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Thanks to everyone who participated in #PBPitch. As usual, we had a tremendous turnout of writers and artists. So many wonderful
projects! Hopefully soon we'll be able to announce agent dream matches (and let us know if you do so we can shout it to the world). And remember, even if you didn't get any love, you can always query the agents if you feel you would be a good fit.

The next event will be in Oct., date to be announced.  Thanks once again to my partner in crime, Debra Shumaker.   We try to monitor the Twitter feed all day (with my four little grandkids under foot, this turned out be a Herculean task),  and I was not feeling my  best (long story short, was in the emergency room last Sat night) but nothing short of aliens invading could keep me from #PBPitch.
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The Craft of Writing / Kitchen Calamity
« Last post by thunderingelephants on Today at 06:27 AM »
A meeting of our tiny SCBWI gathering this morning got me thinking today. I have had a severe dose of writer's block of late and left my monsters to get on with other things. I will return to them at a later date, as I always do.
Anyway, the sound of the microwave door slamming in the cafe led me to admit that I had written a large group of stories when I was ten called "The Kitchen Clan". It was similar to "the garden gang", written by Jayne Fisher in the late seventies, but had a different take on the dilemmas. It's kind of anthropomorphic and probably picture books.
Would children still be interested in that kind of story or should I leave it in the depths of my brain?
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Musicians Do It: Why Can't We?
« Last post by thunderingelephants on Today at 06:19 AM »
Just a post script. I think most of are agreed that rhymes don't always have to "rhyme". It isn't about the similarity in sound, more the rhythm. Rhymes have a beat that humans identify with. When you have a rhyme, quite often you feel yourself crooning a tune, not "saying". Rhymes are physically expressive.
Thanks for the contest. I just entered. Prudence sounds like a fun book with an important message!

Promotional News / Re: PB giveaway and ER cover reveal!
« Last post by JulieM on Yesterday at 10:38 PM »
Hey, double congrats, Diana!
Promotional News / Re: PB giveaway and ER cover reveal!
« Last post by DianaM on Yesterday at 07:27 PM »
Thanks everyone! You're the bestest!  :love5

Shauna--lol! I can always go for a slice.  ;D
Bumping because it's been too long since the last time, not because of any issues!
With Special Permission from SCBWI / Special Assistance for Lill
« Last post by Verla Kay on Yesterday at 05:41 PM »
As many of you may know, one of our long-time Blueboarder's husband and older son died tragically last week while hiking in Carlsbad Canyon. Because Lill has been an extremely active Blueboarder and SCBWI member for many, many years and is beloved by so many of us, SCBWI has given special permission for us to post a fundraiser link on the Blueboard to help her in this especially tragic time of need. In respect for her privacy, please put all condolences and expressions of sympathy on her Facebook page - not here. Thank you!

The Blueboard Management Team

Here's a link to the fundraiser page for Lill for anyone that wishes to contribute:
Middle Grade (MG) / Synopsis for MG
« Last post by Sianey on Yesterday at 05:02 PM »
I am sending my MG novel to be critiqued at a conference I'm attending.  The guidelines are to send 10 pages and a synopsis of no more than 250 words.  So my question is this - how on earth do you condense a whole novel into 250 words?!  At the moment this seems like an impossible task!   :bewildered
Does anyone have any advice on what leave in, what to cut out and how to make it sound appealing so that someone might actually want to read the book.  At the moment mine reads like a series of bullet points and I'm pretty sure this isn't how it's meant to sound!
Thanks in advance for your help
Sian   :flowers2
Book Talk / Re: Whatcha reading?
« Last post by rachel-kolar on Yesterday at 04:44 PM »
I'm not reading Fairest (the prequel to Cinder) so much as inhaling it . . .
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