Author Topic: Drifting into Spring Fast Drafting!  (Read 42261 times)

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Drifting into Spring Fast Drafting!
« on: December 02, 2011, 01:14 PM »
Since a lot of us are still working on WIPs even post-NaNoWriMo, and still more of us didn't do the NaNo thing, we thought it was time for a new, ongoing Fast Draft thread!

Who's in?

I have a WIP that's slightly less than half done, with the goal of finishing by the end of January. Eep!  (I would feel more confident if I could bludgeon my first chapter into being, that's for sure.)  Got almost nothing accomplished today, except my very first temper tantrum over this book. :dr  The DH talked me down and gave me a new opening scene idea. Now I just need to find a minor mishap that could befall a stagecoach and delay it for an hour or so, without being a total calamity.
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