Member Blogs

"7 Magic Islands"

by Anna Valbro

Parental advice and ideas for unforgettable family fun moments

"Dig Deep and Tell the Truth"

by Emily Damron-Cox

Inspiration for the Writer and Bibliophile

"Illustrations by Veruschka"

by Veruschka Guerra

About my illustration work,searches,sketches and published books.


by Jennifer Sommer

"Random Thoughts From The Creative Path"

by Paula B. Puckett

"What If" Muse

by Michelle Karene

Thoughts for children of all ages to muse.

"Words Like Rain"

by L. Michelle Quraishi

Stories that storm, tickle, heal and transform


by Giuseppe Castellano

The blog provides insight into the practice of illustration.

(Maral Sassouni's Secret Blog)

by Maral Sassouni

(NSFR: Not Safe for Reality)

by Audrey Greathouse

The sporadic blog of a scatterbrained speculative fiction storyteller

(Very) Small Town Girl

by Kari Withey

* Thup

by Erin Brown Conroy, MA

For all writers: how-to, inspiration, encouragement, and camaraderie

*Start The Year Off Write*

by Shannon Abercrombie

Exercises provided by authors and a challenge to keep you writing.

...the Laura Jacobsen Story

by Laura Jacobsen

10 More Strokes

by Casey McKenna-Monroe

A Master rower's journey to Masters Nationals 2013 and beyond.

100 Children's Books

by April D. Crews

Review picture books, many with cultural or environmental focus

100 Small Fires

by TK Read

At we discuss marketing strategies for authors.

1000 Days of Writing

by Michael Hagan

My writing life, 1000 days at a time.


by Travis Jonker

Children's Literature News and Reviews.

1600 Words a Day

by Amy Armstrong

My random thoughts on reading and other distractions.

1st10 Pages

by Laurie Ashbourne

Candid Insight into the art and business of storytelling.

2 Kurious Kids

by Heidi Gill

Parenting information including but not limited to raising a multicultural family.

24 Carrot Writing

by Kelly Carey

A motivational goal setting blog for writers.


by Katherine Blackmore

The tumbling of sketches by an illustrator, letting her line dance.

2D Scrumptious

by Steven Lenton

A blog with all the latest news on my book and illustration work.


by Malini Sekhar

Documents our journey to print our first multicultural children's book


by Charles Hively

Covering the world of contemporary illustration

4 Chicks and a Muse

by Peggy Jackson

Four friends blog about creativity and whatever else comes to mind

52 First Drafts

by David McMullin

My brave attempt to write one PB each week for an entire year.

A & The

by Evelyn Pollins

Current and old middle grade and YA books

A Baker with an appetite for writing

by Jennifer Baker

A blog that reflects my two favorite things: writing & baking!

A Beautiful Uncertainty

by Samira Myers

Thoughts on life, art and faith.

A Bird and Book Lover's Ramblings

by Deanne Endrizzi

A Passion for Birds and Children's Books

A Blerd Girl Writer

by Shanna Miles

A Blessed Smattering of Cookies

by Kate Cotter

Thoughts on everything; disguised as cookies and packaged with care!

A blog about Books and Activities for Teachers and Librarians

by Tekla White

Books and classroom activities suggested by teachers and the author.

A Blog About Books and Love and the Love of Books

by Linda Budzinski

A Book and a Latte

by Jennifer Halligan

A Book and a Latte is a book blog featuring primarily YA literature.

A Brush with Humor

by Robin Wiesneth

Humorous musings of an artist, animal lover, story teller, & traveler

A Brush, a Camera, and a Pakistani Family

by Hajra Meeks

Explore interactive works that combine art, writing, and culture!

A cabinet of curiosities

by Victor Dixen

Mysterious stories and other curiosities encountered after nightfall

A Casual Journal

by Lesley Moss

An occasional blog - I chat and offer you a virtual cup of English tea

A Chapter a Day

by Caroline Coleman

my blog on Scripture, literature, life and love

A Character a Week

by Ariel Tobin Smith

A Chronicle of Scribbles

by Kathleen Walker

A City Slicker on a Country Road

by Liza Martz

Looking at rural America through smog colored glasses

A Country Mile

by Michelle Houts

Thoughts about living and writing in the country.

A Creative Progress

by Lisa Griffin

A Crow's Blog

by Clara MacCarald

The musings of an actual crow from my unpublished middle-grade novel.

A Day in the Light

by Kim Childress

One Writer's Musings

A Field Trip Life

by Claire Annette Noland

Books, places, and books that take you places

A Fuse #8 Production

by Betsy Bird

Features everything from librarian previews of upcoming children's boo

A Fuse#8 Production

by Betsy Bird

News and Reviews from Betsy Bird, Youth Media Specialist for the NYPL.

A Glimpse into a Perfectionist Writer's Insanity

by Haneen Oriqat

A Goose of a Different Color

by Christie Allred

A Hibercadian Digest

by Brendan Murphy

The official site of Sebastian and the Hibernauts

A is for Aging

by Lindsey McDivitt

I promote diverse and positive images of aging in picture books.

A Journal of Impossible Things

by Caleb Woodbridge

A Journey Illustrated

by Kristen Schwartz

A Life in Many Small Parts

by Barbara Lerman-Golomb

Life experiences, family history, eco-etiquette, and more.

A Life Spent Reading

by Kathryn Cullinan

The journey as our love of reading helps make us better writers

A Likely Story

by Marianne Sheldon

A little birdy told me...

by Neridah McMullin

Interviews with children's writers & illustrators, writers journal

A Little Bit Funny

by Meg Scanlon

A Little Dversion

by Donelle Lacy

personal blog about my writing/illustration, hobbies, and interests.

A Little Goes a Long Way; Following the experience of getting published.

by Ashley Mills Monaghan

Following the experience of getting published.

A Lot in Life Lalena

by Lalena Fisher

New work, experiments, work in progress, and arting with kids!

A Matter of Life & Breath

by Melodie Beth Harris

People, events, & things that have made a difference in my life.

A Million Words

by Amy Dixon

a minute from terry

by Terry Cox-Joseph

A Mouse in the House

by Roberta Baird

Snippets from children's book illustrator Roberta Baird

A Moveable Bento Box: Japan 2014

by Avis Adams

My observations of Japan as I teach and travel.

A Photo A Day

by Kathleen Rupff

A Place of Our Own

by Jean Gralley

words & pictures: the sketch blog of author/illustrator jean gralley

A Pony on a Balcony

by Rafe Posey

Rafe Posey's writing

A Puddle of Crumbs

by Karen Whitaker

A Series of Fortunate Events

by Crystal Kamm

A landing place for my temperamental ideas

A Thousand Plates Spinning

by Mary Ann Fraser

Managing a creative life in a chaotic world

A Three-Legged Rabbit Called Dave

by Colleen Jones

Rare Bits on Writing for Kids and Other Random Stuff

A Tinman's Heart

by Emily Dillard

A Totally Random Romp

by Jean Reidy

A Trini in Egypt

by Natalie Williams-Knight

Life is newly adopted city of Zamalek, Cairo. ColourfulCurrent Affairs

A Twisted Clump of Seaweed (and other treasures found at low tide)

by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

A Wilderness of Words

by Mary Pierce

Storytelling happens in many ways.

A Window Into Grief

by Angie Cherney

Looking at grief through the eyes of a bereaved mother.

A Word in the Book of Life

by Antoinette Griffin

short stories and essays written in the first person

A Word To You

by Barbara Harnack

The literary blog site of Barbara Harnack and Michael Lancaster

A Writer's Playground

by Linda Andersen

Monthly Activities for Kids

A Writer's Soapbox

by Lynn Vroman

An inside look into the life of an aspiring writer.

A Writer's Well

by Ashlyne Huff Revelette

A singer/songwriter-turned-author's steps to publication in real time.

a writers blog by Tracey M. Cox

by Tracey M. Cox

Personal Journey, Marketing, home of Summer Sparks Writing Challenge.

A Year of Reading

by Mary Lee Hahn and Franki Sibberson

Two thoughtful teachers write about their classrooms, review books, and work on their writing craft.

A. B. Westrick's Blog

by Anne Westrick

In love with the process of writing...

A. T. Baron

by Angela T. Baron

Writings, illustrations, and news from A. T. Baron and Mrs. Otter.

Aaron Clark Blog

by aaron clark


by Abby Feinknopf

Musings on artistic endeavors, writing, illustration and family life!

Ability and Accountability

by Richard Haddad

Children don't remember what you teach them-they remember what you are

About Something Good

by Andrea Yerramilli

Exercising my writing fingers and giving my heart a voice.

About Writing, Running, and Being Outdoors

by Colette Weil Parrinello

About Writing--For Pros, Beginners & Interested

by Mary Blount Christian

Different Aspects of Writing from Plotting to Self-Editing Denver

by Nina Snyder Denver covers events and attractions in the Mile High City. Homeschooling

by Kathy Ceceri

Tips and advice for educating the whole child.

Absolute Beginner

by Mary Willenbrink

Encouraging the absolute beginner

Absolute Vanilla

by Nicky Schmidt

talking about writing, creativity, marketing, life & the universe...

AC Hatter Blog

by Amanda Hatter

A blog supporting my childrens novel Callum Fox & the Mousehole Ghost

achi kochi love momochan conquers the world

by Wendy Miyake

Acorns In My Dryer

by Kari Schooley

For the "ahh-ha" moments in life, writing for writing's sake.

Acrylic Paint in my Hair

by Tiffany Laurencio

This blog focuses on the sketch to finish transition of illustration

Active Spud

by Steven Ettinger

Adam Winsor - Sketchblog

by Adam Winsor

Sketches, illustrations, and news from Adam Winsor

ADDled: Life & Other Distractions

by Amy M. Miller

I am mom with ADD. Sometimes this can be very ridiculous. blog

by Adrian Dingle

AdriAnne Strickland's Ramblings

by AdriAnne Strickland

Ramblings of author AdriAnne Strickland


by Carolyn Rose

International Travels

Adventures As a Novel Mom

by Ann Schwarz

I blog about books, writing, gardening, and parenting.

Adventures in Authorhood

by Susan VanHecke

True tales and tidbits from the writer's life.

Adventures in children's book publishing

by Steve Howson

Adventures in Children's Writing

by Karin Larson

Adventures in Education

by Juanita Gutbrod

Observations, Struggles and Triumphs in working with children.

Adventures in Fiction

by Kate Peridot

Writing Blog

Adventures in Writerland

by Heather Reich

Adventures in YA Publishing

by Martina Boone, Lisa Gail Green, Jan Lewis, Clara Kensie

Writing & pub tips from pub'd authors, inspiration, giveaways, contests judged by agents.

Adventures in YA Publishing

by Martina Boone

A Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers site.

Adventures of a Yankee in Cajun Country

by Angie Kay Dilmore

A log of travel and adventures of every kind.

Adventures of an Author

by Margaret McGugan

Travel adventures of an aspiring children's author and devout foodie

Adventures with the Pooh

by Wendy D'Amico

A blog for the thinking mom

Advice from a Caterpillar

by Peggy Tibbetts

advice, reviews, & interviews for writers & readers


by Allison Berger

Artwork & Paper Craft by Allison Berger

AG Ford's Blog

by AG Ford

News from New York Times bestselling illustrator AG Ford


by Agathi Rodi

Agatha Rodi Center of Foreign Languages , Blog, on various topics.


by Lauren Souers

A blog that shares ideas and encouragement for mommies and housewives.

Aijung Kim's Blog

by Aijung Kim

Musings on the art life and art/printmaking processes.

Aileen's Thoughts

by Aileen Stewart

Aileen Stewart's thoughts on reading, writing, and life in general.

Aimee's Nature Notes

by Aimee Bissonette


by Amy Kite

Meandering thoughts about life, love and balance

AJ's Joyful Editions

by Seletha Tucker

by A.J. Cosmo

Articles about the writing process, illustrating, & craft activities


by AJ Irving

Go on a magical adventure with award-winning author AJ Irving.

Aki Art

by Aki Fukuoka

Akiko White Art

by Akiko White

Al The Author

by Alistair Lane

Occasional thoughts on writing picture books, plus lots of poems

Alain Chiche author illustrator


Official Facebook Page of Alain Chiche, author and illustrator

Alana White's Blog

by Alana White

This is my Goodreads Blog

Alayne Kay Christian - Writer's Whole Life Perspective

by Alayne Kay Christian

Posts on writing, manuscript submissions, resources, life as a writer.

Alberta Weinberg's Blog

by Alberta Weinberg

Primarily a travel blog.

Ale Díaz Bouza

by Ale Díaz Bouza

About my personal work

Alex Milway

by Alex Milway

A diary, full of pictures and thoughts about my work and what's going

Alex Rosenthal

by Alex Rosenthal

Personal works/sketches...some academic some for fun.

Alexis Bass Writes

by Alexis Bass

Alicia Policia

by Alicia Traveria

The Art & Craft of Alicia Traveria

Alicia Schwab • Illustration • Design • Writing

by Alicia Schwab

Visit Alicia Schwab's blog to see illustrations, sketches and musings!

Alicia Sprinkle Children's Author

by Alicia Sprinkle

New News for Alicia Sprinkle's Books

Alina Sayre, Author

by Alina Sayre

Interviews, book news, and an author's-eye view of life.

Alina Surnaite sketches

by Alina Surnaite

Alison Cherry Books

by Alison Cherry

Alison Creates

by Alison McLean

My adventures in motherhood, teaching, and art.


by Alison Gardiner

A light hearted look at life with all her fun and foibles.

by Alison Goldberg

I blog about children's books with activism themes.


by Alison McMahan

Blogging about Adventure and Adventures in Writing

All about Kye

by Andra de Bondt

It's about the the stories the cat Kye experiences.

All About the Books with Janet Squires

by Janet Squires

Thoughts on the reading, writing, and sharing of children's books from a writer and library media specialist.

All For Literacy

by Sharon Willett

The interactive blog discusses literacy and what we can do to promote.

All Mirrors

by Kira Lynn Cain

inspiration, idea sketches, recent work and occasionally articles.

All My Characters

by Annina Wildermuth

Once a week I feature a character and a part of their story.

All News, No Schmooze

by Laurie Wallmark

News and notes for busy children's writers.

All That's Missing

by Sarah Sullivan

Occasional Musings on Writing Books for Children

All Things Pilothead Sound

by C. S. Walkingheart

Details of Pilothead/Sanderling releases and the publishing process

All Things Swoony

by Suzi Ryan

Book reviews and life musings

All Things YA and NA

by Kim Briggs

A resource for readers and writers of all ages interested in YA and NA

Allen's Corner

by Allen Vaysberg

Allergy Shmallergy

by Erin Malawer

Aimed at simplifying life for families living with food allergies.

Ally Hodges Tumblr

by Ally Hodges

Allyn's Blog

by Allyn Stotz

Dreaming with words. A blog about children's books and writing.

Along the Right Lines

by Hazel Mitchell

Hazel Mitchell News

Alvina Kwong Illustrator

by Alvina Kwong

Come visit my website where you can find my whimsical and sweet art!

Always in the MIddle

by Greg Pattridge

I review MG books along with insights into writing for this age group.

Always Looking Up

by Kyle Hart

Always Thinking

by Bennett Windheim

Flotsam and jetsam.


by Katie Kath

A slightly witty comic about my life.

Alyssa Sketch'd

by Alyssa Torres

An e-sketchbook compiling all my musings, experiments and doodlings.

Am I Doing This Right?

by John Berkowitz

Amalie Howard

by Amalie Howard

Amalou Studio

by Amanda Francey

Amalynai's No-Sensical & Sorta-Sensical Utterings Sputterings & Flukes

by Caroline Adele O'Brien

Poetry, Short Stories, & Nonsense for the grown-up child.

Amanda Boyd Yin -- Illustration

by Amanda Morley Boyd Yin

Doodles and musings of a confirmed picture book geek.

Amanda E. Gross Illustration

by Amanda E. Gross

Amanda Erb Tumblr

by Amanda Erb

Amanda Flower

by Amanda Flower

Amanda Thompson Art

by Amanda Thompson

A sketchblog

Amanda's Stone Tablet

by Amanda Stone Norton

American Chickens Tumblr

by Lisa Brown

Daily sketches and illustration crushes.

American Housewife

by Margaret Dilloway

About me, my family, writing, my occasional attempts at homekeeping


by Kendra Valentine

All about good eats with a focus on whole food hacks

Ami with an I

by Ami Allen-Vath

Amie Borst

by Amie Borst

A good book is dark and sweet, like chocolate.

Amy McNulty

by Amy McNulty

Amy Writes

by Amy Nichols

Author Amy K. Nichols' thoughts on writing, creativity and life

Amy's Blog

by Amy Houts

Recipes, household tips, and techniques to help make your life easier.

Amy's Opinions

by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Sometimes political, sometimes personal, always opinionated.


by Amy Duchene

Food blog--eating, cooking, and dining out are another passion!

by Amy Finnegan

Author of NOT IN THE SCRIPT, Bloomsbury 2014

Amys' Field Notes

by Amy Huntington

From my sketchbook and beyond

An Artist's Blog

by Theresa Wohlers

A chat about art, supplies and things that influence my art.

An Artsy Life

by Catherine Eun Lee

All in the days of an artist & writer's life.

An Awfully Big Adventure

by Sarah Harroff

In which I attempt to answer my questions about writing.

An Education In Books

by Wendy E. BooydeGraaff

must-read books for all ages

An Englishman in New Jersey

by Jon Gibbs

An Open Book

by Joanne Sher

An Unrepentant Bookjunkie

by LeeAnn Rizzuti

Musings on what drives me as a lover of books and as a writer.


by Ana Martín

Ananda Esteva

by Ananda Esteva

discuss news re:children crossing the US border & my unpublished novel

Ananke And Eos

by Jessica Colomb

satisfying the simple urge to create

Anastasia Ely

by Anastasia Ely

Anatarambana Literatura Infantil

by Ana Garralon

chronicles, articles, review new developments in the Spanish market

Ancient Amber

by Ancient Amber

author for families of the Earth

And Another Thing...

by John Connolly

Occasional musings on books and publishing.

Andi Butler Studio & Workshop

by Andi Butler

Andrea Brame

by Andrea Brame

Andrea Fingerson: Writer, Teacher, Child of God

by Andrea Fingerson

Andrea Ipaktchi Drawing Journal

by Andrea Renner Ipaktchi

An expat's drawing journal

Andrea Mack - That's Another Story

by Andrea Mack

Andy Catling Illustration

by Andy Catling

This is the Blog of Andy Catling; Animator and Illustrator.

Andy From Orkney

by Nan Meriweather Sr.

Broad selection of interests to parents and children.

Andy the Illustrator's Happening Sketch Blog

by Andy Musser

Visit my blog to see sketches and updates on new work and events.

Anel Patricia Stories & Stuff

by Anel Patricia Albertao

Writing tips, pop culture information, and my own stories

Angela Graham - Childhood silliness and adventure

by Angela Graham

Follow Angela's blog to see what inspires her stories, how she builds characters, what is next for her books and, most importantly, how she manages to juggle and balance the numerous demands of being a working mom and a writer.

Angela Matteson Illustration Blog

by Angela Matteson

by Angela Barbalace

freelance journalism

Angelic Muse

by Angelica R. Jackson

Personal blog of Angelica R. Jackson, author and photographer

angelic pursuits

by Angela C. Hawkins

illustration to uplift and inspire

Angelique's Kids

by Angelique E. Anderson

Angels and Insects

by Natalia Pierandrei

Angie Jones Illustration

by Angie Jones

Angie Jones Illustration

Angie Karcher, Writing, Storytelling, Poetry and Illustration

by Angie Karcher

Writing, Storytelling, Poetry and Illustration

Angie's Sketchbook

by Angie Hauch


by Angie Flanagan

poetry, short stories, general musings about telling stories

Angled Perspective

by Lori Caminiti

Thoughts on travel, life, food and family.

Angry Young Mom

by Marlaina Cockcroft

Cracking wise on family life, and on living with an ADHD child.

Animal Stories for Children

by Kristen Mott

A journey through independent publishing and animal stories

Animals on Desserts

by Loryn Brantz

Art blog of cute animals rolling around atop desserts!


by Caitlin Sullivan

A place to read about animals and humans in good times.

Anita Loughrey's Blog

by Anita Loughrey

Much To Do About Writing for children

Anita Says

by Anita Hoag

Anita's Edge

by Anita Saxena

Writing. Skating. Laughter.

anita5howard and anitastorieswhatif

by Anita Howard

1St general blog and included my artworks 2nd related to my stories

Ann C. Averill

by Ann Averill

Former teacher, baby boomer, and parent - my heart on the page!

Ann Pilicer Illustration

by Ann Pilicer

Weekly illustrations and New Projects.Chat about what inspires.

Anna Browning - Children's Author

by Anna Browning

Stay up-to-date on Anna's aspiring career as a children's author.

Anna C. Morrison

by Anna Morrison

Anna M Lewis

by Anna M. Lewis

Anna Marras

by Marlys Honeyman

One Word At a Time

Anna Violet Illustrator

by Anna Violet


by Annabel Jones

Anne Appert Illustration

by Anne Appert

A place where I describe my process and post current projects

Anne Bingham: Making it up as I go

by Anne Bingham

Anne Dawson

by Anne Dawson

Anne Eliot

by Anne Eliot

Page of wonder...silliness, giveaways and fun.

Anne Morgan's website

by Anne Morgan

Contains information about my books.

Anne Van

by Anne Van

Life Is Just One Fish Out of Water Story

Anne Was Here

by Anne Blankman Bollman

See what I'm up to and get an inside peak at my design process.

Anne's Illustrations

by Anne Adix Fabie

Annelise's Blog

by Annelise Capossela

Annette's musings

by Annette Drake

Sharing the joys and perils of the writing life

Annie Brundrit Illustration Design Art

by Annie Brundrit

A place where I reflect on all sorts of things that interest me

Annie Cardi

by Annie Cardi

Annie Fox's blog

by Annie Fox

Thoughts about t(w)eens, parenting and 21 Century life

Annie McMahon

by Annie McMahon

I review MG novels and post information related to writing.

Annie Mouse Books

by Anne Slanina

Early Childhood info and updates regarding my books and events.

Annie's Blog

by Annie Ruygt

I love to write about process, writing, and random thoughts.

Another day in Paradise

by Paul Burns

General musings about stuff - when I actually get the time to muse!

Ansha Kotyk

by Natasha Sass

Author blog

Antelope Dance Music & Literacy Blog

by Elizabeth Buchanan

Sing & move with young children for early literacy learning!

Anthology of Being

by Jennifer Dillan-Albert

Observations of life, art and dealing with (difficult) people.

Anthony's Art for the Heart

by Anthony Ralph Emmolo

Thoughts from a life of art, writing, travel, teaching, charity & art.

Anti-Block Blog

by Joanne Rocklin

180 Ways to Conquer Writer's Block: for writers of all ages and genres

Anything Goes

by Patrice Kyger

About aspects of life that interest me, with a humanist perspective.

Appalachian Morning

by Janice Williams

Articles from 2008-2012 on writing, illustration, and crafts.


by Joanie Stone

April C Rose Writes

by April Rose Carter

April Lee

by April Lee

Illustrations, visual development work for films & character designs


by Kevin Callahan

Thoughts on digital and print publishing.

Archaeological Illustrator

by Holly Hughes

Archer and Zowie

by Hans Bluedorn

Archimedes Notebook

by Sue Heavenrich

Hands-on science exploration, book reviews & STEM links for families

ardent, patient, persistent

by Anne-Marie Perks

A place to share process, projects and musings on being an illustrator

Ariannah Fine Art and Illustration

by Ursula Brozovich

arihoma's illustration blog

by Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar

My blog where I post updates on projects and illustrations.

