.

I'll call to reserve a table at the Blossom Restaurant in the Hilton East Brunswick. Does 7:00  pm work for everyone? I'll also let them know people will be arriving  at different times and ask for separate checks.

Here is the list so far:
1. Eugenia Sozzi
2. Jeff Faville
3. Rich Zahradnik
4.  Stephanie Feuer
5. T.J. Resler
6. Susie McCauley
Off Topic Board / Re: Wedding Etiquette?
« Last post by Stephanie Ruble on Today at 10:30 AM »
I thought that was still the case. Not sure though.
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