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If an agent is asking for 2 PB MS, I'd still  send the agent only one.  The one that I like the best and let the agent know I have other PB MS.
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by kwlarson on Today at 04:07 PM »
Agreed that ALL THE LIGHT is fantastic. I also just started THE TWELVE LIVE OF SAMUEL HAWLEY, which is quite good and have GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW and LINCOLN IN THE BARDO on hold too. I am in one of those really bad situations when all my book holds at the library have come in at once. Yikes!
Graphic Novels / Re: Graphic novels, anyone?
« Last post by beardedillustrations on Today at 12:04 PM »
There was one mention of The Nameless City in the thread, but, really, ANYTHING by Faith Erin Hicks would be a worthwhile read. Superhero Girl, Friends with Boys, and Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong are her most recent ones (after the Nameless City series, of course [side note: it just got signed to be adapted as an animated show!]).

My personal all-time favorite graphic novelist is Craig Thompson. However, his work is mostly geared towards an adult audience (Blankets and Habibi are definitely NOT for kids).  Space Dumplins is would be excellent for upper-elementary age, though.

I've recently been going through the Scott McCloud how-to books in an attempt to up my game as I am currently working on the script for a GN (long ways to go yet). Recently, my biggest comic consumption has been through webcomics (Prague Race, Sulfur and Salt, Vattu, Mias & Elle, The Meek, and Mare Internum are some of my favorites).
The Craft of Writing / Re: Submitting a MS with SASE
« Last post by rachel-greenblat on Today at 11:03 AM »
Hi Julie, thanks for your response.  I did find a couple publishers who take electronic submissions!
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by Michael Sussman on Today at 10:55 AM »
I'm reading Paul Auster's latest, titled 4321. It is long (900 pages) but engaging and beautifully written. Auster has written some other great novels, but I still love best his early work, the New York Trilogy.
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by Vijaya on Today at 10:37 AM »
My kids have taken ALL THE LIGHT ... so I'm waiting for them to finish, but in the meantime I picked up another gorgeous book: HENNA HOUSE by Nomi Eve. Beautiful and evocative and I learned a lot about the Jewish people in Yemen circa 1900.

Anything by Geraldine Brooks is really good too.

Happy reading and writing, Melissa.
That's great to know - thank you! Would you say that there wasn't an emphasis on any one genre? i.e. as a middle grade writer, it would be a good fit for me? or have you heard if one school's strong suit is a particular genre?
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by Melissa K on Today at 08:25 AM »
Oh, I loved STATION ELEVEN too!
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by mghiggins on Today at 07:07 AM »
Great recs! I've been reading more adult fiction lately. Just finished NEWS OF THE WORLD and loved it. I'm halfway through ALL THE UGLY AND WONDERFUL THINGS by Bryn Greenwood. The story is a little disturbing (deals with child abuse), so it may not be for everyone, but the writing is excellent and I'm totally hooked.
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by rachel-kolar on Today at 06:45 AM »
If your genre fiction tastes tend toward horror, I absolutely loved both SLADE HOUSE (David Mitchell) and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (M. R. Carey). Both were beautifully written and both crawled right under my skin and stayed there for a few days.

Also, if you haven't read STATION ELEVEN (Emily St. John Mandel), it's beautiful. It's like if THE STAND were a poetic meditation on mortality rather than a thriller, and it's one of the few books to actually make me cry.
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