Armenpog's Blog

by Armen Pogharian

Around the Fireplace

by Rohini Chowdhury

Arrrggghhh! Another @#$% Blog!

by Jim "Arrrggghhh" Romer

Character designs and artwork from Jim Romer

Art and Illustration

by John Spellman

Art and Story

by Suzanne Kaufman

Daily thoughts and sketches from illustrator Suzanne Kaufman

Art Beast

by Tom Travers

Covers all of the art I produce.

Art Blog

by Rachel Camacho

WIP update, random scribblings, and (hopefully) helpful anecdotes.

Art By Amy Facebook Page

by Amy Blake

Art By Nicole Monique

by Nicole Carrier-Titti

Art by Noël ILL

by Noel iLL

Art by Wilf

by Mark Wilcox

The sketchbook & thoughts of a character artist and children's author.

Art for Peace

by Karen Keller

Images of my work in film and illustration.

Art is for Action

by Renee Watson

Art is Simple

by Michael Goldberg

Life. Kids. Art. Simplicity.

Art Is Vital

by Karen Konnerth

To value and nurture creativity: • in adults themselves • by providing

Art Mine

by Nicole Allin

Silly things dug up from the studio of Nicole Allin

Art News

by Kelly Knoll

Art, Artists and Appraisal News

Art of Ashly Lovett

by Ashly Lovett

Follow to see my work process and finished works!

Art of Philip Wu


Art of Royalties

by Mark Adams

A resource created to help authorpreneurs generate royalty income.

Art of Santosh Oommen

by Santosh Oommen

Art of Skylaar Amann

by Skylaar Amann

illustration, sketches, toys, whales.

Art of the Dog

by Dawn Secord

A personal diary of my paintings, my pets, and few fun stories.

Art of Tori Heavenor

by Tori Kate Heavenor

designs & illustrations

Art on the Page

by Jill Bergman

Art Time

by Hollyanne Shell

My illustration blog

Art Writing and Geeking Out

by Kevin Cain

Art, Words, Life

by Jennifer Thermes

Writing, illustrating, & the little things that make life interesting.

Artful Illustration of Deb Dunkelberg

by Deb Dunkelberg


by Ruth Estevez

The Story of Six Books about Art and the Weather for Children

Arthur A. Levine's Blog

by Arthur Levine

Artist and 3 Cats

by Lauren Stringer

Stories and pictures from the studio of a picture book maker.

Artist Talk

by Herb Leonhard

Artomel Black Blog & Portfolio

by Melissa Black

A collection of finished watercolors and quick sketches


by Linda Kay Thomas Snider-Ward

the whimsical world of Linda Kay Thomas

Artsy Fishy

by Kirsten Carlson


by Bobbie Dacus

Blog of children's book illustrator, Bobbie Dacus

Artwork and Illustrations by Correy Adams

by Correy Adams

Ample images of my illustrative work can be seen here

Artwork by AR

by Allison Romero

Artzicarol Ramblings

by Carol Riggs

Tips for writers, especially YA novels. Plus other random topics.

As Is

by Anola Pickett

My thoughts about writing and life as it happens.

AS it is

by Ann Stawski

A blog covering communications, writing and musings.

Ashley Bankhead

by Ashley Bankhead

Ashley Wolff

by Ashley Wolff

I write about my life and work, with lots of illustrations.

Ask A

by Michael Conner

A place to find out and dish out a “Hoosier” world-view.

Ask Author Law

by Sallie Randolph

Q&A Blog about the law for authors

Ask the Agent: Tina P. Schwartz

by Tina P. Schwartz

Advice for writers of children and teen works.

Asni: Multimedia newsletter

by Astrid Nielsch

Personal observations of an independent creative type brazing life

Aspiring Children's Book Author and Illustrator-Cassaundra Dunbridge

by Cassaundra Dunbridge

All about reaching the goal of a published children's storybook!

atlanticmo's blog

by Moira Swiatkowski

Notes about current work and what inspires it

Aurora Cacciapuoti Illustrator

by Aurora Cacciapuoti

Austin H. Gilkeson

by Austin Gilkeson

Fiction, Nonfiction & Things That Go Bump in the Night

Australian Animal Fantasy Adventures

by Jeanne Elizabeth Rogers

Post every week about unusual & endangered animals around the world.

Author Amok

by Laura Shovan

Poetry in the schools, at home, and everywhere in between.

Author Beth Hammond

by Beth Hammond-Orick

Fantasy fiction and children's book writer, musings on life.

Author Jane Sutton's Blog

by Jane Sutton

News about author appearances, new books, musings & observations

Author Jodi Moore/Kids Inspiring New Directions

by Jodi Moore

Author Katie Davis | Writerpreneur | Brain Burps About Books

by Katie Davis

Covering the Business, marketing, and craft of children's publishing

Author Lynn Lovegreen

by Lynn Lovegreen

Writing, Alaska, and history for teens and adults

Author Megan Applegate

by Megan Applegate

kid lit author and all-around raconteur

Author Of

by Kate Hannigan

Author interviews from picture books to MG, fiction and non-fiction

Author of YA fiction, etc

by Elizabeth Langston

Author Olivia Boler—Writing is Fun

by Olivia Boler

Author On The Loose

by Charlotte Bennardo

muses on writing and life in general.

Author Tom Robinson

by Tom Robinson

Look for Fibonacci Zoo in bookstores in April 2015

Author Website with blog

by Heather Demetrios

I blog about craft, YA, my books, and the professional writer's life

Author, Illustrator, Adroit Human

by Molly J. Mueller

A collection of creation to beget and bewilder.

Author/Book website for myself and my books

by Gayle Rosengren


by Deena Viviani

Avant Parenting

by Suki Wessling

Thoughts on parenting, education, and children's literature.

B.A. Wilson Writes

by Becky Wilson

Writing thoughts, book reviews, author interviews, and cover reveals.

Babsy B

by Babsy B Bell Hajdusiewicz

Helping you be every child's best teacher!

Back to the Drawing Board

by Tim Williams

Backwoods and Beyond

by Peggy Christian

Exploring the wild inside and out

Backyard Spectator

by Deborah Kauffman Miller

Nature blog based on one hr/day of quiet focused outdoor observation.

Backyard Wonders

by Nancy MacCoon

On-going descriptive creature paragraphs

Balafun - the home of Ethnic Entertainment

by Gladys Kenfack

Excited to share my author and creative journey with you!

Bald Writer

by Alan Elliott

The bald truth about writing

Balkin Buddies' Authors and Artists Blog

by Catherine Balkin

School visits info for Balkin Buddies' authors & artists & much more.

Bambini Travel

by Erin Buhr

Bambini Travel inspires others to learn through adventure.


by Nancy Banks

Essays about words, dogs, art, and from time to time, pie.

Barbara Hartzler, YA Author

by Barbara Hartzler

Blogging about things I love, so pull up a comfy chair & chat with me.

Barbara's Meanderings

by Barbara Ehrentreu

Guest authors appear and I write about events in my life.

Barbies on Fire

by Valerie Lawson

My exciting and perilous journey toward publishing.

Bard of the South

by Rickey Pittman

A blog devoted to interviews, reviews, and music.

Barry Solway

by Barry Solway

Updates on work in progress and general thoughts on writing.


by Chris Barton

Basset Bones

by Mindy Mymudes

Usually stories from George, the egotistical basset hound familiar.

Batcatz - A very creative blog

by Amanda Donovan

Book reviews and various

baxter street

by Jen Storer

Creative writing, lifestyle.

BBPhoto Flash!

by Barbara Bell

Be a Better Booktalker

by Andrea Lipinski

This blog and podcast are designed to get books into the hands of all readers, even reluctant ones!

Be Barcelona

by Maia Pay

Staying curious in Barcelona, Spain. Life there in photos and words.

Be Someone's Hero. No Cape Required.

by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Grit and the importance of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Be The Difference

by Maria Dismondy

Beachcombing the Northeast Coast

by Joanne Roach-Evans

Join me as I look for treasures up and down the Northeast Coast : )

Becca's Pen and Think

by Rebecca Birkin


by Beck McDowell

Becky's Barmy Book Blog

by Rebecca Earl

YA Book Reviews and Promotions

Becoming Me - Upside Down

by Leslie Wynn Morrissette

Every day observations, humorous and otherwise.

Becoming the Virtuous Woman

by Mary Lauren Doggett

Spiritual, motivational, nostalgic blogs about life in general

BECOMING: The Journey

by Jill Schroder

Offerings toward the evolution of consciousness, toward authenticity

bedtime stories and illustrations

by Marije Fokkens

stories, rhymes, illustrations or a blog about whats on my mind

Beetles, Ink.

by Ainsley Seago

Artblog. Comics blog =

Before I forget

by Erin Dionne


by Bernadette Laganella



by Roya Klingner

My blog is about Gifted Education.

Beginnings and Endings

by Angela Russell

writing exercises, book reviews, workshop information

Behind the Pencil

by Susan Miller

Behind the Scene

by Daria Theodora

Bel Illustrate!

by Belinda Jane Morris

A blog showing the process behind making my art.

Believing In Horses

by Valerie Ormond

Writing, Life Lessons, Horses, and More

Benjamin Schipper

by Benjamin Schipper

Bent on Books

by Molly Ker Hawn

The Bent Agency's blog

Bergers Book Reviews

by Alice Berger

Beryl Reichenberg

by Beryl Reichenberg

Best Blog for Kids Who Hate to Read

by Gail Terp

A family blog for reluctant readers and their parents


by Elizabeth (Beth) Rommel

Illustration and fine art from the niftyartgirl Studio.

Beth's Bemusings

by Bethany Harar

I muse about writing, family, friends, teaching, random people and poodles. Then I share my thoughts with you.

Beth's blog posts; HOW TO MAKE A PICTURE

by Lori Hanson

A series of blog posts describing picture book creation.

Bethanie Murguia: Sketchpad

by Bethanie Murguia

Bethany's Writing Journey

by Bethany Lopez

Betsy Devany

by Betsy Devany

Betsy Snyder

by Betsy Snyder

Betty Sargeant

by Betty Sargeant

Writing ::: Illustration ::: Picture Books ::: Book Apps

Betty Writes

by Betty Birney

Book news, blogs on chlldren's books, schools, travel, growing up.

Between Two Rivers

by Monica Devine

Poetry, Photo Essays, Arty Stuff!


by Laurel Snyder

Periodic updates from my life as a writer, thoughts on process, readin

Beyond Revision

by Sarah Aronson

My thoughts on the writing process.

Biblio Links

by Natalie Dias Lorenzi

Connecting books,authors,&illustrators with kids,librarians&teachers

Bicultural Mama

by Maria Adcock

Parenting and culture in bicultural families.

Big Bear Illustration

by Andrea Gabriel

Updates from the studio.

Big Little Tales

by Heather Kilgour

Group blog by six picture book creators.

Big Shadow

by Katherine Hahn

Flare up like a flame and make big shadows I can move in. R.M. Rilke

Bigshot Artist

by Rudolph Ouzounian

Art and ramblings from THE Bigshot Artist


by kate hanson

by John Biggs

Bildebok from Cathy Ballou Mealey

by Cathy Ballou Mealey

Writing for the young and young at heart


by Malu Talan Oltmann

Community for bilingual families to help teach kids a second language.

Billy's Barks

by Louise Snider

A canine view of life.

Binky's Book Club

by Emily Ecton

Binky and her friends sit in the vicinity of books.

Bird Brainz: Birds, Birding, and Books

by Jeanette Larson

Thoughts and comments on birds, birdwatching, and bird books.

Bird Meets Worm

by Jane Smith

My creative life as well as monthly interviews with fellow creatives.

Birds-Eye Blog (birds of a feather read together)

by Nicole Popel

A birds-eye blog of books & libraries from a reader & writer’s roost.

Birdy Jones

by Birdy Jones

Writings, musings, thoughts...

Bits & Pieces

by Paul Weiner

Blog articles for those interested in the illustration profession

bits and pieces

by Anne Lei-Yeung So

photography, art, writing, illustration, and random installments

bits n' baubles

by Amanda Sorenson

Drawings and whims of a children's illustrator


by Denise Vega

Black Poodle Studios - The Art and Storytelling of Karen McGrade Brady

by Karen McGrade Brady

Black Prints

by Catriona Black

The travails of a Scottish artist in her Dutch shed.

blah, blah, blah, book blog

by Kathy Anne Cowie

A book review blog for all kinds of books

Bless Hue - Keiko Suzuki's Collage Making Journey and Daily Discovery

by Keiko Suzuki

Blessed (but Stressed)

by Anita Strawn de Ojeda

bleuwater: thoughts below the surface

by Elizabeth Wickham

My thoughts on life, writing, parenting and swimming.

Blipadee blog

by Allyn Howard

A blog by Allyn - inspiration, friends, neighborhood & my art for kids


by Gesine Kratzner

Gesine-related news


by You Byun


by Richard Titus

Blog - YA Author Kimberly Sabatini

by Kimberly Sabatini

Find your voice, spread your wings and fly free

blog 30x30

by Chuck Dillon

Blog Dog Central

by Melissa Heye

Discuss your love for dogs and research dog news

Blog for the Morbidly Thoughtful

by Karin Blaski

K. E. Blaski, author and associate professor

blog name

by tim+6first middle tim+6last Jr.

blog description here.

Blog of Mike Grosso, Middle Grade Author

by Mike Grosso

A blog about writing, teaching, and other random thoughts.

Blog of YA author Stasia Ward Kehoe

by Stasia Ward Kehoe

Thoughts on writing, reading and the rest of life.

Blog With Me

by Jean Campbell

For children 3-7 years focusing on life skills and making good choices

by Eva O'Regan

Follow Rosie and find out what she is doing and where she is going.

by Shelley Dieterichs


by Malin Ramirez


by Georgina Kirk

A little blogette where I keep you up to date with my happenings as an


by Dan Richards

What's happening in the real or imagined author world of Dan Richards.


by Petrina Case

My Journal of projects completed and working on.

Blogging 101

by Joan Jacqueline Harris

Using my work as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author t

Blogging Blackbird

by Laura Elisa Melchor

Early mornings, coffee stains, and boundless inspiration (some days)

Blogging Funk

by Josh Funk

Rhyming with Lush Style into Your Slush Pile

Blogging the Artist's Life

by Wendy Martin

Interviews w/ illustrator/authors, portfolio build prompts and more

Bloggity Sketch Blog

by Melinda Beavers

A collection of sketches, projects, experiments, crafts, inspirations


by Michelle Royce

Life and times of Ellie Royce Children's and YA Author

Blogless blog

by Paul Aertker



by Nancy I. Sanders

Practical tips to help your writing dreams come true

blog|Janine Caldwell|Young Adult Author

by Janine Caldwell

The latest news about Janine Caldwell's books

Blue Attitude

by Joyce Scarbrough

Ramblings about books and writing. General nerdy stuff.

Blue Chair Diary Illustrations

by Alexandra H MacVean

A place where I share my heart through my whimsical illustrations.

Blue Sage Writers

by Carol Stilz

Tips for writers of fiction aimed at adult and children's books.

Blue tank Studio

by Frank Sobczynski

Blue Window

by B. J. Lee

original poetry for children and adults

Bluebird Chirpings

by Rae McDonald

A place to explore the art, craft, and world of children's books

Bluesy's World

by Bonnie Crowe

Musings about the writing life and how to avoid getting your work done

Bob Teaches Art

by Bob Ostrom

Aside from being an illustrator I also tutor artists online.

Bobbie Kinkead Blog Spot

by Bobbie Kinkead

Writing and storytelling, the difference!

Bogie Boy

by Cristy Waire

Bon Tricot

by Sherryn Craig

A bunch of tangled yarns, literally, about knitting.


by Daphne A. Romero

Relationships Carefully Crafted

BonnieAdamson: stories+pictures

by Bonnie Adamson


by Eunice Wang

Personal Tumblr Website

Book Escape by Carolyn

by Carolyn Hall

YA Book Reviews

Book Log

by Joan Broerman

Reviews of children's books for busy parents

Book Mountain

by Claire Watts

stuff about books, reading, imagination, writing

Book News and Reviews

by Patricia Hruby Powell

Reviews of middle grade and young adult books, news about my own books


by Kelly Polark

Promoting literacy one celebrity at a time.

Book Reviews by Liz Winn

by Elizabeth Winn

In addition to writing, I also review books.

Book Smarts

by E. Kiely Kearns

A picture book writer, teacher and mom who blogs about all things kids, books and smarts.

Book Tails: Children's Book Reviews/Tales from a Writer

by Kathryn Halsey

Book Wisdom by Diane

by Diane Kress Hower

Children's Book Reviews and Suggestions For Parents and Teachers

Booking It with Susanne Whitehouse

by Susanne Whitehouse

A journey through writing and reading books for kids.

Bookish Ambition

by Joanne Roberts

Writing, illustrating, contests, reviews, interviews, & Bookish News


by Karen Williams

Work in progress, always.

Books & Being

by Teresa Bonaddio

A collection of curiosities related to books and being alive.

Books 4 Christian Kids

by Nancy Hird

Books and Writing

by Sherryl Clark

I blog about reading, writing and teaching writing.

Books are Bread

by Axie Oh

Books Around The Table

by Margaret Chodos-Irvine

A joint weekly blog from five children's book authors and illustrators

Books in the Meadow

by Hayley Barrett

Books of Wonder & Wisdom

by Janice Floyd Durante

Children's books that foster peace, justice, respect and curiosity

Books, Kids, & Lots of Coffee!

by Kimberly Yannayon

I like to talk and share about books, kids, and coffee!


by Todd Tuell

Discussing literacy issue & strategies to help boy readers.


by Jan Godown Annino


by Laura Lanik

An eclectic book blog for book lovers of all ages.


by Katy Manck, MLS

I recommend young adult books beyond bestsellers, especially debut authors & smaller publishers.

Bookwriter Blog

by Glen C. Strathy

Your story theory questions answered.

Bordeau Blend

by Marybeth Bordeau Flynn

Borron y cuento nuevo

by Alberto Martín Tapia

Bottom Shelf Books

by Minh Le

Picture Books from a Somewhat Grown-up Perspective

Boy Were We Wrong!

by Kathleen Kudlinski

Sharing the stories of science with kids, adults, and other earthlings



BOYER WRITES spotlights history, art, music and people of interest

Bradley Kent - Coloring Creation

by Bradley Kent

Bradshaw Letters

by Scott Sussman

Letters to a friend behind bars

Brainrain Blog

by Cynthia Kremsner


by Cora Lynn Deibler

C. L. Deibler's visual communication explosion.


by richard olson

children's book illustrator and artist

Brandi's Blog

by Brandi Barnett

the magic of everyday life

Brandon Crawford Art

by Brandon Crawford

a collection of the different ways my artwork can take shape.

Brandt's Rants

by Rob Brandt

Medical humor mostly pertaining to the Emergency Department

Breaking In

by Staton Rabin

For screenwriters, about the art, craft, and business of film writing

Brebajes, pociones y cuentos/Concoctions, Potions and Stories

by Judy Goldman

Acompáñenme a charlar sobre libros para niños y jóvenes y otras cosas

Brenda Maxfield's Blog

by Brenda Maxfield

Highlights books for teens.

Brenna Layne

by Brenna Layne

"Only connect"--life with words, kids and critters. Updated weekly.

Bri Davey

by Bri Davey

Posts about my illustrations, food, travel and other adventures.

Brian Bowes Illustration

by Brian Bowes

The ongoing adventures in the life of an illustrator!

Brian Papa

by Brian Papa

Brian Rock Writes For Children

by Brian Rock

Insights about the art and business of writing for children.

Brianna's Book Stop

by Brianna Caplan Sayres

Brianne Farley Illustration

by Brianne Farley

Brianne's Art

by Brianne Hills


by Kenneth Major

This blog has posts, drawings and some of my poems and other writing.

Bridget Birdsall, MFA--Author, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker

by Bridget Birdsall

Focuses on overcoming all obstacles and living an authentic life.

Bridging images

by Bridget Strevens-Marzo

Bridging art, words and working for children with my picture books.

Bridging: Writing the Journey

by Theresa Schuster

Reflections on writing and the life's adventures


by Brie Spangler

Where I post new work, musings, and things I think are cool.

Bringing Stories to Life: A journal of writing & Illustrating a new book

by Nancy Pi-Sunyer

Thoughts on the process and challenge of writing and illustrating

Bringing Up Buddhas

by Vanessa Gobes

Suburban Adventures in Bu-curious Mothering


by Brittany Staszak

It's just me, Brittany, doing what I do and blogging about it.

Britt Leigh Books

by Britt Leigh

BRJacobs Art

by Brittany Jacobs

Where I upload sketches and progress for projects in the works.

Brooke's world of words and wildlife

by Brooke Bessesen

Brooklyn Arden

by Cheryl Klein

An editor's notes on writing, storycraft, quotes, & life.

Brooks Benjamin - author

by Brooks Benjamin

Brush Quibblies

by K. Marie Criddle

Bryce Barfield - hinc illae lacrimae

by bryce Barfield

Bubba the Bulldog Tries to Smile


Book updates, self-publishing experiences, preschool activities

Buckwheat's Journey...

by Sandra Reed

Ethic Fiction Novel

Buffy's Blog

by Buffy Silverman

I post an occasional poem and news about my writing.

Bugs and Bunnies: Books, Celebrations and Illustrations

by Kim Wheedleton

Book Reviews, Author/Illustrator Spotlights, Little-Known Holidays

Build Your Story

by Marcy Weydemuller

Building a Culture of Collaboration

by Judi Moreillon

Collaboration conversations for classroom teachers & school librarians

Bunny Daze

by Cindy Rodella-Purdy

Daily blog of a yin and yang duo focusing on the cup being half full.

Bursting at the Seams

by Karlie Pouliot

An ordinary girl on the journey of being a mom to Ethiopian triplets

Busy Drawing

by Laurie Conley

Busy Librarian

by Matthew Winner

Butterfield Studios

by Aimee Butterfield

My work updated in real time.

Buzzing Around

by Jane Landers

Stories, Poems, and Just Plain Ol' Things about Love.

By Julie Kolb

by Julie Kolb

By Lara O'Brien

by Lara O'Brien

Roadmap to publishing Chesca and the Spirit of Grace

Byrd on Books

by Janas Byrd

Book recommendations for Middle School Readers and their Parents

C. M. Hunter

by Christine M Hunter

Author Blog about writing, books for tweens and more!!

Cafe Blog

by Tarra Kortekaas

A global place where writers can hangout and talk shop...

Cafe Twinpop

by Jaime Bramble Schell

The real-life illustrated adventures of my toddler twins

Caitlin's Place

by Caitlin M Corless

by Sona Charaipotra

Calamity Press

by Kerry McQuaide

Encouraging adventure, fun & mystery through reading for young adults.

Cale Atkinson's Tea and Tophats

by Cale Atkinson

California Coastal View

by Mary Ann Wilson

Coastal and Marine Issues impacting California

Callie Art Blog

by Callie Hirsch

Life as an artist. Shared experiences and artist residencies.

Calling Eddie

by Elizabeth Clark

My relationship with my very funny, very handicapped brother.

Calmer Than You

by Greg Matusic

Cam and Benny News

by Cam Baity

The lastest news from Cam and Benny - Authors, Animators, Nice Guys

Cam Sketches

by Cameron Aitkenhead

Simply a blog which shares sketches, studies, and doodles...

Camp Fire Young Blog

by Andrew Young

Thoughts on Writing a Graphic Novel and being a freelance artist

Can Do Homeschooling

by Nanette Fynan

Tips for homeschooling in math and science


by Sean Griffin

Following the Farmington Canal through Southern New England

Candice Lemon-Scott

by Candice Lemon-Scott

Writing news, tips and events

Candilynn Fite

by Candi Fite

A blog about writing for children and writing in general.

