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Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by dewsanddamps on Yesterday at 07:45 PM »
If you haven't read Anthony Doerr's ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE yet, I'd start there.

I've heard good things about NEWS OF THE WORLD, too (Paulette Jiles), but haven't read yet.
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by annemleone on Yesterday at 05:00 PM »
Ohh, I love when we talk good adult books--I'm always on the look out! And Underground Railroad has been on my list for a while now!

Have you tried Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice? It's the first book of a really intriguing, unique sci-fi series. It takes some work to get used to the narrator and figure out what's going on, but it really does pay serious dividends, especially if you like sci-fi.

I recently read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I didn't love it (the main female character was a little cardboard), but I did quite enjoy it. It's the kind of fiction I love: rich details and a unique setting (Indians in Ethiopia), the kind of story you can get lost in.
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Truth-based, biographical picture book series?
« Last post by carrots on Yesterday at 02:53 PM »
I'm SO intrigued, Rissa!!! How nifty to have the subject's blessing and cooperation!!!

I'd say write it first. Take this palatable enthusiasm of yours and direct it into a draft. Write what you envision as the first of the series, have ideas for more, and then do the querying. It seems you'd be more likely to find your Dream Team with something more complete, rather than a concept. (Even though your concept sounds amazing!!!!)

I look forward to what others have to say on this. (And I look forward to your based-on-true-adventures PB series!!!)

Best wishes, Rissa!!!

Picture Books (PB) / Truth-based, biographical picture book series?
« Last post by Rissa W. on Yesterday at 01:27 PM »
Hi, friends!

So, while I have several projects and ideas that I'm working on at the moment, the one that feels the most fully formed is an idea I have for a character-driven picture book series based on the childhood adventures of a real person - a friend of mine, although s/he is already somewhat well-known.

I have this person's enthusiastic permission to pursue the idea, but I'm struggling with the logistics of putting together a dream team to make it happen! Do you know if there are agents/editors/illustrators/publishers out there who would be willing and able to work with me on this kind of a project?

This person is a good friend, and I feel very strongly that their family should be accurately portrayed, and that the books should be consistent with my friend's own personality and existing media content. I would need to be matched with a team that understood that artistic and creative license would have to be somewhat curbed in order to be faithful (at least in spirit, and often in fact) to the source material (their life)! I would also want to work with a team who understood that I'd want to run every major revision by my friend first, to get the family's approval of our portrayal of them and their life.

I feel confident that this can be done, and done well, and be an absolutely delightful series - but I'm a little uncertain about the best way to go about querying it as a concept, since it feels a little unique. I know that there are picture books about real people in existence already, but this isn't meant to be educational - more inspirational and fun. I'm imagining a series that people don't immediately know is based off of true events and people - and are delighted and a little disbelieving when they find out it's all true!

Any thoughts or guidance that anyone can offer? (Sorry for being so vague - I'd rather not give any details about who this person is, as it's quite possible that some of you might recognize the name.)

Thanks in advance!!

Rissa  :thankyou
Kidlit Good News / Re: EEEEEK! I can't wait for the world to meet TRUMAN!
« Last post by Vinca on Yesterday at 11:18 AM »
Congratulations again, Jean, to you and TRUMAN! Keep those picture books coming!
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by kwlarson on Yesterday at 07:34 AM »
The Underground Railroad was very good.
Book Talk / Adult literary fiction
« Last post by Melissa K on April 21, 2017, 08:43 PM »
I've been hankering for a good recent adult novel to read. I generally like literary fiction, but I also like some genre fiction, especially sci-fi. Any titles pop into mind that you've especially liked lately?
PAL Publications / Re: Good review in Kirkus!
« Last post by JulieM on April 21, 2017, 04:01 PM »
What an achievement, Eileen! Congratulations on the book and the review! : )
Kidlit Good News / Re: EEEEEK! I can't wait for the world to meet TRUMAN!
« Last post by Jean Reidy on April 21, 2017, 11:42 AM »
Thank you, Naddie!
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