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Kidlit Good News / Re: FOLLOWING CHELSEA is out in the world!
« Last post by Shari on Yesterday at 10:34 PM »
Thank you, everyone!  :flowers2
Kidlit Good News / Re: FOLLOWING CHELSEA is out in the world!
« Last post by Ev on Yesterday at 08:57 PM »
Congratulations, Shari!! :drumroll  Best wishes on sales.
Illustrating / Re: Illustrator/Author sales and royalties split
« Last post by karen-rose-2 on Yesterday at 06:30 PM »
Thanks for the information. I neglected to mention that this will be a self published book for non and early readers. I am guessing that that illustrator and I will need to reach a mutually beneficial agreement on our own. I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience.
Book Talk / Re: Mushy books
« Last post by DianaM on Yesterday at 02:46 PM »
Just read a really cute one at the library (new release) called, WHEN A GRANDPA SAYS "I LOVE YOU".
Congratulations! On making a strong differences. Way cool!      :goldstar
Important Board Announcements / Re: Where are the Smilies?
« Last post by aileenstewart on Yesterday at 09:46 AM »
Love smilies. Thanks again for your help today!  :thankyou
Hi All,

Passing along another contest I have been trying to look into. As I just explored this part of the forums where these can be shared, posting it along. You might already know though.

100 word story about Halloween (100 WORDSSSSSSS , I KNOWWWWW). There are mandatory 3 words to be used - creak, broom and pumpkin.

Deadline's , of course 31st Oct!

I am not even close to this word count. I would be gratified to read some stories in these categories, next on my to-do list.

All the best everyone who decide to hop in.

Nice to know this part of the forum. I had known about the contest  for a couple days, but hadn't yet explored this forum to share it.
Thanks for the other link about the reading levels. This was so very helpful, thank you for sharing.
Writing / Re: Revisionland
« Last post by HDWestlund on Yesterday at 09:19 AM »
Mark, I am glad your ideas are flowing in the right direction, that's awesome! I just wanted to toss some advice/an idea at you. When I was starting out with the writing, I had a hard time seeing/fixing my own flaws... until I saw similar flaws in another person's writing. I recommend exchanging critiques with a few other writers. It can be scary/frustrating, because you will inevitably run into people who don't critique well. I'll admit to ignoring a lot of the (bad) feedback I got. But I learned SO MUCH from trying to help other writers straighten out their books. A lot of my steady critique partners are published now, and I'm in a few thank you notes. And that's super cool, too. :)
Illustrating / Re: Illustrator/Author sales and royalties split
« Last post by HaroldU on Yesterday at 09:04 AM »
Karen, that depends on what kind of book it is. If it's a picture book, royalties are usually split 50/50, but with the illustrator getting a larger advance. So if the royalties are 10% of list, the illustrator would get 5%.
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