Candy Experiments

by Loralee Leavitt

Candy Gourlay

by Candy Gourlay

My author blog

Cannibal Rainbow

by Drew Brockington


by Christine Dengel

A Digital Sketchbook

Cape Cod Children's Writers

by Joan Walsh

Blogs on the craft of writing

Cape Cod Scribe - A Literary Bite from the Beach

by Kathleen Conway

Writer tips, techniques, and the ramblings of a literary nut.

CAppTivated Kids

by Helen Dineen

Reviews and news about iPad apps for under 8s, including book apps.

Cardboard Box Adventures blog

by Donald Winn

Care's Pantaloons

by Caroline Paul

Daily Doodles

Caribbean South Children Book Writers

by Marsha Gomes-Mckie

Caribbean Thoughts

by Carol Mitchell

Carl Hackman

by Carl Hackman

Personal blog about my writing and other writers

Carla Burke

by Carla Burke

I blog mainly about peanut allergies in children.

Carly Jordynn's Blog

by Carly Jordynn

Author interviews, character interviews, and what interest me.

Carol Ann Martin Writing For Children

by Carol Martin

News of my writing, plus visits to the Hooting Owl Inn.

Carol Brendler Books

by Carol Brendler

Carol J. Larson - Author

by Carol J. Larson

Writing about adventure, history, medicine, and romance.

Carol M Hamilton

by Carol Moesta Hamilton

Christian women serving joyfully

Carol Munro / Just Write Words

by Carol Munro

Carol Nicolas

by Carol Nicolas

I tell stories about life and writing, and I do book reviews.

Carole Lynn Jones

by Carole Lynn Jones

Writing for Children

Carolee Dean Books

by Carolee Dean

My Writer's Journey

Caroline Arnold Art and Books

by Caroline Arnold

Children's Books: News, Views, Projects and Activities

Caroline's Illustration Blog

by Caroline Brocke


by Carol Nissenson

Musings on the world of theatre, writing and malfunctioning computers

Carolyn B. Fraiser

by Carolyn Fraiser

Carolyn Dee Flores - Et Tu Journal

by Carolyn Flores

Creative Process - Picture Book Writing and Illustration

Carrie On...

by Carrie Charley Brown

Mystery Authors interviews, writing prompts, book clubs, & resources

Castles in the Air

by Sara Fowler

Cat 4 Kids

by Cat Woods

Cat Woods log for all things bugs, bullies, boyfriends and beyond

Cat Island Adventure Series

by Keely Fahoum

A blog about my new Middle Grade Adventure series 'Cat Island'

Cat's Clips

by Catharine Trowbridge

Catch My Words

by Joyce Lansky

My humorous thoughts about life.

Catch of the Day

by Gretchen Griffith

Catching My Dream

by Michelle Santosa

Berisi karyaku dan pelajaran yang kudapat dalam usaha mengejar impian.

Catherine Mayo blog

by Catherine Mayo

My current writing news and thoughts

Catherine S. Snodgrass - The Art of Illustration

by Catherine S. Snodgrass

Children's Book Illustration. Take a peek at some work in progress.

Catherine Stine's Idea City

by Catherine Stine

A blog devoted to writing & books.

Catholic All Year

by Kendra Tierney

A blog about homemaking, homeschooling, Catholic life, and zombies.

Cathy C. Hall

by Cathy Hall

Fishing for Ideas and Hooking Readers

Cathy Hookey Illustration

by Catherine Hookey

Life, times & doodles of a world-travelling, nomadic illustrator

Cathy Lane- ebook development

by Cathy Lane Sr.

My blog records the process of creating my picture book apps.

Caught in the Middle

by Sherry Howard

Cea of Writing

by Christine Elizabeth Aegean

My journey in writing children's books


by Cecilia Clark

Cecilia Read, Observe, Remember, Write

Celebrate Science

by Melissa Stewart

Innovative resources for teachers, librarians and nonfiction writers

Celebrate the Little Things

by Traci Van Wagoner

The creative journey of a children's illustrator and writer on the roa

Celeste's Blog

by Celeste Lim

Writings and ramblings...

Cemeteries and Pajamas

by Julie Gilbert

Eliminating the barriers separating writer from page

Chad Wallace Art

by Chad Wallace

Demonstration of mt creative process.

chad's illustration stew

by Chad Libby

Challenging Prompts for Children's Writers

by Carolyn Johnson

Inspiring prompts for children's writers by an AOL writers' chat host

Changing the World, One Kid at a Time

by Susan Wurster

Searching for innovation in the classroom...

Channeling My Inner Dog

by Mary-Jo Murphy

Reflections on my world of art through my canine lens

Chantal Bennett Illustration Blog

by Chantal Bennett

Where tidbits on paper and the musings of a reclusive artist come toge

Chantele Sedgwick

by Chantele Sedgwick

Chaosmos - out of chaos comes order

by Vanessa Harbour

A blog about writing

Chapter Book Chat

by Marty Mokler Banks

A writer reviews chapter books and the occasional interviews and musings on pertinent subjects.

Chapter Book Chat: A Writer Reviews Chapter Books

by Marty Banks

Chapter book reviews and the occasional interview and pertinent musing

Charlene Chua illustration blog

by Charlene Chua

Sketches, work in progress, artwork by illustrator Charlene Chua

Charles Remington Dremmel's Grammar Magic

by Andy Hueller

If you want to learn how to write or even how to write . . .

Charlie's Boss Answers the Readers

by John Madormo

A give and take between readers and author about the book series.

Charlotte Calder Author

by Charlotte Calder

Charlotte Illlustrations

by Charlotte Cheng

Charlotte's Shorts

by Charlotte Dean

Mini fiction!

Charm City Writer: Good stories are life's charms

by Jessica Gregg

Essays, short fiction, life

Chase on Art

by Lawrence Chase

A blog on contemporary and historical art and design

Chasing Abraxas

by Kim Osborn Sullivan

The important stuff: books, TV shows, life in general

Chasing La Luna

by Gaby Triana

Chasing Rainbows

by Marla Lesage

See my portfolio & read about my creative outlets.

chatabout children

by Sonia Bestulic

ChefElla's Secret Recipe Blog

by Noah Atlas

Chelsea Kenna Illustration

by Chelsea Kenna

Cute and whimsical illustrations.

Chemosabe Socks

by Wendy Muller

Laughing through cancer with the help of poorly drawn illustrations.

Cheryl Fusco Johnson's Blog on KRUU

by Cheryl Fusco Johnson

Free downloadable interviews of editors, authors, artists & agents

Cheryl Kirk Noll

by Cheryl Noll

The official blog of children\\\'s book Illustrator Cheryl Kirk Noll

Cheryl Pilgrim

by Cheryl Pilgrim

Cheryl Rainfield: Avid Reader, Teen Fiction Writer, and Book-a-Holic

by Cheryl Rainfield

I write on all things books, with a focus on YA and children's books.

Cheryl Woodward, Children's Book Author

by Cheryl Woodward


by Cheryl Rose

About children's books, writing for children, curious things

Chez l'abeille

by Catherine Bee

A random collection of things I do and see as I wander along.

Chicken Babies

by Erin Bylund

family fun, homeschooling, writing, and ridiculousness

Chicken Scratch

by Kiri Jorgensen

Chieu Anh Urban

by Chieu Urban

A blog about children's book, design, crafts and entertaining.

Child Whisperer

by Taryn Yates

I blog about my experiences working in early childhood education

Childish Nonsense

by Sue Poduska

Children Book and other Cool Stuff

by David Bernstein

My blog reviews children books from books and does author interviews

Children book illustration

by Anne Derenne

Children book illustration

Children's Author/Illustrator Kristi Valiant

by Kristi Valiant

Picture book tips, illustrations, sketches, news, and marketing ideas

Children's Book

by Leisa Rich

Animal Alphabet Traveling Twisters from inception to completion

Children's Book Illustrator For Hire

by Dang Bui

Children's Books Heal

by Patricia Tilton

I review books that are healing for children, particularly those with special needs. I also review books about grief, social justice issues, military families, child soldiers, educating girls and multicultural families. I want my blog to be a resource fo

Children's Illustration

by Julie Fortenberry

art from all over (with Shelley Davies)

Children's Picture Book Art of Trevor Pye

by Trevor Pye

showing and talking about my illustration work over the last 25 Years,


by Thana Abdurr-Rahim

by Anne-Marie Buscio


by Stephanie Jacob Gordon


Children’s Writer’s World

by Randi Mrvos

Inspiring children's writers with insights and advice

Chipped Tooth Media Blog

by Andrew Manzella

Collection of works in progress, sketches and work breakdowns and such

Chocolate and Mac n Cheese

by Beth Arnstein

doses of comfort food for the writer's soul

Chocolate for Inspiration

by Christina Farley

Book musings, travels and tidbits for writers.

Chosen Words

by Milan Sandhu

I have yet to discover what exactly it will be about :)

Chris Cander's Blog

by Chris Cander

on reading, writing, talking, and publishing

Chris Cannon Writing and Ranting

by Chris Cannon

Chris Danger Tumblr

by Chris Danger

Chris Eliopoulos Dot Com

by Christopher Eliopoulos

Chris Mix Illustrator

by Christine Mix

A mini portfolio of sketches, works in progress, Illustration Friday posts - mixed with personal thoughts, photos of home and community events, along with some random words on life - also links to artists and art organizations.

Christa Kinde, Storyteller

by Christa Kinde

Christian Schoon's Author Blog

by Christian Schoon

Discussions about speculative fiction, writing, and critters

Christiana Illustration

by Christiana Sandoval

Come and see the whimsical way I think!

Christina Banach, author of Minty and other Young Adult fiction

by Christina Banach

Christina Daley's Blog

by Christina Daley

Christina Forshay Illustration

by Christina Forshay

Christina Mercer, Author

by Christina Mercer

Writing Fiction for Children & Young Adults

Christine Brallier Mosaics

by Christine Brallier

Christine Brallier's stained glass mosaics illustrate picture books.


by Christine McCully

Create to Educate! Educating in Writing and Illustrating stories.

Christopher Cheng

by Christopher Cheng

Where author and book related happenings of Christopher are revealed.

Christopher J. Purdin Illustration/Animation

by Christopher Purdin

Christy Underwood Illustration

by Christy Underwood

Chronicles in Ordinary Time

by Marty Jones

The life of a freelance illustrator and commercial artist...

Chronicles of a Debut Novelist

by Valerie Francis

Chuck Rekow: In and Around the Studio

by Chuck Rekow

A showcase of current projects with behind-the-scenes information.

Chuck Whelon Illustration

by Chuck Whelon

Latest illustrations from Chuck

Cindy Callaghan's Blog

by Cindy Callaghan

Cindy Ray Hale

by Cindy Ray Hale

A website dedicated to my YA series, The Destiny Trilogy.

Cindy's Sandbox

by Cindy Quach

City Sights for Kids

by Amanda Jane Sincavage

Rich learning experiences through creative reflection & expression.


by Juliet Bond

A Kidlit and poetry blog with two contributors.

Claire M. Caterer

by Claire M. Caterer

writing tips, recommended reading, and tidbits about my books

Claire O'Brien - Aspiring Picture Book Author and Illustrator

by Claire O'Brien

A blog about becoming a picture book author and illustrator.

Claire's Blog

by Claire Rudolf Murphy

News and writing tips from Claire Rudolf Murphy

Claire's Diary

by Claire O'Brien

What I've been up to lately

Clarbojahn's blog

by Clara Bowman-Jahn

Picture books and life under construction

Clash of Cultures

by Elizabeth Joseph-Brahy

Adventures of a pop culture nerd in a high culture world

Classic Interactions Blog

by John Luchin

My adventures as a children's book app developer.


by Maggie Cary

I write about children's literature, parenting and education.

Claudia Marie Felted Creatures

by Claudia Marie Lenart

Musings on my creative process and some DIY.

Claudia McGehee Illustration

by Claudia McGehee

claudia rueda

by Claudia Rueda

News about my picturebooks

ClayThings Travel Blog

by Susan Eaddy

sketches and stories jotted while I travel


by Robert Costello

Clues, Mysteries, and Secrets

by M. C. Tillson

Follows the travels and thoughts about writing of M.C. Tillson

Clyde and Friends

by Russ Towne


by Nicole Collier Harp

Coily and Cute

by Sharee Miller

Natural hair children's illustration blog

Coleen Patrick

by Coleen Patrick

Living the creative life one word, doodle, and smile at a time.

Collaborate Agency

by Caroline Burns

Collected Wisps of Thought

by KL Going

Collecting my thoughts

by Angela Cerrito

Thoughts on writing and life

Colleen Bennett, Children's Author

by Colleen Bennett

Tales of the funny, the sweet, and everything in between

COLOR Marketing

by Chris Oler

I typically talk about writing and small business marketing.

Color Me a Kid Lit Writer

by Dionna Mann

Occasional musings about this thing called the writer's life

Colorado Geography: In Depth and At Altitude

by Amy Law

Reporting on the fascinating details of Colorado's Natural History

Colorful Land

by Renny Yaniar

Colour Fills Life

by Sunayana Nair Kanjilal

A showcase of my artwork, mostly in watercolours and pen and ink...

Come Visit and Have Fun!

by Ellie Dolgin

Humor, introspection, self-awareness, universal appeal

Commas Have Wings

by Liana Mahoney

Commas Have Wings is a blog dedicated to my work as children's poet.

Confessions of a Green Mom

by BJ Marshall

Confessions of a Velveteen Mom

by Christina Gessler

Connecting Stories

by Norah Dooley

Connecting the Dots

by David L Harrison

Centered on writing with emphasis on poetry


by Christy Monson

Self Help

Connie's Corner

by Connie Nice

A special place to read stories of travel, family and living life.

Conscious Living

by Maureen Marks-Mendonca

Living deliberately, joyfully, consciously

Consider This

by Lynda Calder

A few tidbits about writing from an Emerging Author

Constance Comments

by Constance E. Frankland


by Cathrina Constantine



by Joyce Audy Zarins

YA, MG and PB writing and art along with sculpture

Cool Kids Read

by Kimberly J Smith

recommended kid lit reads

Cora Foerstner--Almost a Geek: Writer, Storyteller, Blogger

by Cora Foerstner

Explorer of the Fantastical: The scribblings of a fantasy lover.

Corey Egbert Illustration

by Corey Egbert

Corey Rosen Schwartz- Picture Book Ninja

by Corey Schwartz

Corina St Martin

by Corina St Martin

Corinne O'Flynn, writer

by Corinne O'Flynn

I blog about writing life and my journey in the publishing world.


by William Silver

Cottage Below

by Pamela Haskin

Writing Life and Handcrafted Cards

Count Candy Corn

by Ruth Bruegger

Courage Creative

by George Courage

A blog showcasing the design and illustration work of George Courage

Courtney Autumn Martin Art

by Courtney Autumn Martin

Makin' art. Loving life.


by Lisa McGovern

Crafting Stories

by Juliana Lee

Following a dream from reader to writer to author.

Craig Orback Illustration

by Craig Orback

Latest illustration projects, news and musings


by Mary Bancud-Bettis

Positive insight and editorial


by Lee Walker-Brockman

Created by Julie DeGuia

by Julie DeGuia

All my creative endeavors and reviews of middle grade books.

Creating Through the Pain

by Kathleen Burkinshaw

Writing, inspiration, RSD advocacy, with a sprinkling of whimsy...

Creations By Mit

by Michele G. Katz

Illustration to Make You Smile

Creative Brenda Blog

by Brenda Harris

A blog about Creative Brenda's artistic adventures.

Creative Caterpillar

by Sandra Hendrickson

I share creative ideas about writing, music and teaching.

Creative Chaos

by Megan Bostic

I rant, rave, and write. I try to do it on a daily basis, but when you

Creative Chaos

by Anna Eleanor Jordan

Industry news, reviews, freelance and musings on the writer's life.

Creative Chronicling

by Carolyn Wooddall

Creative Kickin'

by Lee Ann Ward

See what Lee Ann is kicking around in her head. This should be good!

Creative Mess

by Ann Elise Reichlin

Art projects and art project support materials preschool, & K-3

Creative Musings of a Children's Author and Illustrator

by Tiffany Hagen

Musings, ideas, and concepts as a children's book author.

Creative Nachos

by Natasha Reilly

A creative playground to let your colors out to play!

Creative Thought

by Claire Quinn-Shaw

Communicate and share ideas, knowledge, inspiration and learning!

Creative Whimsies

by Laura Zarrin

Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch

by Janet Smart

I blog about writing,especially for children - picture books, MG books

Creativity Takes Courage

by Heather Harris

A casual narrative of my art projects, art influences, aha! moments.

Crime Ladies

by Gale Albright

Writers, writing mysteries, writing events, and writing workshops

Cross Training for Character

by Gayle Veitenheimer

Building character muscle through virtue and moral excellence

Cross Your Ts

by Kelly Hoeckelberg-Young

Crouzons, Downs and Me ... Love and Life

by Jenny Woolsey

A blog about my life giving encouragement to others.

Cryptic Order

by Amanda Myre

Crystal Collier, YA Author

by Crystal Collier

Book giveaways, deep thoughts and cheese!

CS4Kids Books

by Mary Leming

Facebook home for "Rosie's Song"


by Christopher Neal

A collection of works, events, news, and such

Cue My Muse

by Heather Murphy Capps

Culturally Caribbean

by Danielle McClean

Culture Spy

by Jeffrey Westhoff

Musings on pop culture and getting my book published.

Cupcake Speaks

by Genevieve Petrillo

Cupcake the rescue-turned-therapy dog blogs about life with a children's author.

Cupcakes & Owls

by Ashley Lucas

Adorable craft ideas and art as well as Lady Lucas news.

Curated Spaces

by Lilliam Rivera

Curious Thoughts

by Dolly Dozier

Curtin Corner

by jeanne curtin

Mostly, I interview authors and illustrators.

Cyndi Waldron Illustration

by Cyndi Waldron


by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Source for conversations, publishing information and writer resources

Cypher 28

by Timothy Tang

process blog, journals, rants

D.J. MacHale's Website Forums

by D.J. MacHale

Fans gather here to talk about books and anything else.

Dad, Tell Me A Story

by John McCormick

Parenting guidance on how to start a family storytelling tradition


by Peter Dargatz

The adventures of a father, teacher, nature-lover, and racing sausage

Daily Distraction

by Mina Witteman

The Daily Distractions of a Writer

Daily Foodles

by Megan Pendergrass

Drawings of something or everything I eat in a day.

daily paintings

by Nicole Wong

Daily Work

by Christy Allen

daily-told tales

by gaily told-tales

epic & everyday stories of identity and illumination (essays/photos)


by Stacy Clark

Environment, Education, Writing, Climate Change and Clean Energy

Damage Report

by Kate Priestley

A blog about my Teen fiction manuscript Damage

Dan Yaccarino's Blog

by Dan Yaccarino

Dances With Blogs

by Robert Sidney Mellette

A behind-the-scenes look at the Dances With Films Festival

Dancing Hands and Creative Souls

by Laurie Lunsford

Interactive Arts

Dancing Owl Art Journal

by Kasia Simura

Tips, musings, and updates on art and illustration of Kasia Simura.

Dancing with Dragons is Hard on your Shoes

by Miriam Forster

Dancing With Tex

by Lynn Sanders

The Journey Of Self-Publishing

Dani Duck: Artist Obscure

by Dani Duck

Illustrations, Blog Reviews, Stories, Poems and lots in between!

Daniel DePaolo - Art, Illustration, Comics

by Daniel DePaolo

A quick way to stay updated on current artwork, and upcoming projects.


by Daniele Archambault

Danielle Case Drawlings

by Danielle Case

My personal art blog!

Dannie M Olguin

by Dannie Olguin


Dara's Bla Bla Blog

by Dara Goldman

A behind the scenes look at writing and illustrating children's books.

Darcy Moon and the Deep-fried Frogs

by Catherine Carvell

Fun facts and articles about frogs, the environment and Darcy Moon.

Dare to be Enchanted

by Christine Norris

Blog about life and writing and things that strike my fancy.

Dare to Read

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Musings/Pictures on Life and Writing

Dare YA

by Kim Dare

YA book reviews and musings

Darren Farrell's Blog

by Darren Farrell

A blog by… wait for it… wait for it… Darren Farrell

Dating Dementia

by Nancy Wurtzel

I blog about midlife issues.

Daughter Earth

by Katy Tanis

David Michael Slater's Official Blog

by David Slater

David Miles Illustration

by David Miles

This is where I put my current work and talk about art!

David Zeltser's Blog

by David Zeltser

Dawn Meredith's Blog

by Dawn Meredith

Dawne Webber

by Dawne Webber

A place to confabulate.


by Kavita Ramchandran

Dayna Safferstein's Sketchbooks

by Dayna Safferstein

Dayne Sislen Design

by Dayne Sislen

I blog about illustrating and writing children's books.


by David Burk

dcdonahue presents

by Daniel Donahue Sr.

Book clips, blogs and other meanderings

Dead Gideons

by Brook Gideon

Dead Rats in my Freezer

by Carrie Salazar

Daily doodles and drawings

Deadline? What Deadline?

by Catherine Austen

News, thoughts and Friday Fables.

Deanna Taudien's Teaching Blog

by Deanna Laura Taudien

I share a lot about picture books I have read.

Dear Crazy Kids

by Meg C. DeBoe

Notes on parenting and childhood. Mostly ridiculous.

Dear Me, Love You

by Kirsten Chapman

Analysis of the happy, idiotic, and wise musings of my teenaged self

Dear Miss Fortune Cookie

by Lauren Bjorkman

Advice for the misfortunate

by Deborah Halverson

Writers advice site. Ask questions about craft & industry and get answers & actionable suggestions.

by Deborah Halverson

Deb Dunn and Life's Lessons

by Deb Dunn

Life lessons and picture books that illuminate them.

Deb Lund ad lib

by Deb Lund

Creativity coaching, writing & teaching support, and more!

Debbie D'Aurelio

by Debbie D'Aurelio

Writing that inspires children to Learn, Laugh & Love to read.

Debbie Emory

by Debbie Emory

Making Magic Out of Everyday Moments

Debbie Gonzales

by Deborah Gonzales

Debbie Palen Illustration

by Debbie Palen

Frequent updates on current projects both personal and professional.

Debbie Shakespeare Smith - Children's Author

by Debbie Shakespeare Smith

DebeySklenar Once upone a time, fairy tales ruled.

by Debey Sklenar

Once upon a time, fantasy became reality--All about fairy tales and MG

Debi O'Neille, writing against the wind

by Deb Schubbe

Deborah Alexander Illustration

by Deborah Alexander

Blog and Portfolio Website

Deborah Fletcher Blum writes about writing

by Deborah Fletcher Blum

an author's blog

Deborah Holt Williams' Blog

by Deborah Holt Williams

I use my blog like a diary, describing my journey as a writer.

Deborah S. Hobbs Artistic Impressions

by Deborah Hobbs

My images in many mediums and comments on art and life.

DEBtastic Reads!

by Debbi Michiko Florence

Author interview and book buzz in middle grade and teen fiction.


by Declan Clarke

Dedicated Writer

by Tammy Hensel


DeeScribe Writing

by Dee White

Writing Tips and Opportunities for Writers


by Stewart Hildred

For writers, illustrators, publisher or just a booklovers.

Deirdre Riordan Hall

by Deirdre Riordan Hall

Words, Waves, and Wonder

Delilah S. Dawson

by Delilah Dawson

Demitria Lunetta

by Demitra Lunetta

Writing, the publishing process, and random wackiness

Dena Bach illustration

by Dena Bach

Denise Draws at CornDogArt

by Denise Cassano

I discuss art, storytelling and the importance of art in the classroom

Denise Gallagher Illustration

by Denise Gallagher

Stop by to see what I'm currently working on and for news and info!

