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Writing / Re: What is your goal for today?!
« Last post by Mrs. Jones on Today at 05:25 AM »
Today I need to clear my to-do list around the house so I can concentrate on line-edits I'm supposed to receive by the end of the week. Not glamorous, but necessary:

Laundry/ incl. closet and laundry room
Airline reservations
Workshop reservations (not for myself, unfortunately!)
Plan menu for dinner w/friends this weekend (Please, please, please, make it simple!)
Promotional News / Re: My Puppy Came In The Mail
« Last post by Vonna on Today at 05:16 AM »
Aw, what a cutie! Congratulations!
Writing / Re: What is your goal for today?!
« Last post by Melissa K on Today at 04:57 AM »
I say a little dreaming makes any day better. 

I think everybody in the thread hit their goals yesterday. I managed over 600 words, and I'm going to aim for another 500 today. Good luck to all of you on today's goals!
Magazines & Ezines / Highlights submissions
« Last post by Cindyb on Today at 04:50 AM »
The Highlights guidelines have you send your submissions to the Manuscript Coordinator.  Does this person decide which magazine to send the submission to, Highlights, High Five or Hello? Or is this a submission just to Highlights? They have no information about sending to the other two magazines, so I am assuming this manuscript coordinator covers them all? Or am I missing out on submission guideline pages to High Five and Hello?
Writing / Re: What is your goal for today?!
« Last post by Alice Childress on Today at 02:19 AM »
Well done on the chapter olmue! And Mrs Jones for organising your desk  :applause

I've got a very busy day today, so think it may need to be another very small goal in order to make sure I achieve it... Hmm I think I'll do another 15 minutes on my 'side kick', and flesh him out a bit. Anything extra is a bonus  :yup
Mysteries / Re: What mysteries are you working on?
« Last post by jillifish on Today at 12:14 AM »
I'm trying to get back into writing after two years (or more) of feeling mentally blocked (partly from life issues, partly my brain panicking upon fully realizing just how little I really knew about writing as a career, lol. It all seems so fun and "easy" in the beginning...), but am stressing over just where to begin.  :bangbreak

I have a group of characters that I've been longing to write about through all these years, but the exact mystery to start them with is giving me some trouble. I have two or three really strong contenders. The one I really want to do first for many reasons, and that I keep coming back to whenever I try to do something else, is starting to feel like something I'm trying too hard to make happen. It's based on a real life mystery, and is personally interesting to me and even my characters but if I am honest about it, I would have to say it really doesn't seem like it would fit in with the rest of my ideas for the (hoped for) series. One of the writing books I've been reading challenges writers to answer the question "Why should I care?" when thinking about story ideas, and I finally did that with this idea and just don't have a good reason. I do for my other ideas, so I think pursuing those would be smarter. But it's hard to let this one go, even though I know it's best and I am very excited about the other ideas, too.

I'm planning on the book being a MG mystery, heavily influenced by all the wonderful things I love from the mystery writers of the 30s/ 40s. That's how the story is in my head, anyway. My previous attempts at writing it out that way have not *quite* reached that goal...  :aah
All Other Good News / Re: Story accepted by Chicken Soup!
« Last post by tinamariecho on Yesterday at 10:20 PM »
Congratulations to you!   :hurrah:
Kidlit Good News / Re: FARM FRESH PAJAMAS released!
« Last post by tinamariecho on Yesterday at 10:11 PM »
Congratulations! Interesting title!  :yay
Promotional News / Re: My Puppy Came In The Mail
« Last post by tinamariecho on Yesterday at 10:10 PM »
Congratulations! Nice, bright cover!   :paint
Kidlit Good News / Re: A bit of joy
« Last post by tinamariecho on Yesterday at 10:08 PM »
Hooray, Ev!  What a testimony!  :flowers2
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