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Middle Grade (MG) & Chapter Books / Re: MG with great non-southern voice
« Last post by jeanne k on Yesterday at 11:41 PM »
I'm not sure if you want female or male MCs or both.

Lisa Yee's Rancho Rosetta series that starts with Milicent Minn (see also: Sanford Wong, Emily Embers, Warp Speed) shows how well an author can write both male and female main characters, and how well an author can write in general. The stories take place in California and the kids are 11/12 I believe. I woudn't say they have any "magic" in them, but they are great stories with great voices.

Wendy Maas's series that starts with 11 Birthdays has a bit of that magic and my daughters love them all. I also really liked A Mango Shaped Space and Every Soul a Star (but the MCs in that one are a bit older than you seem to be looking for). My girls also really enjoyed The Candymakers, but that's one I haven't read yet.

I've got plenty more, but I'll start with those. I'm sure you'll get some great suggestions from other posters. I'm looking forward to reading them.
I was wondering the same thing - how the 64 are chosen.  Thanks for the explanation, Ed! 
Important Board Announcements / Re: New Smilies!!
« Last post by Mindy Alyse Weiss on Yesterday at 10:05 PM »
Thanks, Arty! These are awesome. :lovedance

This definitely would be me walking Lolly without her special collar. :dogwalk
Important Board Announcements / Re: New Smilies!!
« Last post by Artemesia on Yesterday at 09:15 PM »
WHY?! I just spit my drink everywhere. Thanks a lot, Arty.

What? What'd I do?  :whistle
Thanks, Ed!
Off Topic Board / Re: Paintings Optical Illusions
« Last post by Ev on Yesterday at 08:35 PM »
Fascinating! Wow, what a creative mind that artist has!  Thanks for sharing, Vijaya. I loved seeing them. And I agree with others who said the pictures remind them of Escher.
Uh-oh. I have Twitter and a website and all that stuff, but they've fallen into disrepair. I didn't include any of it on my application, but if you google me, my poetry, publication credits, and bubbling personality show up everywhere.
Poetry / Re: Poetry Contest
« Last post by DianaM on Yesterday at 08:10 PM »
Ed, I know that there have been some changes in the judging and that you constantly analyze things to improve them even further. It can't be an easy endeavor, that's for sure.

As I said, I think it's an (extremely) inspiring event and I know a few people who will be competing this year. I'll be sure to cheer them on and I'm excited to see the creativity flow.

I'm guessing Emily was kind of joking about putting a ban on scatological poems. It's just funny to think about how certain topics always have kids rolling in the aisles. That's certainly true with my kids.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what people come up with. I love seeing a contest that celebrates words!
Important Board Announcements / Re: New Smilies!!
« Last post by Larissa on Yesterday at 08:03 PM »
but but he has no hair...what's he blowing?! (and please remember this is a PG 13 site...)  :noevil

WHY?! I just spit my drink everywhere. Thanks a lot, Arty.

Also, these, I LOVE.
And a couple more love-themed ones for V-day!

 :bigkiss :kisshand :slappy :lovedance
And I have been wondering how we've gotten by without a :Cthulhu smilie.
Off Topic Board / Re: Medical Crisis in Oregon
« Last post by tinamariecho on Yesterday at 06:59 PM »
Oh, Ellen! I'm praying for you! That God will give you wisdom on how to proceed and this can be cleared. I hope your sister-in-law gets better. One good thing about living in Korea is that medical is very cheap--they do x-rays left & right if the dr has any question about anything. Office visit is like $3.
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