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Kidlit Good News / Re: Book birthdays!
« Last post by CC on Today at 03:01 PM »
 :yay Big congrats, Debby!!
Picture Books (PB) & Easy Readers / Picture Book Genres?
« Last post by norene-griffin on Today at 02:38 PM »
I have two PB questions related to querying. (Please scroll for Q2.)

1) When subbing a PB MS, is it necessary to specify whether it is fiction or nonfiction and/or to declare a subcategory like one of the following?

a. alphabet books (
Ashanti to Zulu)           
b. counting books (Anno?s Counting Book)           
c. Mother Goose books (My Very First Mother Goose by Opie)           
d. nursery rhyme books (The Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book Opie & Opie)           
e. concept books (1 single concept i.e. size, shape, color)                     
f. wordless books        
g. nearly wordless books           
h. toy books           
i. baby books           
j. interactive books           
k. pattern or predictable books (Is Your Mama a Llama?)                       
l. picture books for older readers (Thank You, Mr. Falker)

2) Would a book like Sing by Tom Lichtenheld and Joe Raposo be considered nonfiction if it didn't include an audio CD?
Historical Fiction / Re: Comp books
« Last post by asingrey on Today at 01:33 PM »
Have you checked out Shades of Gray by Caroline Reeder (the 1990 historical fiction novel, not the more famous book of a similar name!) and the River Between Us by Richard Peck? Rifles for Watie also comes to mind. How recent do you need them to be?
I'm a fan of GOODNIGHT MOON, and author Aimee Bender recently wrote a very insightful breakdown of the surprising, enigmatic, and creatively risky choices Margaret Wise Brown made:
I'm not sure if this what you're looking for, but Charlie's Superhero Underpants tells the story of a boy who travels the world to retrieve clothes that have been blown off the clothesline, including his beloved underpants. There's not real indication of time, but it's obviously a long (and interesting and funny) journey!
Let me ask this another way ... can you think of any recent PBs that are clearly more of a cautionary tale for new parents?
Kidlit Good News / Re: Sold PB #2!!
« Last post by LeslieG on Today at 11:27 AM »
Way to go, Catherine!!!  HUGE   (whoa--that IS huge!)   :congratulations 
The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton takes place over a century or so, with the great-great-granddaughter of the builder moving to house out to the country. Many books with longer time frames than the common day or week are capped at a year, encompassing the cycle of seasons. The Little House feels timeless by starting with the cycle of seasons, losing it in the city and returning to that familiar cycle by the end.
From Recess:
"Although this may seem a statement on the unhappy results of unchecked urban growth and the blessedness of the rural life, Burton claimed her primary goal in writing this book was to convey the idea of historical perspective and the passage of time in terms a young reader could understand."

I'm not sure she succeeded in her goal of showing the passage of time to most young readers, but she certainly created a great work that will stand the test of time.
Kidlit Good News / Re: Book birthdays!
« Last post by Franzilla on Today at 11:10 AM »
Oh that sounds hilarious! I love the characters you come up with, with or without second grade helpers!
Kidlit Good News / Re: Book birthdays!
« Last post by Jean Reidy on Today at 10:53 AM »
Hooray, Debby!! I love your books.
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