Denise Hilton Campbell

by Denise Hilton Campbell

Denise Jaden - Author

by Denise Jaden

What's going on in Denise's life, new books, & writing tips.

denise plauché art

by Denise Plauché

Dennis Wunsch Illustration

by Dennis Wunsch

New illustrations including in-context images, process and details


by Tsewang Gyalpo Arya

Deowriter: Musings to spark the spirit

by Jone Rush MacCulloch

A place for exploring writing and poetry.

Design Inkarnation

by Julie Prescesky

Art. Design. The Human Experience.

Design of the Picture Book

by Carter Higgins

DESTINATIONS – The place in which a person has arrived; the purpose for which something is destined.

by Joyce Perz

Photos and notes


by Lisa Bullard

Side trips along the way of my writing road trip

Devas T. Rants and Raves

by Don Tate

The Blog of Children's Book Author-Illustrator Don Tate

Dew Drops of Ink

by Johnell DeWitt

A Co-op blog of writers from the same writing group.

Dial M for Moms

by Deborah Melian

Celebrating Moms ?? Families ?? Crafts ?? Recipes ?? Reviews

Diana Urban

by Diana Urban

Diana' s Blog

by Diana Patton

anecdotes and photos concerning the tapestry of life

dianajnoble - Progress on the Write Path

by Diana Noble

chronicles the writing experience, Mexican-American culture, recipes

Diandra Mae's Illustration

by Diandra Mae

Diane Kolar's Sketchbook

by Diane Kolar

Inspire Me is blog is a collection of recent work and inspiration

Diane Ramirez, Author

by Diane Ramirez

children books I'm working on.

Dianne Salerni: Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction

by Dianne Salerni

Dianne Wolfer

by Dianne Wolfer

Diary of a Word Nerd

by Julia Tomiak

Enriching your mind with tips on words, books, and reading.

Dick Kulpa

by DIck Kulpa

Career history, political satire and anything that comes to mind.

Did You Drink My Beer?

by Kelly Murphy

Diego Dilemma

by Zachary Fallon

Dig It!

by Ellen Shapiro

Gardens, design and food

Digging For History's Stories For Kids

by Deborah Watley

Story, memory, history, & archeology

Dim's Write Stuff

by Dimity Powell

A place dedicated to Reading, Writing and Inspiring.

Diogo Carneiro Blog

by Diogo Carneiro

Dirt and Drool and Puppy Tales

by Kelsey McClintock

Musings of a fur-covered, canine-crazed dog wash owner

Discovering Motherhood

by Annemarie Scobey

Foster care and adoption; toddlers to teens; faith and humor meet.

distraction no. 99

by Nova Ren Suma

Divine Sparks Book + Film

by Imogene Drummond

I explore creativity, multi-component learning, and Divine Sparks.

Do Risk

by Doris K. Stone

Do Things Different

by Kristin Tubb


by Eunjae Shin


by Docena Holm


by Nancy Rossow

Psychological/Spiritual Writings

Don't Skip Any Pages

by Carolyn Harrison

A quest for picture books my 3 year-old nephew and I both love.

Donald Wu Illustration

by Donald Wu

Donna Benoit Nettis

by Donna Nettis

Just the endless stuff in my sketchbooks...

Donna Gwinnell Weidner

by Donna Weidner

Life is an adventure-from camping in the Arctic to writing a novel.

Donna L. Sadd- Varied Posts From A Gal Who Wants to be a Writer When She Grows Up

by Donna L Sadd

Poems, writing challenges & contests, recipes, D.I.Y.

Donna Miskend

by Donna Miskend

Current News and Events

Donna O'Donnell Figurski

by Donna O'Donnell Figurski

About Donna: Writer, Teacher, Actor, Book Reviewer

Donny Bailey Seagraves' Blog

by Donny Bailey Seagraves

Author Donny Bailey Seagraves writes about writing, authors, books.

Doodle 'O Clock

by Heather Kim Le

An assortment of different art I've been exploring and making.

Doodle Drop

by Arree Chung

Blog of Author/Illustrator Arree Chung

Doodles and Jots

by Ann Treacy

Nature inspired, creative practical mom blog


by Sieneke de Rooij

About Family History writing and my courses in creative writing

Doreen's Daily Treats

by Doreen Marts


by Doraine Bennett

Lots of poetry and other wandering thoughts on life and writing.


by Doris Ettlinger

What's new at my studio: illustration, classes, book events

Dorothia's Sketchblog

by Dorothia Rohner

Sketches, new techniques and newly completed illustrations.

Dottie Roberts

by Dorothy Roberts

Doug Jones Illustrator

by Doug Jones


by Mary Jane Nirdlinger

Reconstructing Conflict


by Tiemdow Phumiruk

WIP, news, my process, and my discoveries in creating art

Dr. Jacqueline Douge

by Jacqueline Douge


by Elizabeth (Betsy) Koscher


by Deborah Baldwin

Wisdom and reflections from a Momma of Drama

Draw Each Day

by Kristine Tague

My (semi) daily drawing blog.

Draw It Again

by Brittanny Handiboe

Includes mistakes, re-makes and final scans.


by Rubi Juarez


Drawing a Fine Line

by Paula Pertile

Drawing and Painting Hobe Sound

by Doreen Lepore

Art blog

Drawing of Mind

by Ratna Halim

Sharing my happiness through pictures

Drawing on my Imagination

by Jean Wogaman

drawings and things

by Annie Moor

new drawings and things!

Drawn From Life

by Alan Stacy

Reflections, thoughts and tutorials concerning my artistic career.

Drawn-Out Days

by Barbara Malley

Barbara's Sketch Blog: A online collection of her doodles & drawings.

Dream & Vision: life through the eyes of an artist

by Susan Sorrell Hill

Art and words--inspired by life, stories and Illustration Friday.

Dream Children's Workshops

by Lorna Lorraine Samuels

Active parenting to foster a love of reading from infancy.

dream... write... publish

by Charmaine Clancy

Dreamer on a Mission

by Susan Carr

Dreamer: children, music, books, life

by Karen Bjork Kubin

Dreams Can Be Reached

by Naomi Canale

Inspirational interviews, quotes, and my adventures in writing.

drowning in the idea of love

by Sandra Harvey

My feelings about being a designer, a cook, a writer, and a mother

DuBar Illustration

by Scott DuBar

Latest work and news from illustrator Scott DuBar.

Duck Dreams

by Elizabeth Segel

the subject is books, what else?

Duck Girl Art's Blog

by Cindy Coleman


by Duckhee Noh

Ducks In My Pool

by Sandra Kent

Its a blog that tells stories about faith, history and travels.

by Elizabeth O Dulemba

Welcome to my sandbox - free coloring pages, giveaways, and more!

Duo Fiberworks

by Katie Startzman

Dust off the Bookshelf

by Rebecca Koehn

Booktalks and thoughts on reading, kids, literacy, and education. Drawings & Stuff

by Dustin Resch

My Facebook artist page is the most often-updated with new work.


by DW (Debbie) Battista

The adventures of an Author of children's books

E is for Erik

by Erik Brooks

E.G. Moore Freelancing and Fiction

by Emily Moore

Earth Memories

by Mary Martin Weyand

Blog reflects non-fiction and historical fiction writing about nature

Eat Out Eat Well

by Penelope Klatell

Everybody eats out. Why not choose to do it well.

Eating New Mexico

by Elizabeth Thomas

Eating Hiking Biking Cooking Brewing Exploring New Mexico.

Eccentric Chai

by Lina Forrester

The blog of all trades

Eclectic Nomad

by Halley M Cotton

Ed's Pen Is Stuck

by Edward Varga

obscure aspiring creative writer with a blog

Edith Hope Bishop Writing Blog

by Edith Hope Bishop

A place where I share my writing (and writing related) experiences.

educating alice

by Monica Edinger

Eembrace hue you are

by Robin K. Moore

Discovering of my divine fingerprint.

eintegral - knowledge game

by Costel Postolache

ekl writes!

by Elizabeth Livingston

a variety of my writing from picture books to personal essays

El Space

by Linda Washington

El Space is a blog about writing and life.

Elaine Ann Allen, Author of Children's Books

by Elaine Ann Allen

Children's book author. Mother of two. Have a look around my website for writing tips and family fun activities.

Elaine Donadio Writes

by Elaine Donadio

New post Saturdays. Books-analysis of techniques. My ebook excerpts.

Elaine Miller Bond (Author) Facebook Page

by Elaine Bond

Inspirational nature writing and photos for all ages

Electric Moccasin

by Jen Bryant

Thoughts on writing & reading biographies, poetry, fiction.

Elementary Dear Reader

by Ellen Leventhal


by Leslie Wallant

Everything ElemMates related from Atom City, Evie to real elements.

Elina Stamatatou


Elise's Art Garden

by Elise Black

Elissa Cruz

by Elissa Cruz


by Elite Avni-Sharon

illustrated fazes of my work + useful articles for illustrators & clie

Eliza Osborn

by Eliza Osborn

Elizabeth B Martin

by Elizabeth Martin

about writing and illustrating

Elizabeth Baddeley: news

by Elizabeth Baddeley

Elizabeth Epona

by Elizabeth Watzke

Writing my new book, Epona's Child, and other equine life lessons.

Elizabeth Kann

by Elizabeth Kann

Elizabeth Lorayne {artist + writer}

by Elizabeth Lorayne

Elizabeth Varadan's Fourth Wish

by Elizabeth Varadan

Book reviews, children's books,interviews with authors,travel posts

Elizabeth's Blog

by Elizabeth Atkinson

Ramblings on life from a writer's point of view with "Tweens" in mind.

Elizabeth's Journal

by Elizabeth Winthrop

Peering over a writer's shoulder as she struggles to find the words.

Elle Blair Writes

by Elle Blair

Elle Karel

by Elizabeth McCreary

Still working on the blogging part.

Ellen's Blog for New Writers

by Ellen Mulholland

Ideas for new writers - websites, writers to read, writing tips.

Ellie McDoodle

by Ruth McNally Barshaw

Sketches, musings, blurbs and interviews about my process.


by Elizabeth Kelly

Art/life blog. A illustrated log of my work, and the world around me.

Eloise Stitch's Secret

by Sharon McGee

A blog about my first YA novel, the writing of and some diversion.

Emily Cromwell's Blog

by Emily Cromwell

Emily Illustrated

by Emily Bartley

Emily Isabella Journal

by Emily Isabella

A current look into the day to day work of Emily Isabaella

Emily Jiang's Blog

by Emily Jiang

Blog about children's multicultural books & other passions

Emily K Bright

by Emily Krusack

Writing Meets Teaching Meets Social Justice

Emily R. King

by Emily R. King

Emily Wilson Designs

by Emily Wilson

Emma Allen Illustrator

by Emma Jane Allen

Children's Illustration Blog; a stroll through my current projects and a look at the favourite children's books that have made the bedtime reading list of my five year old daughter (and myself!). There are also some nostalgic looks at reading time favouri

Emma Finlayson-Palmer

by Emma Finlayson-Palmer

A writing related blog.


by Emma Walton Hamilton

Inspiration and resources for writing and publishing children's books.

Encouraging Words with Pictures

by Melissa Peterson

Endless Books

by Elisabeth Priest

A place where I muse about writing, reading, parenting, and faith.

Endpapers - the art of books and a few other things

by Judy Watson

An artlog where I post works in progress

Engelken Art

by Lauren Engelken

Enjoying Kids with Deb Gardner Allard

by Debra Gardner Allard

Enjoying Kids

Episodes of the Wonderful World of Angela

by Angela Singletary Huntley

epit at home


Eras Gone

by Mark Hubbs

History, Archaeology and Travel

Eric Artghost

by Eric Adler

erica m. chapman - young adult writer

by Erica M. Chapman

Erica S. Perl

by Erica S. Perl

Erik Ammon

by Erik Ammon

A blog about my writing and self-publishing efforts

Erika Unstuck

by Erika Rizkallah

Helping women thrive in spite of chronic pain.

Erin Dealey (or What's the Dealey!)

by Erin Dealey

What to Expect When You're Expecting--a BOOK! + Lesson Plans & fun!

Erin McGuire Blog

by Erin McGuire

Erin the Librarian

by Erin Preder

Erin's File Cabinet

by Erin Bellingham

A collection of what I'm working on, sketches, and some old stuff

Escape to Reality

by Paul Ellis

Exploring the wide open spaces of God's amazing grace

Esme Makes

by Esme Shapiro


by Mary Douthitt

verb (tr) - To catch sight of or perceive; detect

Estela Raileanu Book Illustrator

by Estela Raileanu


by Mona L S Baisch

A writing Blog: Snippets and Jots

Eternal Summers Press


Titles that captivate, educate and encourage young readers to explore

Eternally Mortified

by Natasha Friend

This is my diary. If I find out you are reading it I will burn it.


by Amy Baskin

Evan R Burgess

by Evan Burgess

Features my own artwork.

Evan Turk's Reportage and Illustration Blog

by Evan Turk

A collection of drawings, illustrations and animations by Evan Turk.

Evelyn Ink

by Katie Frey

Reader, writer, reviewer, cake eater.

Evelyne Holingue

by Evelyne Holingue

Chronicles, Stories & Books by a French-American Writer

Every Day Is Storytime

by Jane Willis Johnston

Action rhymes,fingerplays,poems for parents,librarians,teachers

Every Food Fits

by Stacey Viera

Providing Soulful Nourishment Through Recipes & Stories

Every Good and Perfect Gift

by Carolyn Krecklow

Focuses on reviewing & creating nonfiction resources for children.

Every Life Has a Story

by Lynda Pflueger

Filled with historical tidbits, reviews and writing tips.

Everywhere I Go

by Judy Mintz

Ruminations, observations, cogitations.

Ewa Socha's Blog Short Poems From A Creative Soul The Unforgettable Poems

by Ewa Socha

Exodus 35:31 Artistry

by Kimberly Baltz

Expat Kimchi

by Jane Park

Explorations: my author blog

by Mary Johnson

Book reviews; flash fiction; library thoughts; brief essays.

Explore Nonfiction

by Kristen Fulton

Explore nonfiction as a picture book author.

Exploring Austin with Kids

by Annette Lucksinger

Updates, news, reflections on life in Austin, Texas with kids

Exploring the Magic of Stories

by Jocelyn Rish

Fabula Teacher

by Stephanie Bearce

Fabula - latin: story, fable, tale Teaching through the use of story

Facebook Blog

by Dale French

Facebook Ferrets

by Jackie Buckle

Blog of Josh, 15 year old ferret lover and wannabe metalhead

Facebook page

by Tim J. Myers

Fairies, Zombies, and Agent Queries

by Elizabeth Spencer

Fairy Caravan

by Liesl Van der Hoven

Fairytale Feminista

by Ivia Cruz Gonzalez

My take on fairy tales, modern and mature.

Faith, the Ugly Dog Blog

by Kelly Davis Beckley

Interesting & beneficial posts regarding my journey to publish my book

Falecia Woods - Illustrator

by Falecia Woods

A place where my Illustrations, sketches and doodles live.

Falling Leaflets

by Jessica Lawson

Familius Blog

by Christopher Robbins

Weekly inspiring information to help families be happy.

Family Field Guide

by Patricia Harvey

FFF - a pro-child point-of-view in an an adult-centric world.

Fantasy & Science Fiction Books for Kids

by Henry Herz

Interviews of kidlit, fantasy & sci-fi authors & illustrators.

Fantasy Writer in the Dark.....

by J.T. Brown

Quirky thoughts of a writer.

farah aria studio

by Farah Aria

A view into the studio of Farah Aria

farm and fru fru

by sharon stanley

this and that from the farm where i live creatively...with cows.

Farm Barbie

by Barbara Siemen

Family, Food, and Fun Down on the Farm

Farmgirl, Writer Woman

by Chris Fordyce

The story of the journey that brought me to writing.

Fatherhood Etc.

by David Ozab

A Stay-at-Home Dad's Thoughts on Parenting and Life

Faye Writes

by Mildred Faye Henderson

Writing events, author tips from published writers, interviews

FB Page: PR Creative Artworks

by Pavanarani Verma

Fearless Fifteeners (2015 YA & MG Debut Authors)

by Natasha Sinel

A community of 2015 debut authors

Fearless Traveler

by Kathy Borrus

News and info on art, architecture, travel, shopping, dining.

Feeling Foreign

by Heidi Ayarbe

Living, reading, writing, ranting, raving ...and living in Colombia

Felicia Cano's Blog

by Felicia Cano

Felicia Cano's art blog including finished illustrations and sketches.

Felicia Lilley - Illustrator

by Felicia Lilley

A place where I share sketches and what I'm working on.

Ferida's Backyard

by Ferida Wolff

A philosophical look at our interconnectedness with nature.

Fern Schumer Chapman blog

by Fern Schumer Chapman

FSC's ongoing journey and the half-life of the Holocaust

Fiction Notes

by Darcy Pattison

Darcy Pattison Official Site. "Believe in your story."

Fiction University

by Janice Hardy

A site for writers of all levels who wish to improve their writing

Fiction, Instead of Lies

by Tanita Davis

Field Notes

by Deborah Wiles

Fifi Verses the World

by Fifi Colston

musings on art and life

Finding Bliss...One Creation at a Time

by Kali Parsons

My daily paintings and whimsical ramblings.

Finding Kat Heckenbach

by Kat Heckenbach

A place where I talk about fiction, writing, and life in general.

Finding Stuff - Research For 21st Century Writers

by Steven Trent Smith

Tips and techniques for researching on the Internet.

Finding The Stories of Our Beginnings

by Marguerite Jane Jones

word and picture images from the maze surrounding yesterdays

Finding Wonderland

by Tanita S. Davis, Sarah Jamila Stevenson

We blog about YA books, especially sci-fi/fantasy, suspense, & books with multicultural characters.

Fiona Ostby by day, illustrator by night

by Fiona Ostby

documenting the various illustration projects I take on!

First Church of Metaphor

by Laura Deal

Dreams, poetry, inspiration, art

Five Cousins Adventures

by Sam Bond

Five Doors. Three Windows: Writing Against the Odds

by Cathy Lentes

Poems, essays, photographs, and thoughts on the writing life

Flapjack - A Dog and His Blog

by Dan Cohen

Exceptionally adept insights by an Australian Shepherd.

Flowering Minds

by Darshana Khiani

Children's Book Review Site

Folklore and Fairytales

by John Halsted

A free weekly fairy tale or folk tale for interested parties

following ollie

by Tricia Buchanan-Benson

Follow the adventures of one little elephant and his rodent pal


by Malena Watrous


by Christine Somers

For The Love

by Michaela Mills

Book/music album/concert reviews, book promos, random thoughts.

For the Love of Children's Books

by Joyce Tucker

Review books for children, tell about my writing

For the Love of Kid Lit

by Beverly Snedecor

Where the wild things talk about books and stuff

For the love of words...

by Christy Buckner

Bi-monthly blog for young writers, book reviews, and teacher projects.

For the Love of Writing

by Linda Bridges

For Words

by Tanya Grove

Anything to do with words and ideas (books, movies, theater)

Forging Worlds One Word At A Time

by Joseph McGee

Blogging about the craft and writing for children.

Fort Nonsense

by Rebecca Woods

Humor blog about raising children and family life in the Army.

forwordsbooks: kids books that matter

by Kathleen Bloomfield

A look at Jewish & secular kids books with Jewish values content.

Fractal Publishing

by Pippa Roberts

This was the blog of my publishing company, but it has Pippa pages.


by Tina Bustamante

Reflections and Thoughts on the writing life in Southern Chile.

Frances Alcaraz

by Frances Alcaraz

A place where I put all my stuff

Frances Macaulay Forde

by Frances Macaulay Forde

Words from a writer for page, stage and screen

Francis Mary

by Kathy Cyr

Original paintings, digital work and sculptures

Fred Harper Illustration

by Fred Harper

Posting samples of latest illustrations for editorial and books.

Fred Stesney Art & Illustration

by Fred Stesney

Recent works and events, mostly.

Freelance Ne'er-do-well

by Ellen Booraem

A writer re-invents herself, yet again.

fresh from frajil farms

by Jill Weber

illustration and lifestyle

Fresh Pot of Tea

by Alison DeLuca

A place to showcase writing and online creativity.

Friendly Fairy Tales

by Brenda Harsham

Fairy Tales & Poetry Celebrating Magic and Nature for Kids of all Ages

Friendly Firestone Facts

by Debra Firestone

Discusses online resources that benefit teachers, parents and students

Frog On A Blog

by Lauri Fortino

Frog on a Blog is the blog of children's book author Lauri Fortino.

Frog on a Dime

by Vicky Lorencen

Frog on a Dime exists to encourage, inspire and amuse fellow writers.

From Amy's Head

by Amy Nibert

From Hook to Book

by Chris Bell

The writing journey from hook to finished book.

From Ms. Alderman to Mommy

by Christine Alderman

On keeping my sense of self and celebrating my journey in motherhood.

From the Coop

by Paul Durham

Paul Durham's latest news, ramblings, and event photos.

from the desk of susie

by Susie Ghahremani

the news + updates of susie ghahremani


by Lynelle Mason

From the Mixed-Up Files

by Michele Weber Hurwitz

Group blog of middle grade authors.

From Word to Image

by Miki Bird

Some of my art and inspirations


by Bruce Richardson

Fuzzy Sox

by Beth Bowland

A writer's journey and other fun stuff

Gabriel Evans - Artist

by Gabriel Evans

Whimsical paintings and illustrations uploaded regularly.

gail piazza

by Gail Piazza


by Joseba Morales

Garage School of Art

by Valerie McCaffrey

Painting and Drawing Instruction

Garden Dishes

by Cherie Colburn

Dishing the dirt on hit & myth gardening.

Garden in a Pocket

by Sylvia Whitman

a blog about reading, writing, and my view of the world

Garden Plots

by Sandy Baker

A mix of writing, books, gardening.

GarryRogers Wildlife and Nature Conservation

by Garry Rogers

Advocate for wildlife and nature.

Gary and Garett Awad and Michael Cahill on the Cotswald Way

by Gary Awad

Gary and Garett Awad and Michael Cahill on the Cotswald Way

gary fabbri

by Gary Fabbri

Gary Fields Studios

by Gary Fields

Frequent postings of my art, from sketches to finished art! Also used to advertise my self-produced comix, stickers, original artwork, and more!


by R. Gregory Christie

Details and description of R. Gregory Christie's bookstore and career.


by Jane Singleton Paul

A Bit of News… Quelques nouvelles…


by Ariane Coffin

Where geekdom and parenthood meet.

Gemiknight Press

by Michael Mullin

My indy publishing company.

Genevieve Angelique

by Genevieve Angelique Artel

Love, Books, and More for the YA Soul


by Gregory Greer

A Gen-Xer who critiques picture books and life.

George Hagen's Blog

by George Hagen


Germaphobe Girl

by Rachel Wolf

I am a Germaphobe...self-diagnosed!

Get it Write Blog

by Nancy Wright

I blog monthly with other authors from Perseverance Press

Getting Into Character

by Brian Lies

an exploration of characters in children's literature

Getting to Know Qatar

by Lucinda Kennaley

Ghost Horses Gallop for the Earth!

by Anne Williamson

Embrace the enchantment of Ghost Horse Hollow and Earth-care tips!

Giggles, Love and Wonder

by Kathryn Havelda-Dent

A place to reflect on the crazy and wonderful journey of motherhood.

Gillian McClure

by Gillian McClure

On Writing, illustrating and Plaister Press

Gina Damico

by Gina Damico

Gina McKnight

by Gina McKnight

An international blog about horses, writers, authors, books....

