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Research / Re: Types of harmless pranks
« Last post by carrots on Today at 12:43 PM »
Ooooh, I love the medieval period, Barbara!!

Instead of being tarred and feathered, how about honeyed and feathered?

And with a mouse in one boot, how about a wet sponge in the other?

Could he put something on the lens of the antagonist's spyglass so he thinks he's seeing something (land, mermaids, sea monster, two moons, etc.)?

Will bring this up at the dinner table as a challenge for my children (to think of, not perform!!)!!
Research / Re: Types of harmless pranks
« Last post by Barbara Etlin on Today at 09:48 AM »
I'm reviving this thread for my own evil purposes...  :naughty

I need to establish my main character as being flighty and  irresponsible in the first half of my WIP so that, when he saves the day during the climax, it surprises the reader. I need some pranks he can play on the antagonist. But the setting is a medieval ship on the ocean in the 1400s. I can use the mouse in a boot prank, but I need one or two others that don't contain anachronisms. Tea and coffee haven't been discovered yet. (Or Batman.)
The Art of Grammar / Re: She said v. she laughed, etc.
« Last post by thunderingelephants on Today at 09:09 AM »
I've been writing a long time and the majority of books I've read on writing have indicated that when people are speaking that is oral: aka from your mouth. A shiver is a bodily reaction.  I've made that mistake many times and when I've read it back on first revision it seemed okay.

Actually, whilst we're on the subject (that's so cliched, but never mind): this is from my WIP, does it read to long-winded? Please ignore the content, it's born of boredom!

"Can I have your fingers?" Bobby asked.
"What?!" the girl gasped. "No! I need them."
"Just the nail clippings, then," Bobby said. "They go great on a pizza!"
"Alright," the girl said. "Just be gentle."
Bobby sat beside her on the bed with his scissors in hand. Why did humans think all monsters were brutes? he wondered.
He continued clipping the girls finger nails and her toes until they were nicely trimmed and his pillowcase filled with wonderful human shavings.

Too descriptive?
Translation / Re: SLJ cover story on translation
« Last post by carrots on Today at 08:30 AM »
Thanks, Avery!!!

Kidlit Good News / Re: I have an agent!
« Last post by your friend shauna on Today at 07:56 AM »
Woo and hoo! Huge congratulations to you and your agent on this new partnership.
:running :running :running
Translation / SLJ cover story on translation
« Last post by avery-udagawa on Today at 06:21 AM »
Hi all,

For anyone who missed it, the cover story in the April 2017 issue of School Library Journal features translation!

Elizabeth Bird writes in the piece that "now more than ever it is imperative that children read books that reflect our globalized world . . . That said, translated children’s books aren’t literary spinach we should be forcing down the gullets of our youth. We’re talking about fun, fantastic, amazing, beautiful books that open eyes, hearts, and minds!"

Totally worth a read, as is a companion piece Ms. Bird posted on the SLJ blog:


Avery Fischer Udagawa
SCBWI International Translator Coordinator
SCBWI Japan Translator Coordinator
Kidlit Good News / Re: I have an agent!
« Last post by dkshumaker on Today at 05:42 AM »
Thanks everyone! You all make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I am so grateful for these boards. . .
The Craft of Writing / Re: Exclamations of relief
« Last post by Long Hair on Today at 03:58 AM »
I teach 9th grade and every year the exclamations change...usually for the worse.  Just for convenience, I say go with what your character would say.  Maybe give them their own unique tagline.  I wouldn't concern myself with what kids use now because it will change in a few months. 
Research / Re: concussions
« Last post by hairaplenty on Yesterday at 10:51 PM »
Wow! Thanks to everyone for your experiences and input.

Marla-lesage, Your comments, in particular, tell me your are a nurse/NP/Doctor.
It's two different characters. One with the concussion and the other one with leukemia and it has resurfaced after remission. He is choosing to not continue the fight, with chemo/radiation but, I guess I gave him a feeding tube for comfort. So, I guess it would be different for everyone on how long they would survive if they chose not to continue the life saving meds?
I gave the concussion character some of the same after affects that the actual concussion would give. Obviously he is not on bed rest, since that would be a boring book, but he is actively searching for his girlfriend.
Really good feedback and I thank you to one and all.
The Craft of Writing / Re: Exclamations of relief
« Last post by hairaplenty on Yesterday at 10:24 PM »
"That was epic!" Could refer to good or bad.
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