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The Craft of Writing / Re: PB class OR 12 x 12 challenge?
« Last post by June Smalls on Today at 04:00 PM »
The 12x12 challenge has webinars you can take every month (or most every month) plus they have an option to submit to one of two different agents every month. It has different levels. I participated for 3 years (I would have done it this year but I used the money to buy a couch for a friend.) I enjoyed the webinars with 12x12 and you can post your picture books to the private boards for critiques.
If you do a class find one that is comparable for the price.
The Craft of Writing / PB class OR 12 x 12 challenge?
« Last post by Teresa Writes! on Today at 01:50 PM »
I think I want to give myself a Christmas gift of something that'll help with my PB writing. I have considered either an online PB class or joining the 12 x 12 challenge community, but I'm not sure which would be most helpful for someone just starting to seriously learn the craft. If you have experience with either 12x12 or online PB courses, can you say a little bit about how it may have helped your writing?

For me, the problem with writing is not getting ideas or drafting them, but revision. Like many people, I often think my work is "done" when it is not, and I don't feel like I know how to revise to make it better.  So if you have recommendations on resources that would particularly help with learning to revise, I would love to hear about them.
Contests and Challenges / Re: NaNoWriMo2017
« Last post by SandyM on Today at 01:25 PM »
Also on fumes over here but not nearly as far along as you, JFriday! Now I'm just making up background stories for every character, building, agency, plant, etc. One of my main characters is still named CockyBoy because I haven't committed to a name yet. I have to admit that I'm still enjoying this world I've created though...and the extensive background of the edible Flulilies.  :flowers2

Happy writing, everyone!
Contests and Challenges / Re: NaNoWriMo2017
« Last post by JFriday on Today at 11:53 AM »
hairaplenty, I need several more coils of that miraculous rope. I'm running on idea fumes at this point and it's not pretty.

I realized I switched a couple of minor characters' names, and I just kept going. I really really really hope no one ever reads this. :huh

Hope everyone meets whatever goals they have this week!
Contests and Challenges / Re: NaNoWriMo2017
« Last post by hairaplenty on Today at 04:59 AM »
JFriday, I hadn't read your post before. HAHA.  Let's all grab a piece of miraculous rope. (BTW your story sounds fun.) Every time I have to mention where my main character moved from, I write (That place) because I haven't decided where he's from, yet, and I don't want to slow my pace down. Whatever it takes!
Melody, you're a Rock Star  :goldstar 
Cathie, somehow I invited people to Thanksgiving Dinner at my place. I've been cleaning like a mad woman and perusing the Food Network.
Yesterday I wrote 473. Today? Not yet. It's only 5:00 am.
They didn't send me a direct link this time, but if you scroll down the page you will see 'win a copy of this book' and a box with the word 'giveaway' to the right. This is beneath the general description for the book.

Once you click 'giveaway' it will lead you to another page where you fill in your address etc. so I can mail the book should you win.

Sorry if it is confusing. I have a huge computer screen and can see the whole page, but not everyone has a screen so big, so you will have to scroll down if you don't immediately see the info.   ;)
How do I enter?
Entered!  :crossedfingers
Promotional News / Another Goodreads Giveaway for Oops-a-Daisy, humorous MG
« Last post by Melody on Yesterday at 11:20 AM »
Here is the link for a chance to win 1 of 5 print copies of OOPS-A-DAISY. Open to U.S. only this time. Ends December 2.
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