Ginger Calem - Chaos is the New Calm

by Ginger Calem

Ginger Pixels, And illustrators journal in words and pictures.

by Ginger Nielson

Current and future books, plans, discussions about digital art

girl & quill

by Amy DeBevoise

Gnome Blog

by Tracey Lennon

Tomte the gnome and his friend Sam blog about their lives and mishaps.

God is in the Numbers

by Frank Rogers

Thoughts, Muse YA and adult short stories...mostly short stories.

God of Wednesday

by Nancy Marie Brown

A writer's blog about Iceland and the medieval world.

God-Haunted Fiction

by Katherine Hyde

Goddess of the Corn

by Wendy Swore

Going For It

by Darbie Andrews Gutierrez

Writing, Youth Advocate, Fitness Instructor, Inspirational stories

Going Out Is Really Going In

by Deborah W. Trotter

Stories/photos about hiking & adventures in Western U.S. Nat'l Parks

Going out on a Limb

by Heather Dent

Gold From The Dust: Writing For Children

by Darlene Beck-Jacobson

Activities, crafts, recipes, and books for children of all ages.

goldie alexander

by Goldie Alexander

My blogs are only about writing in one form or another.


by Stephanie Golightly Lowden

I review my favorite books. Recently CCBC Choices.

Gom and Ruru

by Junghee Namgung

My preferring way, make use of miniature work, fabrics and embroidery.

Gone Graphic

by Natalie Rosinsky

Spotlights the reading of graphic novels, comics, and picture books

Good Books to Share

by Aimee Reid

Good Night, Sleep Tight

by Michelle Nott

Bedtime and Anytime Stories to Share and Imagine.

Good Reads With Ronna

by Hilary Taber

Reviewing the latest and greatest books for kids and families.

Goode Reads Teen: and Everything in Between

by Elizabeth Noelle Goode

Book reviews for students, teachers and librarians.


by Allen Johnson Jr.

Goomie's World

by Megumi Lemons

Art, illustration, random thoughts by Megumi Lemons

Got Ennui?

by Jody Madala

Actively keeping life in balance.

Got Oceans?

by Pamela Jackson

I write about the Oceans and its inhabitants.

Got Story Countdown

by Joy Chu

The symposium for children's book illustrators


by Aviva Gittle

Articles about writing for children, self-publishing, and much more!

Gotta Book

by Greg Pincus

Children's literature in general, and children's poetry in specific.


by Grace Woodall

Display of my illustrations and artwork.


by Renee Ortiz

Grab a diet coke or a cappuccino...ponder life and art with me.


by Belinda Brock

explores ways that you can connect with children through reading

Grandma's Briefs

by Lisa Carpenter

Bits on life's second act: The good, the bad, the humorous.

Grandma's Place

by Renee Heiss

Articles of interest for everyone who cares about children

Grandmother Fish

by Jonathan Tweet

about the book Grandmother Fish and the process of writing it

Grandpa's Wisdom

by William T. Holt

Pearls of Age Old with Wisdom with Contemporary Application

Grant Jenkinson Picture Books

by Grant Jenkinson

A place to share my PB's & 'Twitter friendly' Rhymes of the Day #ROTD

Grateful Writer

by Sandra Warren

Sharing words I hope will inspire and help other writers.

Great Big Jar of Bloggyness

by Sarah Broadley

Great Books for Children

by Shannon Moore

Great Read Alouds

by Kris Allen

Sharing great picture books & tidbits I learn about how to write them

Green and Healthy Inside Out

by Linda Egenes

An author's journey into all things sustainable

Green Turtle Ramblin's

by Patricia McFadden

Writing for kids, self-publishing, and inspiring young authors


by Roni Noone

Adventures in healthier eating with a picky husband and 2 kids.


by Emma Greenwood

GregoryMyers : Illustrator

by Gregory Myers


by Todd Burleson

This is a group blog made up of over a dozen creatives. Join us!

Grow Into Greatness

by Janet Mahon

Empowering children and adults to live their best life.

Growing Friendships |

by Eileen Kennedy-Moore

A blog about children's feelings and friendships

Growing, Writing, Creating

by Teresa Robeson

Homesteading, writing, recipes, & more! Not just a one-trick blog.

Grumpy German Writer

by Shannara Johnson

An irreverent look at writing, Germans, and life in general


by Guundie Kuchling

picture stories, nonsense poetry, photos, cartoons

Guy Porfirio Author/Illustrator (A Running Adventure…)

by Guy Porfirio

My latest sketches, paintings, and stories.

Gwen Dandridge's Blog on Books, Writing and the Spaces In Between

by Gwen Dandridge

Habitual Rhymer

by Lori Degman

I write in rhyme, most of the time - but not always!

Hair-Raising Thoughts

by Cathryn Mezzo

Read my mind.

by Hallie Tibbetts


by Kirsten Hall

A random place where I muse about kidlit

Hand Me A Mirror

by Larisa Villar Hauser

A journey into self-publishing.

Hands Around the Library

by Karen Leggett

Covering all things about Egypt, libraries and children's books


by Kerrie Hollihan

Three NF authors blog about our books with downloadable activities.

Hanging Laundry on the Line

by Ericka Bajrami

Simple pleasures through seasonal living.

Hannah ' s Art Blog

by Hannah Stephey

This is my old college art blog. I'm working on a new one!

Hannah Asen Illustration

by Hannah Asen

Latest work from illustrator/author Hannah Asen

Hannah Lee and Her Runaway Imagination

by Hannah Stephens

Various projects, watercolors and sketches.

Hannah Tuohy Illustration

by Hannah Tuohy

Hans-My-Hedgehog Illustrations; Artwork by Jessica Boehman

by Jessica Marie Boehman

Art and illustration blog.

Happily Ever Mom

by Katie Joiner

Happy Life Studio

by Katie Eberts

Harringtoons Cartoons & Animation

by Patrick Harrington

Live Caricature work/ present cartoon, comic book & animation projects

Harry Briggs

by Harry Briggs

Harumo Sato: illustrated books author

by Harumo Sato

I post illustration and sometimes illustration process.


by Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson's Blog on Writing, Teaching, Living and Learning...

Have Imagination, Will Write

by Melissa Buell

Writing about reading, writing, books I love, crafting, photography.

Hawaii Actor's Network

by Matt Jenkins

Heads Up

by Clay Swartz

A Guy's Guide to All Things Cool

Health Matters

by Jamie Weil

Thoughts on being in the world in a healthy, joyful, inspired way.

Healthy Journey Cafe

by Chris Pedersen

Recipes and tips to achieve optimum wellness.

Healthy Spirituality

by Jean Wise

Growing closer to God

heart box studio

by Christina Vagenius


by Stephanie Young

Sisters sharing a life of food adventures (recipes too!)

Heather E. Wright

by Heather Wright

Resources for Teen and Pre-Teen Writers and Their Teachers

Heather Reviews

by Heather Lawson

Book reviews, author interviews, indie showcases, giveaways, and more.

Heather Soodak Illustration

by Heather Soodak

Daily Art Adventures!

Heather Wagenbach Illustration

by Heather Wagenbach

A fun place of my finished work, updates and doodles.

Heatherly Writes

by Heather Walters

Heidi Emily Adams Illustration

by Heidi Emily Adams

Recent projects, sketches, and inspiration

Heidi Mayo - Words & Pictures

by Heidi Mayo

Heidi Mayo's adventures in publishing

Heidi Schulz Books

by Heidi Schulz

A general hodgepodge about me, books, and writing.

Helen on Wheels

by Helen Robertson

Helen Robertson's blog.

Helen Ross writes

by Helen Ross

Children's publishing world, writerly stuff and other bits and bobs.

Helen Watts Author Blog

by Helen Watts

Helena Juhasz Illustration

by Helena Juhasz

Pencils. Crayons. Paint. Paper. Weekly postings of my muses.


by Helene Silverblank-Forst


by Helene Magisson's blog

by Helen Yoon

Hello Stranger

by Danah Kim

hellopipski's blog

by Pippa Wilson

Writing for kids, with kids

Help! I Need a Publisher!

by Nicola Morgan

This one covers writing/publishing. My Heartsong blog covers the rest.


by Erzsi Deàk

The thoughtful scratchings of a busy coop: Hen&ink, A Literary Studio


by Terry Golson

All about the goings on in my backyard with my hens, goats and garden.

Here and There Japan

by E. Donwerth Chikamatsu

Snapshots of the things we use, see and do in Japan. Written especiall

Here in the Bonny Glen

by Melissa Wiley

Book recommendations and educational resources, plus a lot of family f

Here's the Story

by Dawn Malone

Advice on the craft, article links & book love for children's writers

hers for the reading

by Kathryn Gaglione

discovering the world through words

HerStory- Romelle Broas

by Romelle B. Guittap

HerStory~ A Timeline of a Children's Book Author

hey kris! sketchbook

by Kris Stewart

A sketchbook of ideas, drawings, life, and much more.

Hey, Jim Hill!

by Jim Hill

HH-Steffens. Blogspot

by Heather Steffens

Glimpses into the bright, colorful and fun worlds I create

Hidden Worlds Pub: Book Reviews, Author Interviews, and more

by Melanie McFarlane

High Five! A Dog Blog

by Bonnie Sweebe

I write about all things dog.


by Nicholas Gravino Jr. Jr.

Hilary Wagner

by Hilary Wagner

Hilary Weisman Graham's Blogtopia!

by Hilary Weisman Graham

Musings on Fiction, Screenwriting, TV, Film, & Life


by Megan Egbert

Stories about parenting, technology, books and more.

Hippos Gallery

by Merrilees Brown

celebrating childhood with creative projects for kids.

History from the Bottom Up

by Sarah Albee

offbeat history of interest to kids and adults

History Turned On

by Sarah Towle

News, views, and reviews on great digital media for kids


by alice grega


by Anna Forrester

about reading & writing children's books

Hogwash & Nonsense

by Lisa Anchin

Holdens Whimsicals

by Helen Holden-Gladsky

Just old fashion writing...

Holly Abston

by Holly Abston

Holly Cupala, YA Author

by Holly Cupala

Holly Schindler's Novel Anecdotes

by Holly Schindler

A blog about my books & the writing life...

Home Place Fairies

by Robin Horty

Maine Fairy Lore, gardening tips from the Seamstress to the Fairies.

Home, naturally

by Franziska Macur


by Michelle Villemaire

Making Home in Hollywood

Homeschool Writing Help

by Lisa Tiffin

Writing tips, interviews and curriculum reviews for parents.

Homeschooled by Homeschooling

by Susan Lyttek

Thoughts about teaching homeschoolers and homeschooling in general.


by Monique Fields


by Melanie Hooyenga

YA author chatting about writing, editing, and books in general

Hopalong Hollow Gazette

by Jeri Landers

Chronicles from the meadow, woods and gardens of the HOllow.

Horribly Humorous History for Kids

by Sarah Albee

Where history and science collide--plus daily history facts.

Hospital Critterz Blog

by Stacey Laura Lloyd

Hot Frog's Hottest Work

by Paul Morton

How to be a children's book illustrator

by Mark Mitchell

A blog about children's book art and illustrators

How to Be Hayley

by Hayley Chewins

How To Suck @20 Something

by Sarah Krauter

by Ella Goodwin

Blog following my life, work and online shop

by Eileen Moynihan

Short stories, poetry

by Kim Sager

http://History Stories/

by Kathy Dobronyi

Life is different for a military brat.

by J.M. Hanson

A place where I review children's and YA stories.

by Sharyn Brotz

Just a view of recent paintings or photos

by Michelle Martens-Dragalin

by Kerry Madden-Lunsford

Two blogs about writing and catching stories...

by Anna Raff

An blog of bird related illustrations.

by Frankie Wood-Black

Teaching science through discovery.

by Tim O'Shei

Tips and strategies for teachers and nonfiction writers of all ages.

by Sarah Jamila Stevenson

by Odette Elliott

Sharing thoughts on becoming a multiracial family through adoption

by charles toefield

by Nancy Herman

monthly comments on middle grade/young adult historical fiction

by Sara Bell Welles

Professional/ Personal Observations

by Heidy Ramos

Hugs and High Fives

by Nicole Burstein

Human Rights Now

by Dennis Dunivan

Human Rights Now addresses current news that reflect the books' themes

Humor Me

by Cathy Stefanec Ogren

A Mix of Life, Laughter, and Literature

Hundred Book Pile-Up

by Cindy Schuricht

Mostly review of children's books that I love.

Hushed Happenings

by Alison Tan

I Can See Clearly Now

by Richard Diedrichs

Basic Buddhist teachings for children and adults

I can't be OCD

by Ramon Oscarson

I Dig Graves

by Laura Moore

I'm a taphophile. Are you?

I Feel Your Pain! Humor Blog

by Barb Best

"Hassles into humor one laugh at a time."Witty,thoughtful,literate."

I Heart Words

by Alisha Klapheke

Books, Craft, History, and General Mayhem

I Know How to Books

by Susanne Aspley

An informative place for parents raising bilingual children.


by Patricia A. Keeler

I Love Your Work, Jonathan Fenske

by Jonathan Fenske

My wife, novelist Jennifer Manske Fenske, posts about art and family.

I teach. I write. I dwell in possibility.

by Cindy L. Rodriguez

I Want You to Know

by Kirk Jackson

Insights and experiences on raising an aware child.

I Write 4 Kids

by Victoria Reinhardt

Thoughts and comments about writing for children, along with prompts

I Write for Apples

by Deanna Romito

Resources for writers. Agent/author interviews. Writing program tips.

I'd Rather Be Laughing

by Megan McAndrew Cox

I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell Do I Read?

by Lee Wind

LGBTQ Teen Books, Culture, Politics, GSA Info... and More!

I'm working on it

by Alice Bauer

I've Been Licked! Fans of Chopper Motorcycle Club

by Amanda Steedley

I've Got a Book for That!: Book Lists for Kids Drawn from Daily Life

by Laura Renauld

When the mood strikes, I compile a list of pic books along a theme.

I. B. Writes

by Ines Bellina

Thoughts and musings on diversity in YA.

Ian's Journey

by Ian Cameron

Ian's Realm

by Dianne Gardner

A Family Friendly Adventure Fantasy Series for children of all ages.

Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe

by Alina Chau

This is my Illustration and art blog

by Deborah McKinney

Concepts are easy. Execution is hard.

Ideas Tingle and Bite

by Suzanne Cordatos

It's a tingly view from the top -- and the climb is worth it!

If Can't Hold On.. Hold on.

by Jeania Kimbrough

If You Call Me a Foodie I'll Curse You to the Depths of Hell

by Konstantina Johnson

My cooking hobby.

If you enjoyed your ride, kiss your horse

by Gigi Amateau


by Marcus Cutler

Illustrated Books, Tuscany Narrative Illustration Retreat, Fine Art.

by Niya Christine Sisk

"The Art of Daily Cultivation" story paintings book + creative essays

Illustrating for Children

by Amanda Lillywhite

Information about my life and work as an illustrator plus some tips.

Illustrating for Kids

by Micha Klann

Illustrations mainly for young children.

Illustration and Musings

by Casey Girard

Illustration Fixation

by Chris Beatrice

tutorials and exercises to open eyes and advance art-making skills

Illustration for Children and the Young at Heart.

by Cynthia Jean Iannaccone

Illustration porfolios plus a daily Blog.

Illustration Fun

by Rebecca Stuhff

Illustration Matters

by Joan Charles

Illustration weekly

by China Jones

Here you can find the artistic endeavors of China's work.

Illustration, Art and Life.

by Jane Heinrichs

Jane writes posts about life in her illustration studio on Wednesdays.

Illustration: Noah Kroese

by Noah Kroese

A collection of my most recent freelance illustration work.

Illustrations and Doodles

by Jeslyn Cantrell

Illustration blog from Jeslyn Kate

Illustrations and Other Interesting Things

by Suumin Birks

A place where I share illustrations, inspiration, and good cheer

Illustrations and Stuff

by Susan Rankin-Pollard

Illustrations by Alison Farrell

by Alison Farrell

images of current work

Illustrations by JLMeyer

by Jennifer Meyer

Art, news, and fun stuff.

Illustrations by Rowan Ferguson

by Rowan Ferguson

There isn't much to read on Rowan's blog, it's just pictures.

Illustrator by day, portrait artist by night

by Mylène Villeneuve

I mostly post my art and personnal stuff

Illustrator Kyoko Nemoto


I upload my Illustrations and photos I take.


by Luz Iturbe


by Melissa Ross

Creative Explorations

Imaginary Fox

by Levi Fox

The Official Blog of Children's Author L.B. Fox

Imagination Matters

by Jessica Weibley

Imago Dei Now

by Rachel Lulich

Imago Dei Now explores the relationship between the arts and faith.

Imp and the Story Teller

by Telaina Muir

Stories through picture and word that dazzles, dares, and defies...

In and Out of My Studio

by Iza Trapani

My world of picture books/info for emerging writers and illustrators

In Propinquity

by Julie Decker

Writing blog of Julie Sondra Decker.

In Search of Guatemala's Treasures

by Genetta Adair

Genetta's trip to Guatemala to research for her recent MG novel.

In the Land of Whimsy~thoughts from the drawing table

by Mary Lou Rosato Caine

In The Moment

by Mal Malme

The adventures of life, minute or huge, are a gift and make me more.

In The Shadow Of A Calling

by Deborah Blake Dempsey

~ Meanderings of a creative mind and an evolving spirit. ~

In the Shadow of His Wings

by Christine Harms

A chronicle of our overseas life in Haiti with MAF.

In The Works

by Leona Hosack

Leona's work as a Children's Book Writer/Illustrator-Portrait Artist

In their own write

by Teena Raffa-Mulligan

Advice and insights from published authors.

In Time...

by Michael Di Gesu

Creativity is a terrible thing to waste.


by Lina Branter

Random musings of a writer, reader, parent.

Indian 101 for Writers

by Kara Stewart

A 5 part traveling blog series on writing about Indians accurately.

Ingmar Pencil Bergman

by Ivano Talamo

Sketches for opening and closing scenes of Bergman's movies

Ink & Angst

by Pamela Witte

Writerly advice from folks in the know 4 folks who want to learn+grow

Ink Footprints

by Yifat Fishman

Illustration process, Linoleum prints, inks and mixed media

Ink Rock

by S. L. Duncan

Writerly stuff. And places. Oh, and people too.

Ink Slingin' Samurai

by Jennifer Mason

Word-wielding takes a lot of training and bit of gumption.

Ink, inc.

by Stacey Han

Business, writing, children, and the business of writing for children.


by Karen Owen



by caroline frye

A Children's Writer's Blog


by Nancy Ling

A very feeble attempt to keep up with my life as librarian/author/mom!

Inkspirational Messages

by Dawn Ford

We are a group of ten Christian women sharing our writing journey.

Inkspirational Messages

by Shari Barr

Ten authors sharing their thoughts on writing, faith, and life.


by Nelson Suit

Connecting Indie Authors, Illustrators and Eclectic Readers

Inkstinction Sketch Blog

by Meg Hellwig

A series of napkin doodles and doodled dreams

Inkygirl: Blog For Those Who Write & Illustrate For Young People

by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

A Blog For Children's/YA Book Writers And Illustrators


by Dewi Citra Sari

Inside Shefelman Books

by Tom Shefelman

A place for us to talk about making books together.

Insidious Intent

by Adria Quinones

This version of II covers writing children's lit; it also offers software reviews and support.

Insight Inquiry

by elizabeth Lavine

Inspirational Poetry and Movie Reviews

Insight Through Hindsight

by Chris Schechner

Comics as therapy- My journal in cartoon form.

Insomnia Zombie

by Nora Thompson

Inspire and Create

by Joan Bock

Children's book reviews, interesting facts and findings, poems/stories

Inspiring Houston Women

by Caroline Leech

A celebration of the inspirational women in Houston.


by Yvonne Capitelli

Inspiring Children and Adults


by Rilla Alexander


by Michaela Kuenster

This is where I post sketches, doodles, things I see, works-in-etc.


by David "HABBENINK" Habben

Daily posts of progress on current projects and sketchbooks

Integrative Health

by Ana Cristina Berard

Information on complimentary therapies and their role in medicine


by Carla Hanna

Reflections on Writing for High School and College Readers

Interesting Folks

by Barbara Kramer

"Interesting Folks" is about biographies and biographers. It also includes short profiles.


by Amy Steinhilber

40-something quits job to write; blogs countdown to publishing success

by Irina Harding

Iris Biran - illustrator

by Iris Biran

I share my small experiences in words and illustrations.

Iron E-News

by Jeff Boldt

satire news website


by Leanne Shirtliffe

Where you get not only humor, but also humour!

Irrespressibly True Tales

by Stephen Cotler

One man's squint at the metaphorical signposts, songbirds, soapboxes,


by Irwin Miller

Design, travel, food, images and stuff

Isabel Burt Author


Inspirational quotes, beautiful photography, and the occasional word!

Isabel Ogilvie

by Isabel Ogilvie

Of dragons, quests and many things.

Isabel Quintero Author

by Isabel Quintero

Information about upcoming events and publications.


by Ishta Mercurio-Wentworth

Isobel Woodcock Illustration

by Isobel Woodcock

Collection of my illustrations, work in progress and artistic musings.

It Is What It Is

by Laurel Mills

The daily life of neurotic Southerner (and writer) Laurel Mills.

It's a bloggable life

by Kristine Stewart

It's a wonder-filled life

by Leah Pileggi

A home for non-boring nonfiction. Personal essays. Travelogues.

It's About Time

by Sylvia Patience

It's All a Matter of Perspective

by Holly Jahangiri

It's Kidlit Knight

by Faith Knight

I will be sharing my successes and failures and tidbits about the books I am writing.

It's Not Always About Me!

by Linda Haedrich

We are two retired principals who are friends and write stories!

Italian Mother Syndrome

by Julia Rocchi

Come for the food. Stay for the nourishment.

It\'s a King\'s Life

by Emily Randolph

The \'tails\' of three Cavaliers, the stars \'It\'s a King\'s Life\' series

It\'s all about

by Lyly Young

My own artworks gallery


by Dorothea Jensen

Dorothea Jensen's Izzy Elves report on their section of the North Pole

J'aime Jamie

by Jamie Kim

j. dana stahl

by Janelle Stahl

J. F. Klekotka's Tumblr

by John Klekotka

A Hodgepodge of Interests

J. G. Mac Writes Blog

by Juliet George McCleery

Thresholds: How do we negotiate the thresholds of our lives?

J. T. Cope IV's Blog

by J. T. Cope IV


by Jennifer E Clark

J.R. Roper: Children's Fantasy Author

by Joseph Roper

J.R. Sparlin - The Frog Blog

by Jennifer Sparlin

J.R. Sparlin discusses things.

J.S. Webster Mind Voyages

by James Webster

Book Reviews and musing on writing & the creative life


by Melissa Hayslip

Writers, parents, and teachers sharing stories about children.


by Sarah McIntyre

Daily updates from illustrator and writer Sarah McIntyre

Jacci Turner

by Jacci Turner

I talk about life, writing and spirituality

Jackie Clark Mancuso

by Jackie Clark Mancuso

my books, books I love, my creative process, things I love

Jackie Hosking

by Jackie Hosking

Jackie Huang Blog

by Jackie Huang


by Jackie Beyer

Jackson's Adventures

by Rita Goldner

Third-grade boy using his art as a vehicle to make learning fun.


by Jack Foster

Jacque's Mind Wanderings

by Jacqueline Duffy

My mind wanders and sometimes I get visitors

Jadie Jones

by Jadie Jones

A place where I ramble, support fellow authors, and avoid deadlines.

Jaime Morrow

by Jaime Morrow

Jama's Alphabet Soup

by Jama Rattigan

An Eclectic Feast of Food, Fiction and Folderol

Jame's Corner

by Jennifer Stolzer

A sketchbook and interest blog filled with equal parts art and humor.

