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Sci Fi & Fantasy / Re: Character Flaws (Help Me Brainstorm)
« Last post by HDWestlund on Today at 08:50 PM »
You guys are so awesome. I was so desperately stuck, and now I have some fun ideas for how to fix this problem (and highlight what I already had in place).

Auntybooks, that's great that that has worked for you. But I have encountered many writers for whom that approach does not come naturally, and they need to know that PB texts do not have to be 200-300 words...
Computer, Web & Tech Discussions / Re: Mac Word Woes
« Last post by HaroldU on Today at 08:02 PM »
Interesting! I have never messed with that...
Illustrating / Re: How big should my artwork be?
« Last post by marla-lesage on Today at 05:19 PM »
Thank you! I hadn't thought of proportions - Mommy Brian maybe?
Writing / Re: Situation I was hoping to avoid -- what to do?
« Last post by Mrs. Jones on Today at 03:52 PM »
Mercedes is right, Gisele. You are very talented! I love your haiku, and know that your keen sensibilities will take you someplace special. Keep going! :flowers2
Writing / Re: Situation I was hoping to avoid -- what to do?
« Last post by Gisele on Today at 02:18 PM »
Aww, that's so sweet of you to say, Mercedes. I really appreciate the kind words.  :thanx
Writing / Re: Kernels
« Last post by Mercedes Ortiz on Today at 02:11 PM »
Welcome to my world, Vijaya! Yummylicious! :)
Kidlit Good News / Re: Ladybug, "Just Enough for Me"
« Last post by Sue G. on Today at 02:00 PM »
I came home from my first day of the school year to find my contributor's copies of the Sept. Ladybug with my story, Just Enough for Me! I am so happy with the illustrations and layout!  This is my first piece with Ladybug and my first fiction piece to be accepted by a magazine!    :running

Writing / Re: Kernels
« Last post by Vijaya on Today at 01:46 PM »
Now I want a chocolate covered cherry. :cupcake

Gatz, I loved that quote from Calvino. Looks like we keep great company.

I think it would (I used to know an artist who was paid to design fabric patterns for the interior of airplanes!). I recall while researching this topic coming across a discussion in which the artist actually contacted fabric companies to find out the rules, and it was pretty complicated. But I don't know the ins and outs, because where would you stop...especially if you do quilting or patchwork or sewn illustrations, what else could you sew with other than fabric? And what if you photograph kids wearing clothing? Oy. The mind boggles! I wish I could be of more help. I bet fabric artists/illustrators out there have blogs that address that issue? Or the copyright pages of books that have fabric illos?
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