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Thank you for your reply.  It is confusing. I do remember her saying something about only representing authors of multiple works, but I was pretty nervous so I'm not sure.  I better get started on number 2's weird though b/c I didn't pitch that one.
The Craft of Writing / Re: Submitting a MS with SASE
« Last post by JulieM on Today at 04:19 PM »
Just a saves you lots of money and fuss if you submit by email (if the publisher allows it).
I went to VCFA (Vermont) and loved it. I think whichever program you choose, you can't go wrong. Good luck.
Education / MFA Creative Writing question - Hamline vs Vermont program
« Last post by ahw on Today at 01:05 PM »
Hi everyone!
I am a published illustrator and making the switch to writing, my first love.  My current work in progress is a middle-grade fantasy geared for age 10+.

I have applied to  the MFA program at Hamline and Vermont College of Fine Arts and am waiting to hear back. In the event that I am fortunate enough to get into both, I would love to hear any thoughts on the two programs.

Would you say that a middle grade writer would be well suited to both programs or is one more middle grade heavy while the other YA heavy? Pros and cons to either of the programs? Honesty, they both sound wonderful to me but I would love to hear some on the ground experience reports.

Many thanks in advance!
That agent is saying you can submit two different manuscripts if you want to. I know there are just a handle of of agents who accept more than 1 MS on an initial query -- it always throws me off too! Good luck.
Book Talk / Re: Adult literary fiction
« Last post by Melissa K on Today at 11:43 AM »
Thanks so much for the recommendations. I'll add one that I loved recently: MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON by Elizabeth Strout.
I think you're okay either way. The agent requested the one you pitched, and I think it would be fine to send just that one.  The submission instructions say you *may* send two PB mss, not that you *must*. But you could certainly send two, noting that you are sending the one requested by the agent and one additional ms, per their guidelines.
Good luck!
Seeking clarification. I am sending my PB MS to an agent I pitched to. However, when I check the submission guidelines on the agency website. It states clearly:

 "if you are a picture book writer, you may include two (2) manuscripts.  Please do not submit any additional manuscripts unless specifically requested"

Does this mean I send 2 MS of the same book (the one I pitched) or does this mean I send 2 picture PB MS (2 different books)?
Does this also mean that I may not send just 1?

Thank you so much for your help!
The Craft of Writing / Re: Submitting a MS with SASE
« Last post by rachel-greenblat on Today at 08:42 AM »
Thank you Debbie, it never occurred to me to also send a copy of the manuscript without illustrations! 
Your local bookstore, if you have one, may have titles in the series as well. These will be more recent. Good luck.
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