James Foley's blog

by James Foley

James W. Elston Illustration blog

by James Elston

the Illustration blog of James W. Elston

Jamie, Write Now

by Jamie Mitchell


by Jamie Parker

Visit me here to follow all my adventures in creating!

Jamiepeeps Island

by Jamie Hogan

Illustrating three miles out to sea.

Jan C Watford

by Jan Watford

children's book reviews, author and illustrator interviews,

Jan Morrill Writes

by Jan Morrill

Jan's Kidlit Blog

by Jan Dolby

children's illustration blog

Jane CoCo Cowles

by Jane Cowles

My Art

Jane Friedman's Blog

by Jane Friedman

Writing, Reading and Publishing in the Digital Age

Jane Kelley

by Jane Kelley


Jane Says

by Jane Kohuth

Janeen Rastall

by Janeen Rastall

List of my publications and readings

Janet Croog Illustrations

by Janet Croog

Janet Sumner Johnson: Musings of a Children's Writer

by Janet Johnson

Mixing a little fun with a little inspiration.

Janet Tashjian's Blog

by Janet Tashjian

Janets illustrator journey

by Janet Trotta

Janie Bill

by Janie Bill

Janis L. Silverman Blog

by Janis L. Silverman

Japanese Children's Literature in English

by Avery Fischer Udagawa

SCBWI Japan Translation Group Blog

Jaquelyn Muller Books

by Jaquelyn Muller

Jared Austin YA SciFi Stories

by Jared Austin

Collection of short stories

Jarrett Lerner's Blog

by Jarrett Lerner

A space for reflecting on reading and writing (and for recommending).

Jason "Martian" on Facebook

by Jason Martin

Daily Doodles and more!

Jason Erik Lundberg

by Jason Erik Lundberg

Jason's Travels

by Jason Hussong

Jayne Peters: Children's Author

by Jayne Peters

JC Davis

by J.C. Davis

Thoughts on writing, books and random mental dust bunnies

JD's Writers Blog

by JD Holiday

Everything goes!

JDT Weekly

by Jake Teeny

A blog of misadventures to talk psychology, philosophy, and writing.

Jean's Book Reviews

by Jean Ladden

A blog in which I review mainly children's books new and old

Jeanette S Andersen

by Jeanette S. Andersen

Make people laugh, cry, shout, smile, frown, and overall enjoy reading

Jeanne Arnold

by Jeanne Arnold

I write about girls kissing boy...and a little bit of everything else.

Jeannie Intrieri ...Words Can Change The World

by Jeannie Intrieri

My blog is about writing, life, and other stuff...depends on the week.

Jed Alexander

by Jed Alexander

Jee in paree

by Jion Sheibani

Jen Betton Illustration

by Jennifer Betton

Jen Christensen

by Jennifer Christensen

Joyful family literacy & vocabulary-building through children's lit.

Jen Funk Weber

by Jennifer Funk Weber

My adventures in reading, writing, and life in Alaska.

Jen Hicks Writes YA Fiction

by Jennifer Hicks

Jen McConnel: Weaving Words

by Jen McConnel

Jen Norton Art Studio

by Jen Norton

Stories and meditations that inspire by art.

Jen's Blog: A Blog by Children's Author Jennifer Gladen

by Jennifer Gladen

JEN's Lexical Creations

by JEN Garrett

A blog about 100 somethings I've learned

Jenn Bower Author/Illustrator Blog

by Jennifer Bower

Jenn Hogan Illustration

by Jennifer Hogan

A collection of illustrations and paintings in watercolor

Jenn Rein Dot Com

by Jenn Rein

Mountain Dweller, Storyteller

Jenna Says What Now

by Jenna Kuhl

Personal blog on my family, writing and everything in between

Jenni Enzor

by Jennifer Enzor

On the writing and reading of books

Jennie K. Writes

by Jennie Brown

Jennifer A. Bell

by Jennifer A Bell

Latest news and work from Jennifer A. Bell

Jennifer Caloyeras

by Jennifer Caloyeras

Come see what I've been working on!

Jennifer J's Journal

by Jennifer J. Stewart

Jennifer Keller Illustrations

by Jennifer Keller

Inspiration, Sketchbook, and Process.

jennifer Larson

by Jennifer Larson

I snap pics of lone soles and write posts about them

Jennifer Moore: Writer

by Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Nielsen's Blog

by Jennifer Nielsen

Jennifer Ohman Rodriguez

by Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez

Music, Musings, & Old Stories

Jennifer R. Hubbard

by Jennifer Hubbard

Writing and life; chocolate and other miscellany

Jennifer Reid (Life's Like A Cupcake!)

by Jennifer Reid

A lifestyle blog where I share all about my creative adventures!

Jennifer Rumberger - Children's Author

by Jennifer Rumberger

Inspiration for those who read and write children's literature.

Jennifer S. Burrows Children's Author

by Jennifer Burrows

Blogs about books for 2nd-7th grade readers.

Jenny's Day

by Jennifer Estrada

Comic/Writings: A Glimpse Into the Day of an Ordinary, Or Not So Ordin

Jeri Baird

by Jeri Baird

MC Ella Baxter shares green recipes with help from her dog Artichoke

Jerry Bennett Art

by Jerry Bennett

A blog posting various works of art of mine, sketches and finished.

Jess McCarthy Art


Jesses Mess

by Jess Racklyeft

A rambling of drawings and goings on...

Jesse’s Sketchblog

by Jesse Graber

Current projects, thoughts, doodles and mistakes

Jessica Chrysler's Sketchblog

by Jessica Chrysler

This is where I share works in progress, sketches and other news.

Jessica Dragon Cheramie

by Jessica Cheramie

Author of Meridienne Drake Series | Young Adult Author

Jessica Lanan Illustration

by Jessica Lanan

Illustrations, sketches, resources and ramblings about life.

Jessica Warrick: Illustrator, Cartoonist

by Jessica Warrick

Jessie Humphries...B-Word

by Jessie Humphries

A Writer's Blog...and Stuff.

Jewish Books for Kids

by Barbara Bietz

Interviews with authors, illustrators, and others involved with Jewish children's literature.


by Jennifer Hansen Rolli

live 2014, posts about current and relevant past works and events.

Jilanne Hoffmann

by Jilanne Hoffmann

Book reviews, writing craft, writing life, writerly digressions

Jill Corcoran

by Jill Corcoran

JIll Iversen's Artwork

by Jill Iversen

Just a little news.

Jill K. Sayre's Blog~The Fairy Trail

by Jill K. Sayre

I imagine reality into fantasy.

Jim Mitchell Studio

by James Mitchell

Concept Design and Story

Jimbo Jabber

by Jim Di Bartolo

Occasional art and life updates.

jls books

by Jennifer Mulvihill

Updates and books by J L Mulvihill

JMV Illustrations Blog

by Jennifer Varn

A blog that offers a little insight and encouragement to all artists.

Jo Knowles

by Jo Knowles

Joan Leotta

by Joan Leotta

writing, performing, food, book reviews, tips on creativity and childr

Joan Livingston Joan Livingston Cooks

by Joan Livingston

First, my fiction, nonfiction; second, on eating,cooking good food.

Joan Mansson

by Joan Mansson

My adventures in writing, illustrating and self publishing.

Joan Marie Verba

by Joan Marie Verba

Joanie's Take

by Joanie Strulowitz

Middle grade nonfiction/fiction. Literary nonfiction. On artists/arts.


by Joan Baier

Joanna Scott News on Hire An Illustrator

by Joanna Scott

News about my work, great clients and cool commissions

Jodie Books

by Anna Levine

Review of Jewish-themed picture books and interviews with authors

Joechel Books

by Pamela M. Tuck

Following the paths of the books written by Pamela & Joel Tuck

Joetta Currie

by Joetta Currie

Johanna Fritz Illustration - Blog

by Johanna Fritz

Colorful and quirky illustrations for everyone.

Johanna's Big Thoughts

by Johanna Harness

John Briggs Books

by John Briggs

john gourhan

by John Gourhan

Covering whatever's there

John Steven Gurney

by John Steven Gurney

Art and reflections from a life of illustration.

Johnnie's Musings

by Johnnie W. Lewis

From the mind of an aging Hippie comes (sometimes) funny wanderings...


by Linda Johnson

Join the Journey

by Jean Wilund

Join me in my journey through the Bible to know God better.

Jonra Springs

by Jonra Springs

Journal of the road to publishing and becoming an indie author.

Josef Bastian

by Josef Bastian

The human perspective on writing, work and interacting with others

Joseph Guida- News

by Joseph Guida

Josh Hammond Attempts Writing

by Joshua Hammond

Chronicling the journey towards my MFA.

Josh Will

by Josh Will

Current projects and an inside look at my techniques & materials

Journal of the wild

by Debbie S. Miller

A weekly post for students and teachers about the natural world

Journey of a Writing Hoosier

by Sarah Schmitt

Journey Taker

by Xina Marie Uhl

Travel, writing, history, cats ... whatever strikes my fancy.

Journeys of the Fabulist

by Bronwyn Sharman

A little trove of family-friendly adventure.

Journeys of Wonder

by Ian Kezsbom

Joy Adams

by Pamela Pen Name: Joy Adams Ramsey Pen Name: Joy Adams

About Me, Mission Statement, thoughts, ideas and Updates

Joy Moore Loop-de-loops

by Joy Moore

Joyce Shaughnessy, Author

by Joyce Shaughnessy

description of my books/interviews with authors/review of books

Joyce's Artblog

by Joyce Ann Martin

Jozi Notes

by Susie Dinneen

Written snapshots of my life in Johannesburg

JP Roberts, Sketchblog

by JP Roberts

JRPoulter's Weblog

by J. R. Poulter

Topics of interest to creative folk, announcements, reviews/interviews


by Jackie Huppenthal

personal blog about my interest in writing, art, and photography

Juan Carlos Campos Gonzalez

by Juan Carlos Campos Gonzalez

Juana Martinez-Neal

by Juana Martinez-Neal

Jude's Sandbox

by Jude Hollins

Judy Bartkowiak

by Judy Bartkowiak

Be a happier parent with NLP - tips and tricks for easier parenting

Juggling Food, Family & Chaos

by Jodie Fitz

At our kitchen there's always a new dish & stories to share...

Julia Lela Stilchen

by Julia Lela Stilchen

Blogging my experiences as a author and illustrator, character designer and storybook app creator.

Julia Rosenbaum Illustrator

by Julia Rosenbaum

Julia Stilchen

by Julia Stilchen

Otherworldly writer of CB/MG/YA/NA, Authorpreneur, Book Cover Designer

Julia's Voice

by Juli Altschul

Julianne Stokes' Blog

by Julianne Stokes

A journey of creating children's books for living a healthy lifestyle.

Julie Dupre Buckner, Artist

by Julie Dupre Buckner

Julie Fulton Children's Writer

by Julie Fulton

Julie Hedlund's Blog

by Julie Hedlund

Helping children's authors improve their craft, find agents and stay motivated.

Julie Krantz: Children's Book Writer

by Julia Krantz

Author interviews, book reviews, children's poetry & industry articles

Julie Musil

by Julie Musil

julie rowan-zoch

by Julie Rowan-Zoch

writing illustrating reading children's books

Julie Williams: Images And Words

by Julie Williams

Musings and updates on my writing and visual artwork processes.

Julie's Drawings

by Julie Kim

JulieAnn Design

by Julie Ann Duris

The process of creating art and lessons I learn along the way.

June Sobel

by June Sobel

Junghwa's art and craft

by Junghwa Park

I write about my craft, art, and drawing.

Junk Pile

by Lauren Reed

Various sketches, paintings, and doodles created by me.

Just a Guy Doing Things

by Jere Foley II

Just a Mississippi Artist Living the Dream

by Adam Trest

A mixture of my work/life/family in South Mississippi.

Just A Note

by Maria Ashworth

Interviews with authors and illustrators, writing tidbits

Just Another Tuesday

by Michelle Collins

Things I've learned and experienced on the road to my first book.

Just Another Writer's Blog

by Jilly Gagnon

My thoughts on writing, books, creativity, and refusing to grow up

Just Be

by Zia Estrella

- Live on Purpose -

Just Following A Dream

by Jessica Salyer

Just Katie

by Katie Mills Giorgio

Just Kidding: On Writing for Children and Other Life Stuff

by Jody Jensen Shaffer

Interviews with children's authors and illustrators

Just Look at My Face

by Anna Totten

Just one more word

by Lynn Hooghiemstra

Book reviews, writing observations, translation observations

Just Write Code

by Tammy Coron

Tammy Coron shares her experiences as a Creative Professional.

JZ Artworks Blog

by Jennifer Zivoin

K E Minto

by Karen Minto

K. Callard - Journey of a Children's Writer

by Kimberly Callard


by Philippa Rosemary Francis

Thoughts about writing and reading - with some creative work.

K.T. Craig - Author, Poet, Playwright

by Kevin Craig

Kacey Vanderkarr, Young Adult Author

by Kacey Vanderkarr


by Rosanne Kurstedt

Kalen Kimm's Blog

by Kalen Kimm

Kami Garcia

by Kami Garcia

Writer Blog

Kara's Comments

by Kara B. Wilson

Teens ask me and I respond and "Limitless" is an inspiring Q&A series.

Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

by Karen Cioffi-Ventrice

Writing and book marketing tips and guidance.

Karen Erasmus

by Karen Erasmus

A sketchbog and updates of what I'm up to.

Karen Jean Matsko Hood Blog

by Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Karen Matthews, North Carolina Author

by Karen Matthews

Karen Pokras Toz

by Karen Pokras Toz

Karen's Blog

by Karen Naylor

A writer's blog featuring info, competitions, newsletters and events

Karen's Blog

by Karen Tyrrell

I Blog about mental health, children's books and writing tips.

Karen's Bookland

by Karen Guccione-Englert

A place to share books, writing, and the better things in life!

by Karen T. Harter

Kari Marie White | Young Adult Writer

by Kari Marie White

Kari Percival Words and Pictures

by Kari Percival

Visit my portfolio and my online sketchbook!

Kary Lee Illustration

by Kary Lee

My journey as a Visual storyteller.

Kary's Korner

by Kary Jane Hutto

creativity with a purpose

Karyn Henley Fiction

by Karyn Henley

Inspiration for writing and life, updates, stories behind the stories

Kat Ellis Writes

by Kat Ellis

Updates on my writing adventures...

Kat in Wonderland's Blog

by Katia Grifols

Some doodles and news!

Kat McD Art

by Kathleen McDonough

Process and Pondering All Things Creative.

Kat Ross

by Katherine Stapp

author site

Kate Carpenter Writes

by Kate Carpenter

Kate Jeong's Illustration

by Kate Jeong

Kate Messner's Blog

by Kate Messner

Author Kate Messner talks about books, writing and speaking

Kate Parkinson, illustrat

by Kate Parkinson

Kate's Bookery: Raising Kids With Books

by Kathryn Schwarz

How one book-loving mom raises three kids with heaps of books

Kate's Brief History

by Katharine Kendzy Gingold

Short posts of historic facts and events in Northern Illinois


by Kathryn Howes

Raising Readers every Monday, my quirky life in between!

Kathe's Blog of Many Wonders

by Kathleen Fain

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

kathy the picture lady

by Kathryn ONeill

Shining God's Word on great art

Katie Bieker - Author

by Katie Bieker

A collection of my children's book texts, poems, and freelance copy.

Katie Clark Writes

by Katie Clark

Katie L. Carroll's Observation Desk

by Katie Carroll

Katrina Baecht

by Katrina Baecht

Thoughts & observations on life as a wedding officiant, using ceremony

Katrina DeLallo, Young Adult author

by Katrina DeLallo

A blog for writing, creating, and posting applicable gifs.

Katrina Kopeloff - Blog

by Katrina Kopeloff

Recent news.

Katrina McKelvey -Children's Author

by Katrina McKelvey

Katy Betz Studio

by Katy Betz

the art and inspiration of Illustrator, Katy Betz

Kavita Singh Kale

by Kavita Singh Kale

Visual Diary of a Transmedia Artist/Filmmaker/Author/Illustrator

KC's Wild Facts

by Ana Jennings

cool science facts for kids

Keanne art and illustration

by Keanne van de Kreeke

A blog about my work, my daily life and my life in the forrest.

Keep Talking God, I'm Trying to Listen

by Lori Bogedin

My Chats with God


by Rich Green

My blog is a mix of fitness, running, art and anything else I am doing in my day to day life.

Keeping it in Canon

by Melinda Ng

Keeping the Me in Mommy

by Renata Wurster

A blog on living creatively and (mis)adventures of parenthood.

Keila Dawson

by Keila V. Dawson

Sharing Louisiana culture, book reviews.

Keisha's Sketchbook

by Keisha Morris

Random sketchies

Keith Frawley Illustrator

by Keith Frawley

Kelley J. P. Lindberg

by Kelley Lindberg

A place to explore both writing craft and the writing life.

Kelley Lynn - Young Adult Author

by Kelley Lynn

The adventures between the bookends of a Young Adult Author.

Kelli Thrasher-Brooks

by Kelli Thrasher-Brooks

Kelly Canby - Nutshell

by Kelly Canby

Kelly Hashway

by Kelly Hashway

Writing and reading books for all ages

Kelly Leigh Miller Illustration Blog

by Kelly Leigh Miller

Kelly Lenihan Books

by Kelly Lenihan

Kelly's shares her delight in nature, food & art through her writing.

Kelly Q. books

by Kelly Quinn Anderson

A whimsical wordist + particular poet takes on books!

Kelly's Fishbowl

by Kelly Bennett

What's Swirling Round the Fishbowl? Musing to inspire creative living

Ken and Anne's Everything Blog

by Kenneth Hicks

This is where Anne and I post pictures, writing, musings, and reviews.

Ken Baker Books

by Kenneth Baker


by Ken Krug

Keri Recommends

by Keri Collins Lewis

A site for book recommendations, info. for writers, and poetry.

Kersey Barrett-Tormey ART

by Kersey Barrett-Tormey

Kevin Richter's Blog

by Kevin Richter

Blog of cartoonist and illustrator Kevin Richter.


by Rukhsana Khan

Rukhsana's thoughts on writing and daily challenges

Kid Book List

by Katharine Manning

Provides book recommendations for kids ages 5-12

Kid Book Ratings

by Erik Metz

Each book I review has 3 pros, 3 cons, and a final rating of Buy, Borrow, Donate, or Destroy.

Kid in the Cloud

by Jennifer Turner

Kid Lit About Politics

by Liz Parrott

Children's and YA fiction and nonfiction about politics.

Kid Lit North

by Ann Dixon

A blog about writing and reading children's books in the North.

Kid-Lit at Its Finest.

by Ashley Bohmer

All about me and my writing life.


by Crystal Ord

News, art, and musings of illustrator/author Crystal Smalls Ord.

by Jennie Wittenbach

KidLit Rambles

by Natasha Yim

On Writing, Reading, Publishing, and Promoting Kid Lit.


by Elaine Kiely Kearns

Your one stop info shop for all things kid lit!


by Faith Knight

rantings about my foray into kidlit


by Michelle Lynn Senters

-offers education, inspiration, and support to young writers.

Kids Bored?

by Annie Harmon

Activity tips, and occasional monologue on the subject of children.

Kids Creation Station Blog

by Ron Rose

Kids For Thought

by Charlotte Babler

Kids in Kanata

by Jennifer Perlin

Parenting blog with community interests.

Kids Math Teacher

by Lucy Ravitch

A resource to teach elementary math concepts with hands-on activities.

Kids' E-Book Bestsellers

by Karleen Tauszik


by Judy Sierra

A blog about words and rhymes for writers of all ages.

Kidsbook Friends

by Angela Henderson

Features kids' books & activities geared for ages toddlers-ten

by Christine Hurst

Navigating the new frontier of publishing for children

Kiki Hamilton

by Kiki Hamilton

KiKi's Alphabelly Animals

by KiKi Han

Characters, Comics & the ABC's of KiKi Han

Kim A Howard

by Kim Howard

Kim Cooley Reeder Children's Author & Mother

by Kim Cooley Reeder

All about my favorite books, writing and being a mom.

Kim Kasch Blogsite

by Kimbra Kasch

A writer posting about words, writing and a writer's life

Kim R. Bene

by Kim Bene

Kim's Art Blog

by Kimberly Dwinell

Kim's Critiquing Corner

by Kim Tomsic

Writerly advice and kid-lit book reviews

Kimberley's Wanderings

by Kimberley Little

Kimberlie Wong Illustrations

by Kimberlie Wong

Illustrations & Other Works by Kimberlie Wong

Kimberly G. Giarratano

by Kimberly G. Giarratano

Kimberly Lynn's Library of Favorites!

by Kimberly Lynn

Picture Books, Literary Plush Toys and Fun Activities for Children

Kin Lok

by Kin Lok

KiniArt Fan Page

by Kim Niles

The official KiniArt fan page on Facebook.

Kirausa Maria Blog

by Maria Ybanez Garcia

My blog includes a gallery with illustrations made on watercolor inspired on children's dreams and my own dreams. Every illustration represents on my perspective a place where you would like to be. The blog posts are writen on japanese by the moment, but

Kirby Howell

by Jessica Alexander

Self-publishing and marketing tutorials, book reviews, and book love!

Kirby's Lane

by Kirby Larson

A Place for Readers and Writers

Kiri Østergaard Leonard Blog

by Kiri Østergaard Leonard

A blog about art and illustration, and the business behind.

Kirsten Tulsian

by Kirsten Tulsian

Kirsti Call, Children's Book Author

by Kirsti Call

Kirstin Dau Lenane

by Kirstin Lenane

Sketches from my works in progress

Kit Grady Creations

by Kit Grady

Kitchen Club Kids blog

by Larry Puzniak

What's new with the Kitchen Club Kids & Bread and Butter Publishing.

Kitchen Dilettante

by Sherry Dryja

KD offers bread workshops, cooking tips, and food history.

Kitchen Full of Women

by Will Taylor

A ramble through my brain and sometimes my kitchen.

Kitchen Pantry Scientist

by Liz Heinecke


by kristi Taggart

by Kim Flewelling

Knitting New England

by Selma Moss-Ward

Konga Line: Children Are Beastly

by Colleen Kong-Savage

Kourtney Heintz's Journal

by Kourtney Heintz

From Aspiring Writer to Published Author

by Rebecca Schlaeger

Join my fun while I talk about what gets me cranky!

Kris Tsang

by Kris Tsang

Krista Smith

by krista smith

art, family, faith

Kristen Applebee

by Kristen Applebee

Creative projects and thoughts of author/illustrator Kristen Applebee

Krister Eide Blog

by Krister Eide

Kristi Bledsoe's Blog

by Kristi Doyle

Tracking advice and random thoughts about life, love and writing.Adult

Kristin Gjerdset

by Kristin Gjerdset

Reflections on art making,nature,faith

Kristine Daniels Studio

by Kristine Daniels

kristine lombardi

by Kristine Lombardi

A blog of art and inspiration from illustrator Kristine Lombardi.

Kristy Caldwell illustration - news

by Kristy Caldwell

Project news, reference material, thoughts on process.

Kulz's Captured Imagination

by George Anthony Kulz


by Renee Kurilla


by Kim Williams-Justesen

Kim W. Justesen – Writer/Teacher/Presenter

Kym Brunner - Young Adult Novelist

by Kym Brunner

News about YA, writing, and my novels

Kytömaa artWorks

by Louise Kytömaa Lane

A place to find updates on current projects.

L.D. Cullen Books

by Lisa Dawn Cullen

L.M. Fry's Rambles and Reflections

by Linda Fry


by Lisa Sorrell

One aspiring author's road to publication

L.V. Pires

by Lisa Pires

L2 Writing Right Now

by Lindsey Lane

A look inside an inspiring writer's life.

