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Kidlit Good News / Re: Three Sales!
« Last post by tinamariecho on Yesterday at 11:46 PM »
Wow, Ellen! Great persistence and hard work on your part! Congratulations!! Good testimony for us. Did you have specific emails for editors or just the regular slush pile emails?

Thanks, Barbara! I'll check it out.
Writing / Re: Grammar
« Last post by Dionna on Yesterday at 07:43 PM »
I loved Eats, Shoots and Leaves, too, but must say my all-time favorite is Woe Is I by Patricia O'Connor. The way O'Connor uses humor to teach the lessons--you'll never forget the rules again! And don't laugh, but I found two children's books invaluable--Grammar Smart Junior by Liz Buffa, and Punctuation Power by Marvin Terban.
Pro Talk / Re: Signing at tradeshows?
« Last post by terrylynn on Yesterday at 06:11 PM »
yay Dianna! sounds like a fantastic opportunity. i have no idea either just wanted to say congrats!  :grin3

have fun!
Writing / Re: Grammar
« Last post by LeslieG on Yesterday at 04:11 PM »
EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES is a perennial. I believe it focuses mostly on punctuation, though.
GIRL, HERO by Carrie Jones ??? It's kind of on the cusp between MG and YA.  Deals with some heavy issues but the protagonist is on the young side, if I remember correctly.

Children's Writer/Illustrator URLs / Re: New, hopefully improved, website
« Last post by Arona on Yesterday at 01:55 PM »
Very nice website. I love the personal facts you chose to share with visitors, and really loved the 'owl' file. Nice.
Other helpful URLs / Re: Getting Creative by Getting Lonely
« Last post by Arona on Yesterday at 01:49 PM »
Even as a kid, I've always needed a lot of solitude, so the writing life is a perfect fit. Personally, the best time to write is very early morning, before the world gets a chance to sink its teeth in me.
Pro Talk / Re: PB Trailers--know anyone who makes them?
« Last post by Schriscoe on Yesterday at 01:19 PM »
I checked with Carter. She's not doing them anymore.  :(
Hopefully you will be unretired next year Carter :)
Writing / Re: Grammar
« Last post by Whizbee on Yesterday at 12:50 PM »
Yes, Grammar Girl is great! I also like Painless Grammar, but it's designed for kids. Still, it gets the basics across, and you won't fall asleep while reading it. ;)
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