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Kidlit Good News / Re: Won the William Allen White Award!
« Last post by Cali on Today at 01:29 PM »
 :star2  :star2 :star2Fantastic!!! I'm so happy for you.  :star2 :star2 :star2

Education / Re: 2017 meet Agents, Editors, & ADs
« Last post by Vonna on Today at 08:11 AM »
Clearly, I haven't been updating here like I said I would :embarrassed2
This week, I've added 5 new writing conferences: Agents//Editors//ADs
Scbwi Midsouth: Linda Camacho; Alexander Slater// Katie Carella; Robyn Chapman; Christina Pulles; Hayley Wagreich//Laurent Linn; Irene Vandervoort
SCBWI Iowa: Jennifer Soloway//Jill Santopolo//John Sanford-Cricket
SCBWI CA/San Francisco North & East Bay Region: Heather Flaherty; Clelia Gore; Jennifer March Soloway//Andrew Karre; Alvina Ling; Traci Todd//Maria Middleton
Historical Writers of America: Michelle Brower; Gina Panettieri
American Christian Fiction Writers: Steve Laube

Also, if you are interested in Big Sur at Cape Cod, they have updated their faculty list. Go to the Retreats & Workshops page then scroll down until you see the yellow update! tag

Kidlit Good News / Re: Won the William Allen White Award!
« Last post by AnnH on Today at 08:03 AM »
 :wow :yay :yay Congratulations!  :yippee :dancer :running
I love that book! Congrats, Dianna! That's so exciting!  :love5
Kidlit Good News / Re: Won the William Allen White Award!
« Last post by Ree on Today at 06:30 AM »

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I get nervous with all the legalize! Going to think about it.
Kidlit Good News / Re: Won the William Allen White Award!
« Last post by jjmoo on Yesterday at 10:17 PM »
That's incredible news. Congratulations!
Kidlit Good News / Re: Won the William Allen White Award!
« Last post by AmandaSue on Yesterday at 09:43 PM »
Way to go!
All good questions, hairaplenty. This contest is for book manuscripts, not screenplays but what they are seeking is book ideas with cross-over appeal (TV/Film).

This is how it worked for us last year. We entered up to 50 pages of a manuscript (does not have to be complete) and those pages were judged by a variety of industry professionals (last year these included lit agents, entertainment agents/managers and producers. From those entries, 75 finalists were selected and further rounds of judging narrowed it to 50, 25, top 10 and then the ultimate winners. The prizes are listed on the website but really what you are getting is reads and exposure. I can't say how far that reach was for me as I have yet to get my individual read list back from the contest organizers (and to be perfectly honest they are reeeaaallly behind on this and that has been my only negative experience so far). They work really hard to get their finalists (who become Launch Pad Alum) signed even after the contest is over so it's a little bit like having representation even when you don't.

You keep your rights unless you also agree to the terms and conditions from Inkshares, the publisher they partner with. They have first dibs and there's a period of time that you agree to where you can't try and get another publishing deal. They are also a crowdfunding styled platform so that is something to think about as well. I've heard from others who opted out that they were not thrilled with the royalty/rights contract they offer and opted out of the Inkshares portion up front. In the end, I decided not to crowdfund, even though I had a call from the CEO who was very excited about my book and let my contracted time with them run out until I was free again.

In the mix are entertainment industry professionals too, who can at anytime offer you an "option" on your work and offer a contract. You also have the chance to get an agent or a manager from the contest. From what I've heard, some of the finalist were signed and did get contracts. The Inkshares winner also got a film deal so I ain't knocking that either, it just wasn't for me. There are also the ad-ons, where someone working at the  management or production company has to read your work if you purchase them -- and they can sign manuscripts that are not finalists.

I hope this answers your questions! I have not read the rules this year so I can't say for sure if anything has changed.  :goodluck
Education / Re: Anyone have a list of writing conference?
« Last post by andracill on Yesterday at 06:42 AM »
Not exclusively, as long as there's some YA, kidlit component.

Sometimes the 'kidlit' component comes just through the editors/agents who are attending also. I've gone to a few nearby (I live in the Denver area), and my two favorites were not kidlit conferences, but both had publishing professionals (agents and editors) who also did kidlit. The seminars/classes were general writing types, but I found them really well done. I attended the Pikes Peak Writing Conference twice (a couple years apart), and I was impressed with the quality of the seminars (and the variety). I met with a couple of kidlit agents at those conferences, as well.
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