La sonidista errante / The wandering sound recorder)

by Martha Riva Palacio Obón

In spanish. A parenthesis between the notebook and the recorder.

Lach's Lost World

by Lachlan Creagh

Lacie's Sketchbook

by Lacie Myers

Visit often for artistic inspiration - drawing, writing, painting

Ladies of the Light Saber and Sword

by Salena Casha

Reviews novels by female authors in science fiction&fantasy monthly

Lady Samantha's Diary

by Kathy Richardson

a blogging, writing, reading adventure

Laloo LLC

by Lauren Freeman

Land of Flying Bunnies

by Andrea Lawson

Illustration and Contemporary Fine Art News and Inspiration

Laptops & Lattes... An Author's Journal

by Cynthia Willis

Most topics are related to my love of writing, editing, and reading.

Lara Mukahirn Illustration

by Lara Mukahirn

Artwork of Lara Mukahirn

Larissa Marantz Blog

by Larissa Brown Marantz

Artwork updates, latest musings and happenings of Larissa Marantz

Larry Gets Lost blog

by John Skewes

Updates on all things Larry including glimpses of work in progress.

Last Paige

by Lisa Paige

Mainly poetry but also writing prompts and random essayistic thoughts.

Latin@s in Kid Lit

by Lila Weaver

A team of bloggers exploring Latino/a YA, MG and children's books

Laura Diehl Illustration Blog

by Laura Diehl

Laura Elspeth on Facebook

by Laura Elspeth

Laura Hudock Reads

by Laura Hudock

Laura Roach Dragon

by Laura Roach Dragon

Laura Sassi Tales

by Laura Sassi

Celebrating reading, writing, and life

LauraE Writes

by Laura Emmons

Author interviews and thoughts on writing well


by Laura Lyn Keller

A YA writer's blog where inspiration frequents.

Lauren Castillo News Blog

by Lauren Castillo

Lauren Gallegos Illustration

by Lauren Gallegos

Lauren Spieller | The Official Site

by Lauren Spieller

Lauri's Stories

by Lauri Meyers

Writing for children and funny parenting stories

Laurie Abkemeier at Tumblr

by Laurie Abkemeier

The latest news about my authors and their books.

Laurie Ann Thompson

by Laurie Ann Thompson

Laurie B. Friedman

by Laurie B. Friedman

Weekly author posts, information on books, school visits, and author Q & A and book report help section.

Laurie J. Edwards ~ Author, Artist, Dreamer

by Laurie Edwards

Inspiration for the Writing Life

Laurisa White Reyes

by Laurisa White Reyes

Layal Idriss Whimsical Illustrations

by Layal Idriss

Le&ndra Wallace

by Leandra Wallace

The weekly ramblings of a book lover and YA writer.

Leach Lines

by Gale Leach

Leah Anne Levy

by Leah Levy

Leaping Squirrel Studios - Blog

by Jessica Vanderpol

A place where I write about my art and other artistic influences.


by Alissa Ehrenkranz

Adventures in learning how to learn!

Learning From Aesop

by Erin Augustine

Learning to Write

by Danielle Behr

Leaving it all on the page...

by Lisa M. Basso

Lee Conrad Kemsley

by Lee Conrad Kemsley

American history and observations on modern-day life.

Lee Sheppard

by Lee Sheppard

Official online diary of a cartoonist.

Lee Tidball; Writer

by Lee Tidball

Occasional observations about my world of screenplay and novel writing

Leigh Ann Kopans, YA Author

by Leigh Ann Kopans

YA Author LeighAnn Kopans - writing, publishing, and life in between.

Leoma Retan

by Leoma Retan

I post at irregular intervals, as I find topics that call to me.

Leona Writes

by Leona Illig

News About Publications and Current Projects involving Leona Illig

les parapluies de seattle

by Remy Coutarel

Illustration,comics and other...

Leslie A.M. Smith

by Leslie Smith

PR tips for nonprofits & small businesses. Authors would benefit too!

Leslie's Scoop

by Leslie Cooper

Less is More?

by Sylvia Hawkins Little

Let the Wild Rumpus Start! Jan Carr Mouths Off About Books, Writing, Education, and More!

by Jan Carr

Let's Bring It to Life!

by Tracey Taylor Arvidson

Children's Book Illustrator for Hire… Let's Bring YOUR story to life!

Let's Build a Legacy

by Judy Watters

To encourage others to write their stories for a lasting legacy.

Let's Have Words

by Claire Saxby

I am inspired by many, often random, things. Some appear here.

Let's See What Happens

by Linnea Garcia

A blog about my struggles and triumphs with self-publishing.

Let's Talk Books

by Robin Newman

A kidlit potpourri, with author/illustrator interviews and more!

Leyton Parker

by Leyton Parker

Li-tea-ra-ture: Books, writing, tea, and life

by Susan Swan

Lia Keyes' Blog

by Lia Keyes

Libby Hathorn

by Libby Hathorn

Commentary on events of a literary nature e.g Festivals,schools

Libby With a Y

by libby carty mcnamee

Amusing Musings on Life and the Funny Things That Happen Along the Way

Library Learners

by Cari Young

Engaging students & inspiring teacher librarians!

Library Lions

by Janet Carey

We Roar for Libraries


by Lee Libro

Book Art by Lee Libro


by Lisa Wilcke

Follow along on my,so far, ill fated attempt to cultivate lichen.

Life as a Fit Mom

by Kara Thom

Finding fitness in the chaos of motherhood and raising fit kids.

Life at the Speed of an Old V-Dub: A Westerners' Lens on the East

by Julie Burchstead

A collection of essays and reflections of life in Vermont and Oregon.

Life Between The Sheets (of paper)

by Mona AlvaradoFrazier

Story, Art, Poetry, Inspiration and Latino culture are the main areas.

Life Dance Studios

by Lori Nawyn

Art with a smile!

Life From My Second-Story Window

by Elizabeth Maginnis

Observations inspired by the view out my office window.

Life In Color With Closed Captions

by Noelle Campbell

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

Life in the Lion Cage

by Mark Pardoe

Life is a Four-Letter Word

by Katy Huth Jones

Encouragement for the journey

Life Lessons With Frisk Waddle

by Stephanie Roberts

Life on the Deckle Edge

by Robyn Hood Black

Regular contributor to Poetry Friday, among other adventures

Life with Dogs and Cats

by Susan C. Willett

Life, the Universe, and Everything

by L. E. (Lindsey) Carmichael


by Christine Boone

Light & Shadow: The Art of Matt Faulkner

by Matt Faulkner

Like a Cat's Eye


Cat Fleming on writing, literature, relationships & this crazy place.

lil kim's illo blog

by Kim Fleming

tracking the journey of a lil artist in the big beautiful world

Lila the Science Cat

by Lizzy Knight

Lily Hunt Oil Paintings - My Stories, My Pics

by Lily Hunt

Prior to illustrations, my first love was oil paintings.

Lin Kaymer's Blog

by Lin Kaymer

Q&A format presently focused on wild animal rehabilitation

Lina Maslo Illustration

by Lina Maslo


by Linda Hofke

Linda Zajac Science Writer

by Linda Zajac

A writer's journey with nature photographs and hiking posts.

by Linda Gerber

This author blog features guest authors, musings about books, and snippets about life in Japan.

Lindamation Blogs

by Linda Lee

Blogs about my person work and achievements.

Lindy's Life

by Lindsay Fouts

LinkedIn Profile

by Deborah Eve Alastra

updates of current projects, referrals, bio, publications/exhibitions

Linnea Volz- Illustrator

by Linnea Volz

Linnea's Illuminated Notes

by Linnea Heaney

On Writing, Children's Literature, Early Literacy

Lisa A. Kramer: Woman Wielding Words

by Lisa Ann Kramer

Writer, theatre artist, educator and woman of many dreams

Lisa Bruce Art Studio

by Lisa Bruce

Discover yourself by expressing beauty and creativity in daily life

Lisa Cinar Illustration tumblr

by Lisa Cinar

Illustrations, drawings, sketches & other stuff I'm working on.

Lisa Fields Illustration blog

by Lisa Fields

lisa rose bauer: teapots, buttons and all the little things that matter

by Lisa Rose Bauer

Lisa Steyn Illustration

by Lisa Steyn

Lisa T. Cresswell

by Lisa Cresswell

Lisa Thiesing - Portfolio of Illustrations

by Lisa Thiesing

A portfolio of recent and published book illustrations.

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™

by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Follow along with Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™ now in it's 10th year. Come along as Lisa shares the stories of several pairs of bald eagles living in the driftless region, and all the wildlife she encounters, but mostly this is a blog about the lives of

LisaWroble: wonderings and wanderings in a writer's life

by Lisa Wroble

Connecting life, excursions, and whatever inspires me to writing.

Lisen Minetti: A Work in Progress

by Lisen Minetti

A look at my writing journey, and commentary about life as it happens

Literacy Matters Today

by Petra Craddock

A resources for parents and educators promoting literacy development

Literacy, Picture Books and Yoga for the Soul

by Gladys Barbieri

First grade, literacy, picture books and author stories to share

Literary Engineer

by Suzi Retzlaff

Literary Exchange

by Adriana Gomes

My adventures trying to figure out the pub. business, and book reviews

Literary Friendships

by Audrey Vernick

Musings on writing, illustrating, children's books and friends.

Literary Ladies

by Margo Dill

Six women writing their truths into fiction

Literary Lunchbox

by Alison Breidenstein

A children's literature blog with reviews and author interviews.

Literary Midwives

by Judith Tabler

Four authors dedicated to "birthing" great manuscripts.

Literary Rambles

by Natalie Aguirre

Literate Lives

by Debby Zigenis-Lowery

nurturing a reading/writing lifestyle at school and in the home

Little & the Girl

by Mara Penny

Sporadic stories about art that I make.

Little Abby Ant and Sammy Cicada

by Ande Schiller

Talk about Children books, readings through Screen Actors Guild

Little Blue Man

by Susan de Sola

New and surprising photo studies each Monday of a Little Blue Man.

Little Book, Big Story

by Ashley Bryan

Little books that tell a big story by author/illustrator Ashley Bryan

Little Deb's Doodlings

by Debbie Meyer

Artful goodness from Little Deb

Little J Books

by Paul Quirk

Blog about publishing my favorite Japanese children's stories

Little Red

by Melanie Hopper

Little Red Jot

by Emma Nicholson

Thoughts from a children's writer on the Little Red Dot of Singapore.

Little Rose: Refining Beauty

by Kaye-Chereese Jorsling

Redefining The Definition of Beauty

Live Life with Marjorie Light

by Marjorie Light

Marjorie Light, a teacher and author, talks about reading and writing.

Live Read Write

by Erika Crowl

A site on literacy, language acquisition, and children's literature.

Live Your Poem...with Irene Latham

by Irene Latham

Living In A Moment

by Kathleen Duble

Thoughts that Cross My Mind when My Fingers Aren't Crossing The Keys

Living in the Past

by Jenny Blackford

Writing, gardening, cat photos...

Living the Dream

by Shadra Strickland

Inspiration and advice from Shadra Strickland

Livingston Arts

by Pamela Livingston

The writer's life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Liz Anelli Sketchbooks

by Liz Anelli

Here is where I share some of my drawings and ideas. I love stuff back

Liz Cleaves Illustration Weekly Blog's

by Liz Cleaves

Liz Goulet Dubois

by Liz Dubois

Liz Long Author

by Bethanne Kim

Musings on various topics related, and not related to Liz's books.

Liza Nilly Art

by Liza Nelson

Where I post the art I'm working on right now.

Liza Woodruff's Art Blog

by Liza Woodruff

musings and doodles from a children's book writer and illustrator

Lizzie Ross, Writer

by Lizzie Ross

Musings on the arts of reading and writing literature for children.

LJ's Not So Secret Diary

by Linda Thompson

Turning ordinary life into extraordinary life.

Logan Ganshirt Illustration

by Logan Ganshirt

Stay up to date with what I'm working on and where to find my wares!

lonack signature (Just A Thought)

by Jennifer Lonack

Exploring the possibilities through creative art, poetry and design.

Long Hollow

by Barbara Shallue

Where seeds of thought have room to grow.

Loni Edwards

by Loni Edwards

Site updates, news, Perfect Picture Book Fridays, shop updates, PiBo

Lori Ann Palma Writes

by Lori Ann Palma

Lori Gravley

by Lori Gravley

Lorraine's Blog

by Lorraine Rocha

Lost in Edit Land

by Tiffany Daune

Musings of a young adult novelist.

Lost Story Found

by Michelle Newell

Louann Mattes Brown, Author-Illustrator

by Louann Mattes Brown

Drawings and inspirations.

Love & Life & Learning

by Veronica Bartles

Ramblings and random thoughts on life's trials & gifts

Love and Blunder

by Devona Brazier

Love & Blunder, the place where I blunder through the things I love.

Love is the Ultimate Outlaw

by Beth Navarro

A blog about writing and journey to publication

Love of Place

by Sharman Russell

Love Trees

by Andrea Koehle Jones

Love, Life, Books

by Kathi Baron

My blog is a journey through my writing life.

Lu Writes

by Lu Hersey

Observations on life and writing

Luca Lashes Blog

by Nicole Fonovich

Are you a parent? Than you will want to read this!

Lucas Elliott Art

by Lucas Elliott

Lucas Illustration

by Diane Lucas

Illustration posts

Lucia Salemi

by Lucia Salemi

stories and illustrations for kids and their grown-ups

Lucia's Lunch Letters

by Jason S. Thomas

lucinda gifford's blog

by Lucinda Gifford

lucy abdullah

by Lucy Abdullah

I blog about writing, aerial and bringing up a family x

Luda Kiperberg Illustration

by Luda Kiperberg

Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki Illustration

by Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki

Luke's Story

by Susan Beattie


by Einar Lunden

Sketches, illustrations, cartoons and comics by Einar Lunden

Lupine Seeds

by Linda Brennan

Interviews and insights on children's literature

Lyn Miller-Lachmann: Author, Editor, Teacher

by Lyn Miller-Lachmann

Reflections on diversity, writing, and travel, with original photos


by Alison Lyne

Lynelle Westlake

by Lynelle Westlake

Essays on life.

Lynette Oxley

by Lynette Oxley

Diary format.

Lynn's Chatterbox

by Lynn Ward


by Lynn Chen

M-E Girard: Because Sometimes You Just Gotta Blog

by Marie-Eve Girard

Where M-E tries and fails at blogging regularly about life.

M. J. Putnik

by M. J. Putnik

Personal blog with writing tips for children and adults.

M.K. England

by Megan England

M.W. Greer - Author & Artist

by Michael Greer

Machine Age Blog

by Brian Curtis

Mackenzie Reide's Adventures and Musings

by Mackenzie Reide

The adventures and musings of author Mackenzie Reide.

Maddy's Notebook

by Maddy McBride

An irregular log of writing progress, plus other stuff

Made of Lines - The Art of Kevin M. Barry

by Kevin Barry

Maggie Bolitho, Emerging Writer

by Maggie Bolitho

thoughts on writing and life

Maggie Coburn Illustration — Blog

by Maggie Coburn

Maggie Lyons Blog

by Maggie Lyons

Help for children's book buyers and writers


by Maggie Smith

Writing & illustrating kids' books, designing & crafting soft toys

magpie writes

by Alexandra Villasante

Mai Life!

by Maya Espiritu

Mai life- the pathway to print!

Maia Appleby, Children's Author

by Maia Appleby

Maile Sketches

by Maile McCarthy

A frequently updated collection of sketches, thoughts and new works

Make Art

by Suzanne Bertrand

Make Music & Move

by Kara Stokke

Enriching every child's education with Music, Movement & Make-Believe!

Make-up by Shamaila J

by Shamaila Siddique -- another blog I have

Making Rainbows

by Robin Howard

Making Relationships MATTER

by Diana Webster

My take on things related to relationships - I'm NOT a psychologist!

Making Stuff Up and Writing It Down

by Lynne Kelly

Making the Write Connections

by Jarmila Victoria Del Boccio

Uniting my love of history & travel with the discipline of writing.

Mallette Illustrations

by Mallette Pagano

Mama Diaries

by Sherry Ellis

Author, Sherry Ellis, shares daily stories of her life as a mom.


by Krisann Brown


by Shannon Okahara

Because we all want to be institutionalized at some point!

Manelle's Sketches

by Manelle Oliphant

Blog to showcase some of my favorite sketches.

ManiaTales Blog

by Sherry Maysonave

How Do Kids Learn? Power of Imagination for Digital Kids.

Mantras & Mahalos

by Erinne Magee

Maple Lam: Illustrator, Writer

by Maple Lam

Doodles and sketches

Marcia Strykowski

by Marcia Strykowski


by maren nymo

random thoughts veering towards stories.

Margaret Mayo McGlynn

by Margaret McGlynn

YA Fantasy Author of the Tarot Tetralogy

by Margaret Gower

Children's Devotionals, Holidays, and Bible Stories


by Rebecca Thornburgh


by Margo Rowder

What's on my writing mind

Margriet's Book Blog

by Margriet Ruurs

Reviews of fantastic books for children

Maria Berg's Writing Life

by Maria Berg

Insight and inspiration for writers and readers.

Maria Bogade Illustration & Design

by Maria Bogade

News and insights on projects and publishing events

Maria Sansalone ... Stories By


Maria's blog

by Maria Van Lieshout

Marian Blair

by Marian Blair

Illustration, design, filmmaking and sketches

Marilyn's Canvas

by Marilyn Weisberg


by Marilyn Briant-Rockmore

Spiritual Awareness

Marin and Josh

by Terri Squires

The trials and tribulations of writing my first novel.

Marion Lindsay Illustration

by Marion Lindsay

My blog is mainly about the books I have coming out & workshops I run.

Marjorie's Sketch Blog

by Marjorie van Heerden

Mark Braught

by Mark Braught

Info and updates regarding my work and illustration in general



The blog is a collection of my professional and personal artwork.

Mark Markovich - Graphic Artist

by Mark Markovich

My blog and portfolio homepage.

Marsha Riti's Blog

by Marsha Riti

The blog of freelance illustrator Marsha Riti

Marsha Skrypuch

by Marsha Skrypuch

Marti Major Sketchblog

by Marti Major


by Alessandro Martorelli

my life as a work

Mary Ann's Art Place

by Mary Ann Fitze

Blog created as part of my digital illustration course at CSUF.

Mary Coley Writes

by Mary Coley

Mary Helen Sheriff, writer and educator

by Mary Sheriff

Mary Jo Beswick- author illustrator

by Mary Jo Beswick

Artist turnes author & illustrator of picture books late in life.

Mary Richmond's Cape Cod Art and Nature

by Mary Richmond

Observations and artwork about nature on Cape Cod through the seasons

Mary Sullivan

by Mary Sullivan

Maryann Cocca-Leffler Author Illustrator of Children's Books

by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Blog about current projects, life in publishing, school visits

matt dickinson

by Matt Dickinson

Genral updates about my speaking work

Matt Novak Author/Illustrator

by Matt Novak

Matt Shanks Illustration

by Matt Shanks

Matty and Mommy

by Becca Brown

Maude's Web

by Kathryn Jacoby

Maureen Lynas

by Maureen Lynas

A blog on writing funny fiction.

Maya & Filippo Blog

by Alinka Rutkowska

Exceptional living for parents, travelers and authors.

Maya Kanwal

by Tayyba Maya Kanwal

Maybe Genius

by Stephanie Sinkhorn

A YA blog that often delves into publishing, writing, and pop culture


by Ermila Moodley

Travel narratives

MC Rogerson

by Melissa Rogerson


by Sharron McElmeel

All things literacy — Authors, Books, Connections...

McCumbee Talent Development

by Stephie McCumbee

An educational resource for teachers and parents.

McDonnell Doodles

by Janet McDonnell

My latest works, as well as musings on children's publishing, etc.

me + art = :)

by Miranda Ireland

Sketches and things and pictures and more things.

Meant for a Moment

by Tara J Hannon

A rolling collection of current creative illustrative projects.

Medeia Sharif

by Medeia Sharif

Blog of author and teacher Medeia Sharif.

MeeGenius Blog

by Ashley Fedor


by Amy Ozay

Meg Medina's Blog

by Meg Medina

Latina writer of books for kids of all ages.

Meg Miller Writing, Art & Life

by Meg Miller

A place where I talk about children's book writing, picture books I love and my art.

Meg Welch Dendler's Blog

by Margaret Dendler

Musings on self-publishing, book updates, and lots of sharing.

Megg Jensen

by Megg Jensen

Meic Francis

by John McLoughlin

My journey from nada to learning what's going on in the writing biz.

Mel B's (Never) Mind ~ (A)Musing observations of Life At This Moment

by Melinda Bennington Abbott

Traveling Mindful Writer on locations, writing, and mindfulness

Mel Howard

by Mel Howard

Beginner's blog with no direction yet! Currently posting my poetry.

Melanie Karis

by Melanie Karis

Join me as I walk around Greece!

Melanie Writes

by Melanie Conklin

Author blog for Melanie Conklin

Melbourne Musing

by Nicole Hayes

Life, love and literature. In Melbourne and the world.

melinda joy writes

by Melinda Joy Peterson

Where I share the simple beauties of life & my journey to publication.

melinda kordich illustration

by melinda kordich

Melinda's Art Desk

by Melinda Vicario-Lock

A online portfolio of my Children's Illustration work.

Melissa Guion

by Melissa Guion

Melissa Iwai Illustration

by Melissa Iwai

Blog about my work and process.

Melissa Marroquin Sketchbook

by Melissa Marroquin

Where all my drawings, process work and inspiration lies.

Melissa Saylor blog

by Melissa Saylor

Melissa Shultz-Jones

by Melissa Shultz-Jones

Melissa Writes

by Melissa Gijsbers

Writing tips and information about my writing journey


by Jane Hertenstein

there is a bleary place between truth and what we think is true

Memoirs of PJ Hartenaus

by Patricia J HarteNaus

Historical memories, writings and discoveries of then and now!

Mental Meanderings

by Susan C Arscott

Susan's comments on writing and other things that strike her fancy.


by Charles Lindemuth

Lots of different ways mepainter drawings have been used, plus more.

Merci, Buttercup

by L.G. Sherwinter

The bookish dreams and literary musings of L.G. Sherwinter

Meredith Bray Art

by Meredith Bray

A rather simple blog displaying my current and past artwork.

Meredith Sue Willis

by Meredith Sue Willis

Meredith Towbin

by Meredith Towbin

Meribeth's Musings

by Meribeth Shank

Monthly reviews of books for young people, plus a weekly Monday Poem.

Mermaid Scientist

by Claudia Makeyev

Mermaid Wannabe

by Alice Kaltman

Where I post mostly watery stuff. Also books & kidlit book trailers!

Mermaid Waves

by Terri Murphy

a behind the scenes look at Children's book illustrator Terri Murphy

Mermaids on Parade

by Melanie Hope Greenberg

Selected "100 Best Book Blogs for Kids, Tweens, and Teens”, this blog is for Young People and Kids of All Ages. Author and Illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg Goes Behind the Scenes of Children's Picture Book Publishing. It Takes a Community to Create a Pi


by Merry Brennan

About writing and living in peace.

Mesia Huey Art

by Mesia Huey

sketches, misc. projects & updates on current projects

Metahatem blogs

by Hatem Aly

This blog will include my latest news and some exciting things :)

Metamorphosis of a Creator

by Katrina Naoko Corral

Mew's Rules

by Lois Brandt


by Robert Polk

We're a group of writers exploring all things middle grade.

Mi rincón en las nubes

by Elena Martínez Blanco

Reseñas literarias

Micardi Illustration

by Eduardo Micardi

Michael Lindstrom Artist

by Michael Lindstrom

My artistic muses.

