SCBWI announces the winners of the 2016 On-The-Verge Emerging Voices Award.  Collette Childers is the writer of the YA novel HYPERSLEEP, a story that explores a seventeen-year-old's attempt to find a cure for her juvenile arthritis by undergoing a radical cryonics treatment. Sindhu Vijayasarathy is the author of the YA novel INSTANT KARMA that tells the story of two girls from different centuries whose lives are inexorably linked through karma and reincarnation.

The award is inspired in part by the SCBWI’s increasing efforts to foster underrepresented voices in children’s literature.  According to SCBWI Executive Director Lin Oliver, “Every child should have the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the pages of a book. And all authors should have the opportunity to write their truth. SCBWI is proud to contribute to this important effort to bring forth new voices.”  
The winners will each receive a paid trip to the SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles to meet editors, agents, and other industry professionals. The winning manuscripts will also be available to select agents and editors via a secure website.
The On-The-Verge Emerging Voices Award is made possible through the generosity of Sue and Martin Schmitt of the 455 Foundation. Sue wrote: "Diverse writers need to know that not only do their voices and stories matter— but are necessary!  We live in a world where we must strive to understand other points of view and each other for the betterment of humankind."
Collette Childers: YA novel HYPERSLEEP
Twitter: @cd_childers

Sindhu Vijayasarathy: YA novel INSTANT KARMA
Website: sindhusays.com; Twitter: @sindhusays3