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To help increase book access, promote 
SCBWI authors/illustrators and to advance the mission of SCBWI


SCBWI Members across the U.S. and around the world are invited to participate in a book-giving and life-changing event. 

Books from our SCBWI members will be distributed to causes and organizations in need. Our book drive’s mission is 3-fold: 

•    To help increase book access for readers in desperate need of books by collecting and donating books that SCBWI members create…

•    To help promote our authors, illustrators, and their books… 

•    To help highlight the work of SCBWI and its members as both book creators and literacy advocates for children and young adults…

We will be collecting our members’ books worldwide for causes selected most worthy by our SCBWI Books for Readers Selection Committee.

Here's how Books For Readers will work: 

SCBWI members who would like to nominate a cause or organization must complete the entry form. The forms will be automatically sent via email to your Region's Email Box. The last day for entries is April 30, 2017. 

Our selection committee, comprised of SCBWI staff and members of the SCBWI Board of Advisors, will select 1-2 recipients to receive our books. The selecting will take place from May 23-June 23, 2017. The chosen regions’ recipients will be notified by June 29, 2017

Members can begin sending their published (and signed) books to SCBWI HQ from July 12-September 4, 2017


Upon announcement of the 2 regional recipients, two large-scale celebrations will be planned (July 12-October 31, 2017) and executed (date(s) in November TBD) by SCBWI HQ in the recipients’ regions.


Below are the steps you can take to participate in our SCBWI Books For Readers Worldwide Book Drive: 


Nominate 1 or 2 local causes with readers in need (e.g. hospitals, libraries, literacy organizations, schools, and sites of man-made or natural disasters) that you believe would be worthy SCBWI BOOKS FOR READERS recipients for 2017 by completing this entry form or printing it and sending via snail mail to the SCBWI address below in the START COLLECTING section. Snail mail and online entries must be received by April 30, 2017.

The regions will review the nominations and  submit their final nomination(s) to SCBWI headquarters by May 22, 2017. 


You are invited to send copies of member published titles from July 12-September 4, 2017 to: 

4727 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Attn:  SCBWI Books for Readers    

We are asking all interested SCBWI members to send no more than three copies of each of their books to our SCBWI HQ in Los Angeles. Members may donate multiple titles but, again, send no more than three copies.

SCBWI HQ will accept, collect, curate, store, and distribute the books prior to the regional recipients at celebration events to be held in November. Depending upon the size and need of our recipients, SCBWI HQ will curate the number and type of books to be distributed, and donate any surplus books to other nominated causes at its discretion.     

And, while donating our books to readers in need is in itself its own reward, authors who donate their titles will receive recognition in an SCBWI BOOKS FOR READERS program, will be invited to partake in the celebrations and will become part of a literacy initiative that will build dreams, change lives—and allow us to promote ourselves, our books, and SCBWI. 


Upon announcement of the 2 final recipients, two large-scale celebrations will be planned (July 12-October 31, 2017) and executed (date(s) in November TBD) by SCBWI HQ. Any and all SCBWI members are invited to attend the celebrations and lend a hand or two if so desired!

For more information: Watch this space, check out our FAQ and/or email us at