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Have you read I'M BORED by Michael Black (illustrated by our Debbi Ohi!)? It might not be exactly as you describe but could offer some ideas. It's hilarious either way!
Maybe this one would help: A BOOK by Mordecai Gerstein features a family living inside a picture book and the little girl asks "What's my story?" and journeys to find out.
Hey Robertvs -- Check out a PB title called A FEW BLOCKS. It's about an imaginative sister helping her brother get to school. Initially, he doesn't see the fantasy world they way she does (his pages are black and white; her pages are in color). Cool book! Might be closer to what you are looking for. Good luck with your story!
Thanks everyone, I really need to go to local library or bookstore and find all these. :)

That "A FEW BLOCKS" book sounds really interesting.

I wonder whether the focus is causing the issue. Anyone can color or paint. Anyone can play Alien Tag.

The conflict may be in the assumption of how the work should look when it's done. There is no person who lacks all creativity, but there are many who can't do the thing up to snuff. For example, when I say I can't draw, I don't mean I can't pick up the pencil and put lines on paper. I mean, you wouldn't recognize the outcome as what I planned it to be. Someone else may think it's great.

I'm curious to know how the plot really plays out.
The story I'm writing is analogous to writing a story about a writer overcoming writer's block with the aid of his or her best friend. The actual mini-conflicts are more tangible than writer's block since it's a picture book and it needs to be both interesting and illustrative, but it's still tricky as the essence of the conflict is innately internal.
Illustrating / Re: New Illustration Critique Group - Online
« Last post by Mindy Alyse Weiss on Yesterday at 10:55 PM »
It is a wonderful group, Breezy. A few illustrators started it after one of our SCBWI FL conferences, then decided to allow dedicated illustrators from other regions as well. Here's a link to more info about the group on the SCBWI FL Critique Group page:
Important Board Announcements / Re: Quote Function Restored!
« Last post by Mindy Alyse Weiss on Yesterday at 10:26 PM »
Wahoo! Thanks again, Josh. :)

Thanks, Josh, for figuring out this problem for us!   :thankyou :hurrah :thankyou :yay :thankyou :hurrah :thankyou

I love having multiple quotes back!  :stars3

Happy Dance!

Thanks, Brianna!
Love it, Jean! It is such a nice and clear (and beautiful!) website!!
Thanks, Jennifer. I'll be excited to see what Jenny does for you.
I love it, Jean!! So clean and easy to navigate, and nice to look at too!
Kidlit Good News / Re: More Chickeny Goodness
« Last post by J-Bert on Yesterday at 07:30 PM »
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!
Promotional News / Re: The Styling Librarian Has Spaghetti on her Plate!
« Last post by Ev on Yesterday at 07:29 PM »
congrats, Margo!! :drumroll  Looks like SPAGHETTI SMILES is getting lots of great press. I'm so happy for you.
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