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Non-Fiction (NF) / Re: Pronunciations
« Last post by dewsanddamps on Yesterday at 09:32 PM »
rad34, instead of using all the symbols, and putting in the schwa (sp?) and all that, could you turn the syllables into other words that the kids (or their teachers) could pronounce?

So "microphone" becomes mike + row + fone. Probably not the best example, but maybe it gets the idea across?

Good luck with this! Sounds like an interesting project. :goodluck
Non-Fiction (NF) / Re: Pronunciations
« Last post by Arona on Yesterday at 08:55 PM »
Will this help?

(Deleted link...not as helpful as I thought.)

There's scores of teachers on the BBs who can offer direction to resources.

(Kids learn how to break down words, sound them out---aren't they also taught how to "read" pronunciations? Everything's done so differently these days, maybe they don't.)

The Craft of Writing / Re: New Problem...Oh, Goody!
« Last post by Arona on Yesterday at 08:40 PM »
Julie, subject/verb isn't part of the equation, or this particular equation. But I do find it necessary to monitor subj/verb rut at times, though.

Vonna, I read all sorts, fiction/NF. (I must have re-wired my brain when I first dove into verse.... :writing3 ...  :stuck) You make a good general point, however, for all of us...switching up our reading.

Thanks, everyone.


Kidlit Good News / Re: Debut MG sold!
« Last post by AmandaSue on Yesterday at 08:01 PM »
So happy for you. Congrats!!
Non-Fiction (NF) / Pronunciations
« Last post by rad34 on Yesterday at 07:27 PM »
I am writing a nonfiction nature field guide manuscript aimed at grades 3-5.  One of my readers suggested that I include pronunciations when I introduce a new organism.  I think it is a great suggestion, but I am uncertain how to best write pronunciations.  Could anyone recommend a website or book that might help?  As I search the internet all of the "how to write pronunciations" include symbols that young children will be unfamiliar with.  Thanks!
Historical Fiction / MG Historical Fiction
« Last post by AmaT on Yesterday at 07:03 PM »
Writing friends:
I am working on an MG historical fiction novel. Story is of a young  Norwegian immigrant coming to America in 1901. I am looking for mentor texts to study. Any suggestions?  :bighelp
Kidlit Good News / Re: Debut MG sold!
« Last post by rab on Yesterday at 05:59 PM »
Wonderful news, Shari! Congratulations!
Kidlit Good News / Re: Debut MG sold!
« Last post by David Wright on Yesterday at 05:20 PM »
Congrats!   :applause :hi5 :applause
Kidlit Good News / Re: Debut MG sold!
« Last post by DellaRF on Yesterday at 05:01 PM »
So exciting, Shari! :yay

Kidlit Good News / Re: Debut MG sold!
« Last post by Ev on Yesterday at 04:47 PM »
This is such great news, Shari!! :drumroll Congratulations to you!
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