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Middle Grade (MG) / Re: PTSD in Middle grade
« Last post by SarahW on Today at 04:08 PM »
I'd also like recs for books about MCs with PTSD in middle grade as well.^ ^
Research / Re: An Ideal Word?
« Last post by Long Hair on Today at 10:00 AM »
My ideas take usually shape from a situation and a "What if?" question. If I can start answer the "what if," characters usually start to appear with their own solutions and complications.  From there it's  fleshing out process, and if  the characters and situation seem to meld, then I know I have something that I can work with. 

 Apparently, it's all about the "If" in my process! 
Research / Re: An Ideal Word?
« Last post by Vijaya on Today at 07:30 AM »
Interesting question. Almost all stories begin in my mind with some sort of image, usually a character in a pickle. How did he or she get there? What happens next? If my imagination takes off with the possibilities, I know the story has legs (or plot). There are lots of images that are static, that are nice but don't really pose interesting questions and solutions. Sometimes they need to be married to another image or idea to have legs. I love beginnings with all the possibilities.
Research / An Ideal Word?
« Last post by thunderingelephants on Today at 06:11 AM »
I'm sitting in my writing haven after not writing much, but thinking a lot and it has given me a burst of curiosity about other writers, so here's my question: when does your story idea become a plot?
For me, it's when I can think of nothing else and the character won't leave me alone! :aah :naughty
Thanks, TE.
Contests and Challenges / Re: NaNoWriMo2017
« Last post by Cathie on Yesterday at 01:24 PM »
Just popped in to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm stuffed and so ready to nap! Hopefully, I'll be hitting the keyboard tomorrow.

 Hairaplenty, hope the mad cleaning frenzy and food prep weren't too stressful and  you are basking in lots of praise!
JFriday and Sandy --Yay, pie!  :applepie
Contests and Challenges / Re: NaNoWriMo2017
« Last post by JFriday on Yesterday at 09:44 AM »
Sandy, I totally got focused on word count and I've never had such awful writing. So I think you have an excellent plan. Besides, when you focus on and enjoy the story, that's when the writing flows.

I hope everyone enjoys their pie!! :applepie
What about Maya Angelou?
Book Talk / Re: Gift Help - Biographies of Famous Women or People of Color
« Last post by Barbara Etlin on November 22, 2017, 10:20 PM »
It's YA and illustrated and poetry, but well written and very interesting:

BECOMING BILLIE HOLIDAY by Carole Boston Weatherford, ill. by Floyd Cooper

And I can't recommend anything, but you could look for a good biography of Duke Ellington.

Oh, I just remembered reading this one, LOUIS ARMSTRONG: AN EXTRAVAGANT LIFE by Laurence Bergreen.
Book Talk / Gift Help - Biographies of Famous Women or People of Color
« Last post by Melissa K on November 22, 2017, 08:42 PM »
My dad loves reading biographies of famous historical figures from US history. I was browsing his shelves the other day, and it hit me that he reads almost exclusively about white guys--Washington, Jefferson, etc. For Christmas this year, I thought I might buy him a biography of a really amazing woman or person of color. But I'm not much of a biography reader, so I thought I'd ask you all for recommendations. Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony come to mind as possible subjects, but I could branch out if anybody has other thoughts.

My dad really responds to elegant (and in my opinion, sort of purple) language in the books he reads. Whatever I buy, I have to stay away from clunky prose or he'll put it down and drift on to something else. Thanks in advance!
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