Michael's Blog

by Michael Thal

Parenting advice and reviews about authors and their MG or YA books.

Michelle Can Draw

by Michelle Ouellette

Illustrations, character design and sketches.

Michelle Eastman Books, The Girl Who Cried Book, Self-publishing and Celebrating Children's Literature

by Michelle Eastman

I’m a mom who loves kids’ books.

Michelle Fitzurka Illustration

by Michelle Fitzurka

This page is regularly updated with my most recent projects.

Michelle I. Mason

by Michelle Mason

MG/YA book reviews, list of MG/YA books agents represent, writing tips

Michelle Kogan Illustration, Painting, & Writing

by Michelle Kogan

Art, poetry, writing and reviews in process and finished.c

Michelle Morgan Author & Playwright blog

by Michelle Morgan

Anyone can share my blog posts and comment on Twitter or Facebook.

Michelle Tran Writes

by Michelle Tran

Life and Writing blog

MIchelle Worthington - Author

by Michelle Worthington

by Michelle Meade

developing to showcase my children's book writing and illustrations

micro blog

by Ella Lapointe

super short posts, IF submissions and what inspires me.


by Amy Bogard

A rabbit warren of artistic exploration, travels, thoughts & ideas.

Mid-Grade Re(ad)action

by William Joel

Middle Grade Mafioso

by Michael Gettel-Gilmartin

Middle Grade book reviews (and other hijinks)

Middle Grade Mania

by Laurisa White Reyes

Directory of middle grade book and author blogs.

Middle Grade Ninja

by Robert Kent

Interviews with literary agents, editors, writers, and book reviews.

Middleworld Diaries

by J+P Voelkel

Jaguar Stone book news and tales of our travels & school visits

midwest musings

by Tanya Konerman

Might Could Studios Blog

by Christine Fleming

Process behind my work, progress of current projects, and news!

Mika Bobika: The Little Bit of Crazy In My Life

by Ilana Ostrar

Stories about the different exploits of Mika Bobika the Pit Bull.

Mika Song

by Mika Song

Drawings and work in progress

Mike Boldt's Blog

by Mike Boldt

News, updates, projects, processes, sketches, and anything else!

Mike Cressy Art and Paint

by Michael Cressy

Latest Paintings, Drawings, Doodles, News and an occasional photo.

Mike Curato

by Mike Curato

illustrator, graphic designer, cupcake connoisseur

Mike DeSantis stories and illustrations

by Mike DeSantis

Postings of ongoing illustration assignments and fun projects.

Mike Jung's Little Bloggy Wog

by Mike Jung

Oh geez, I don't know. Stuff about writing, my kids, random idiocy...

mike moran illustration

by Mike Moran

Mike Mullin, Author

by Mike Mullin

A place to put stuff that's too long for Facebook or Twitter.

Mila y Teté: We love books

by Malena F. Alzu

Comments on Children's literature in Spanish.

Milk Jug

by Mark Holtzen

Mimi Drop

by Mimi Drop

The shortest fiction and poetry, social media approved.

Mimi of the Pen

by Pam M. Miller

writing, motivational, gallery, poetry, children's books


by Rebecca Sandifer

Upcoming readings/signings and happenings.

Mind-Full by Linda Phillips

by Linda Vigen Phillips

Talking about writing and good mental health.

Mindy Hardwick, Author

by Mindy Hardwick

Author Mindy Hardwick muses about writing and the writing life

Minnie Sakuntala

by Minnie Sakuntala

Mint Parcel

by Amy Mullen

Mira's List

by Mira Bartok

a website for opportunities in the arts.

Mirka Muse

by Mirka Breen

Gathering my thoughts about writing, publishing, and the rest


by Sofia Gali

A Neko Picture

Miscellany Melanie

by Melanie Gabbard

Random happenings in the life of a working mother of four.

Misfits & Daydreamers

by Susan Dennard

A blog on writing craft, life, and inspiration.

Mishka Jaeger's Sketchbook

by Mishka Jaeger

Miss Arty Smarty

by Tammie Lyon

A working girls blog by author and illustrator tammie Lyon

Miss Do-Gooder

by Susan Wildes

Miss Kathie's Blog

by Kathleen Butler

Sharing life as an author, illustrator, children's librarian, rancher

Miss Marple's Musings

by Joanna Marple

A children's author celebrating natural and cultural diversity.

Miss Opal's Field Guide to Birbs

by Janet Oliver

Miss Opal is a small dog who lives on a big farm. She likes birbs.

Miss Starke's Remarks

by Kathryn Starke

This educational blog focus on literacy instruction for elementary aged students!

Mitali's Fire Escape

by Mitali Perkins

a safe place to think, chat, and read about life between cultures

Mizzle Adventures

by Nadia Roldan


by Renee Shatanoff

Modern Orange

by Cathy Summar Flynn

Mohr Editing

by Mollie Turbeville

Mollet Adventures

by Shay Anterra

Spunk, a magical creature called a mollet, writes about his life.

Molly's Musings

by Donna Jo Fuller

Theatre and film reviews. Plus cats.

Mom Artist Person

by Heather Garcia

Topics related to being a mother of two and artist.

Mom on a Mission

by Angela Verges

A writer's journey through parenting escapades.

Mom Tips

by Arin Wensley

Advice for everyday busy moms.

Mom's Like To Do It, Too

by Amanda Buxton

Blog of writer & mother A.M. Buxton

Momma's Haus

by Marilyn Brackett

Sketches and artings


by Monica Gabrielle Wood


Mona Hodgson

by Mona Hodgson

Author Mona Hodgson writes about history, faith, family, and friends.

Moni Schott

by Monika Schott

Moni's Classroom Idea Box and Reflections

by Moni Ritchie

Monica Brown, Children's Author

by Monica Brown

Monkey Poop

by Amitha Knight

Children's literature blog with reviews, author guest posts, and giveaways.

Monkey Poop

by Amitha Knight

A Weblog of Unparalleled Eloquence

Monkey Works

by Dave Mottram

A blog for my sketchbook.


by Suzy Engelman Block

Monkeys with typewriters

by Mark Jones

Monstrous News at Mighty Media Press

by Mighty Media Press LLC

Moods are Things for Cattle, and Loveplay, not for Writing!

by D Athas Holly

A look at the life of the science fiction writer.

Moonbirdz Blog

by Jennifer Becherer

Meant to evoke all kinds of inspiration for artists and writers.

Moonflower Musings

by Julia Kelly

Musing on illustrating, art and exploring the Four Corners Region


by Veronica Jones

A FB page sharing little tidbits of news and art as they come out.


by Abi Elphinstone

Mad about children's books blog: reviews, events, writing tips, comps

Moose On Earth

by Kelly Bingham

Moose travels!

Mooselilies Ink

by Polly Carlson-Voiles

about my books, free teacher's guide and prints from illustrations

More on the Frederick and Anna Douglass Family

by Rose O'Keefe

Details taken from my book research

More Than Words

by Lauren Theuerkauf

This blog is a compilation of my thoughts on various topics.

More Things Japanese

by Benjamin Martin

Culture, Food, News and more from Japan

Morgan Shamy

by Morgan Shamy


by Mori Clark

Moriah Rees

by Moriah Rees


by Ann Gordon

Sounding board for life & process: writings/paintings/projects/people!

Mother'n Fodder

by Wendy Neri

Yep, another momblog. Because I said so.

Mother, What is the Moon?

by David Griswold

A place to get the latest updates from Mother, What is the Moon?

Motivation for Writers

by Samantha Clark

Motor Angel

by Rachael Dommett

A female take on cars and motorsport

Mountain Girl

by Rose Creasy McMills

Nostalgic photos with commentary on my WV childhood.

Mousin' About: The Sketchblog of Alison Mutton

by Alison Mutton

Sketches, finished pieces, progress shots and needle felting

Mouth Open, Story Jump Out

by Penny Draper

Moving Forward on the Writing Path

by Becky Levine

Moving On

by Diane Worthen

From painter to writer and all inbetween


by P M Neist

Mr. Hankins is Reading and Writing in Kentuckiana

by Paul W. Hankins

Mrs Ricefield

by Iluska M Ikeda

Mrs. Kiyuna's Book Shelf

by Gina Marquinez Kiyuna

I blog about favorite reads in and out of the classroom.

Mrs. Menagerie

by Emily Johnsen

Mrs. Saint Nick Countdown to a Stress Free Christmas

by Ann Paul

tips to focus your holiday on what's important--love and family

Mrs. Tracy

by Tracy Pearson


by Olga D'Agostino

The world of children’s books

Ms Anna Blog

by Anna Todaro

Ms Annas adventures in making art.

Ms. D. Reads, Researches, Writes

by Linda Diekman

Reviews of middle grade fiction and nonfiction.

Ms. Ellies's Girl

by Angela S. Gibson

Motivating and Encouraging Women to Become Unstoppable.

MSC Art / Books

by Monica Carnesi

Much to Write About

by Barbara Gregorich

I blog about fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and the writing life.

Multiculturalism Rocks!

by Nathalie G. Mvondo

Celebrating cultural diversity in children's literature

Mum-Mum's The Word

by Emily Lim

Author Emily Lim blogs about baby, being mum and books

murmurs and musings

by Til Turner

Flash fiction, music, interviews


by Karen Nordseth Roos

Muses are Everywhere, an occasional blog

by Clay Carmichael

Music and Words on the Road

by Nanette Cooper-McGuinness

An occasional blog on what I'm listening to, reading, and performing

Music House

by Meryl Danziger

Liberating the Music Lesson!

Musing on the Joy of Writing

by Angelina Hansen

All things reading and writing


by Teresa Fannin


by Callie James


by Gayleen Rabakukk

Exploring history, science, libraries and other amazing discoveries!


by Joyce Ray

Book reviews, shared poetry, musings on poems that capture my heart

Musings By Michelle

by Michelle McCormick

Musings of a Penniless Writer

by Donna Hosie

Musings of a Trapped Writer


Musings of Maggie Malloy

by Heather Xanthoulakis

New writer's blog in early stages of development

Musings of Melpomene

by Melpomene Selemidis

Musings on reading, writing, teaching and learning

Musings on Media and the Written Word

by Lauren Barrett

Musings, Meanderings and Madness

by Cherie LeDoux

Thoughts on how to lead a better life.

Muster's Musings

by Elizabeth Muster

Muttley's Addition News

by Trisha Anderson

Some art, some musings

Mutts Happening Now

by Linda Vitale

Woofs of Wisdom and other Dog Tales. Appearing bi-monthly.

My Anza Books Children's Literature Blog

by Maryann Scheufele

My Art Blahg

by Joel Cook

Current Artwork and Banter from yours Truly.

My Author Blog

by Ardyth DeBruyn

The Dreaded Author shares her writing struggles.

My Author's Corner

by Shersta Chabot

My Behance

by Emile Kanhai

My Big Nose

by Sydney Salter Husseman

Writer's Blog

My Blog

by Sarah Maizes

Parenting humor for those with short attention spans.

My Blog

by Gwen Kruger

My Blog

by Joseph Mackereth

My Brain on Books

by Joanne Fritz

Reading and writing Children's Books, with an emphasis on Middle Grade

my dog-eared sketchbook

by Lisa Thompson

My Drawings

by Stephanie Olivieri

Portfolio blog-all drawings!

My Father's World

by Gail Wofford Cartee

a family devotional site published weekly

My Friend's Bookshelf

by Stacey Auer

Book reviews and other items of interest in the reading and writing world.

My Garden Bench

by Connie Grudzinski

An eclectic gathering of thoughts concerning life, love, and writing.

My Hogwarts Sabbatical

by Ken Rahmoeller

A chemist's musings on writing fiction, castles, and, of course, chemistry

My Life Under Paper

by Kathryn Evans

Mostly on writing, sometimes on life.

My Lines. My Life.

by Pia Newman

My journey as an aspiring-to-be-published author.

My Observations and Comments about Life, the Universe and Everything.

by Stephanie Maidens

My Observations and Comments about Life, the Universe and Everything.

My Other Zone

by Mary-Lois Sanders

Musings, remembrances, tales of life, and fun.

My Picture Book Cafe

by Akemi (Emma) Ito

My Pinterest Page

by Laura Randle

I don't blog much anymore, but I love Pinterest! Come join me!

My Poems and Blog

by Jeannine Gerkman

Real estate information in San Mateo County, Belmont plus Poems

My Publishing Journey

by Jeff Soifer

A journal of my venture into the world of children's literature.

My Road to Freedom by J.R. Williams

by Janina Rusiecki

My Scribbles and Ink

by Melissa Hed

My Secret Pocket

by Tawanda Beverly

Health/Wellness Community Page on Facebook

My Side Of The Rainbow

by Laura Renegar

My Sister Is My Best Friend

by Nicole Weaver

Teach your child English, French, and Spanish

My Spin On It

by Bill Baynes

A player's thoughts about baseball ... by Bennie Bruno, "Bunt!"

My Story Starts Here

by Lynn Priestley

A blog about my creative journey

My Sweet Home

by Samina Mishra

My thoughts..My opinions

by Krista Karo

Tips, advice, and stories about kids and parenting.

My Word

by Lisa Bratby

I'm writing a novel. Come on the journey with me.

My Work in Progress

by Tanja Wooten

Preliminary artwork for both professional and personal projects.

My Writing Life

by Michelle Reynoso

My Writing Life

by Lisa Swallow

Things I think about as I hone my craft.

My Writing Process

by Patricia Vermillion

books, porch sitting, Favorite books on writing

My Writings

by Nor Sanavongsay

Writings on Art and Design


by Steven Smith

Adventures in raising three young boys

MyInnerMG Voice of Never Ending Possibilities

by Melyssa Mercado


by Evelynn Ellis-Carlson

A work in progress and log of current projects.

Myth, Magic and the Artist's Life

by Sarah Pogue

artwork, work in progress, family, crafts, garden


by Pat Esden


by Karen Fabre



by Michelle Zink

Tales from the life of an author, single mother and movie fanatic.

Nadege Nicoll What's on my blog today

by nadege nicoll

Humorous blog about every day drama for moms

Nadia L. Hohn

by Nadia Hohn

Nancy Drew It

by Nancy Meyers

Nancy Ellen Walker-Guye's site-blog

by Nancy Walker-Guye

Dreams that have come true and those yet to be experienced...

Nancy Heard Creative

by Nancy Heard

Nancy Lane's Studioblog

by Nancy Lane

Progress updates on projects I'm working on, events I'm involved in

Nancy Rechtman's Inanities

by Nancy Rechtman

Finding humor in the things that drive us crazy

Nancy Shaw Books

by Nancy Shaw

Event announcements and topics in children's literature

Nancy's Illustration Blog

by Nancy Vo

Nanette J. Purcigliotti

by Nanette Purcigliotti

About the scary ins and outs of the writing life.

Narelda Joy

by Narelda Joy

Narwhal Reads

by Crystal McIntyre

Books, books and more books you should be reading!

Nat's Writing Livejournal

by Natalie Garside

Sometimes craft, sometimes feelings, oftentime gifs, always writing.

Nata Romeo Art

by Nata Romeo

Children's Book Illustrations

Natalie Ever After

by Natalie Swiatek

A collection of inspirations, pitfalls and deep deep secrets.


by Natalie Rompella

Includes tips on writing and my personal writing journey.

Natasha Sharma

by Natasha Sharma

My writing, books and a curious connection between writing and baking

Natasha Wing

by Natasha Wing

Periodic posts about my writing career and helpful tips for teachers.

Naturally Speaking

by Nancy Castaldo

Eco-fiction reviews and nonfiction chat from author Nancy Castaldo.

Nature Notebook

by Mary Gross

Backyard Biology, Beekeeping, Books, and Boxes

Nature Notes

by Nancy-Jo Taiani

Observations & encounters with fauna & flora in the Eastern Woodlands

NC Teacher Stuff

by Jeff Barger

This is a blog for sharing teacher resources and to promote books.

ND Richman

by ND Richman

Neesha Hudson Illustration

by Neesha Hudson

Neptoons Blog

by Linda Neptune

Nerdy Chicks Write (Kidlit Summer School)

by Kami Kinard

Our blog hosts a craft-based event for several weeks each summer!

Never Give Up

by Joan Edwards

Inspiration, Motivation, and Writing - Never Give Up

Never The Same Day Twice

by Cheryl Wooten

New discoveries, lessons learned, unusual events.


by Kenneth Kraegel

Upcoming appearances, photos from events, progress on books


by Bernadette Kelly

Thoughts, news and events from the life of Bernadette Kelly


by Denyse Kirkby

News from Malabagoo

by Layne Brightwell

"What's new in Malabagoo?" "I don't know... read the blog."

News from Shady Tree

by T. A. Sigafus

Bedlam is brewing in Shady Tree for Madam and her Maestros!

News from the Studio

by Sharon Vargo

News From the World of Children's Literature

by Nancy Stewart

Nicht schlank? Na und!

by Angelika Diem

Ein Blog gegen den Diätwahn. The blog is an addition to my how to book

Nickolai Vasilieff Writer

by Nickolai Vasilieff

I blog about my writting YA novel: Sammy and The San Juan Express

Nickum's Nook

by Mary Nickum

Discussion and information for writers

Nicky Johnston

by Nicky Johnston

Nicola L Robinson - artist, illustrator and creator of monsters

by Nicola L Robinson

Nicola L Robinson's illustration blog, showcasing new work and ideas.

Nicole Ciocca Illustrations

by Nicole Ciocca

Nicole Cook

by Nicole Cook

writing + adventures + silliness + ridiculously cute puppy pictures

Nicole Payne

by T. Nicole Payne

A blog.

Nicole Smeltzer: Sketchbook

by Nicole Smeltzer

Public sketchbook and illustration gallery

Nicole's Art Tumblr

by Nicole Madeline Ales

My Tumblr Blog. Where I tumble and probably hurt myself in the process

by Nicole Wolverton

Niel Bushnell Blog

by Niel Bushnell

News, announcements, tips and other ramblings

Nigel Paul Morgan Author's Blog

by Nigel Paul Morgan

Views and thoughts about all aspects of books, literature and life.

Nikki Loftin's Blog

by Nikki Loftin

Nina Mata Illustrations

by Nina Mata

eating crayons & stuff...

Nina's Blog

by Nina Victor Crittenden

Nine Lives Studio

by Ellen Miffitt

pages contain my projects, art classes, art exhibits, poetry, etc....

Ninja Woman

by Julie Christine Phillipps

Picture Books, Author Appearances, Art, Crafts, Food

by Kim Watkinson

Asian fusion cuisine, cupcakes and fun facts about Japan!

No Caminho das Artes - Os livros de Raquel Coelho

by Raquel Rabbit

This blog is for a series of books which I have published in Brazil.

No Water River

by Renee M. LaTulippe

No Water River features children's poet interviews and a video library of poets reading their work.

No, really...

by Cheryl Knopp

Noble Illustrations Process and Musings

by Kathryn Ault Noble

Descriptions and images of my design process.

Noël Hanson Art

by Noël Hanson

Nomadic Concepts: Art By Julia Shahin Collard

by Julia Shahin Collard

Process posts, sketches, and intermittent musings.


by Mitzie (Michelle) Testani

imagery and notes on current projects.

Noodle Blog

by Stacie Turk

Noodling Words

by Wendy Greenley

Perfect Picture Book Friday book reviews, book reviews, writing

Norah Colvin

by Norah Colvin

Live Love Laugh Learn . . . Create the possibilities.

Northern Writings

by Nina Rossing

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom

by Melissa Moraja

blog about parenting, publishing, type 1 diabetes, astrology, and more!

Not-So-Official Blog Site for Writer Marivel Diaz

by Marivel Diaz

My everyday life and struggles/achievements related to writing.

Note to Self

by Elisabeth (Liz) Burns

Philosophical musings inspired by children's books and writing.

Notes and News

by Rebecca Wojahn

Notes by Tina Dybvik

by Tina Dybvik

Visual posts with quarterly notes for subscribers.

Notes From A Broad

by Kirsten Marion

Travel adventures (bathing an elephant, cuddling a tiger!), and books

Notes From the Portable.

by Jessica Zannini

Nothing But TLC

by Tera Lynn Childs

Nothing But Writing

by Sharon Kretschmar

Sharing common struggles and triumphs.

Novel Characters

by Monica Bruenjes

Book reviews with fanart!

Novel in the Oven (Really Bad Writing Advice) and no-name blog on the writing life

by Ann Stampler

1.) Really Bad Writing Advice 2.) The writing life


by Martha Bennett Stiles

very short book reviews

Now, this

by Marcia Gregorio

General observations

Now....For just a little while

by Anita Crean

Nucco Brain

by Stefano Marrone

The visual storytelling studio


by Lyn Holstead

Current and past art projects and inspiration

Oached Pish

by Sherwood Smith

Talking about reading, writing, and life.

Ocean in a Saucer

by Laura Resau

Occasional Updates on Laura Resau's Writing Life

Ocean of Hope: Marine Animals Voice Their Wishes

by Cherilyn Jose

Ockham's Toothbrush

by Kevin Weinert

Odds & Ends

by Jessie Sima

A place where I put sketches, experiments, and works in progress.

Of Thoughts and Words

by Saba Negash

Writing my world one word at a time.

Off the Rails with Karen Kulinski

by Karen Kulinski

a place dedicated to children's books, trains and history.

Off the Shelf

by Lexie Koestner

Storybook-based art activities and recipes for children ages 3-6.

Off the Top of My Head

by Traci O'Connell

Random thoughts on the state of being 40-something, books, writing and

Off the Top of My Head

by Andy Myer

Random thoughts on writing, drawing, music, news, and life.

Official Website

by Alethea Kontis

Official Website of the Bestselling Children's Author, Payal Kapadia

by Payal Kapadia

Officially Twisted

by Dawn Metcalf

Oh Melody Blog

by Melody Grace Cave

Oh yes, she opined

by Evelyn Pine

Poetry and thoughts about literature and language.

Old Man Writer

by Michael Jon Rubel

time for something new and exciting

Olive Senior Facebook

by Olive Senior

Olivia Art Box

by Olivia Palmer

My sketches and illustrations, regularly updated.

Olivia Sadie's blog

by Olivia de Vos

Musings about inter-cultural living

on a whisper and a word

by Joanna Hinsey

on faith, life, parenting, relationships, and writing!

On My Mind

by Alison Hertz

I host the online daily drawing challenge, DOODLE DAY & post weekly.

On my mind. Slightly off.

by Michael Molinet

Weird and cool and other stuff in my mind that shouldn't stay there.

On My Way to Clopwyck River

by Georgia Bowers

Charting the progress of my YA novel Clopwyck River. Plus silly stuff.

On Reading, Writing, and Dancing

by Linda Bozzo

On The Beach

by Jerry Jindrich

News and comments related to the website.

On The Front

by John Picacio

On the Go with Zeppi

by Charlotte K. Omillin

A Penguin's View of the World.

On the Journey

by Amy Bearce

Book reviews, thoughts about writing, with a sprinkling of other stuff

On The Move Books

by Kathryn Galan

News and photos on skateboarding, multi-cultural fiction, YA/MG

On the Verge

by Jody Casella

Day to day life of a YA writer, with book reviews and interviews

On the Way to the Library

by Teresa Marie Ingram Schaefer

musings, doodles, snacks, and drafts on the way to the library

On Words

by Janet Collins

Posts about words, books, and kids.

On Writing

by Elaine Ouston

On Writing and (Sometimes) Publishing

by Lori Stephens

I write about writing and crazy DIY messes. I mean projects.

On Writing and Riding

by Marlene Moss

My writing journey, contest links, author promotions, and horses!

On Writing, Life, and Kids

by Debbie Erickson

Be Encouraged, Get Inspired . . . Hope . . .

On Writing, Teaching, and Life

by Alicia Salazar

Once Upon A Spark...

by Katie Sparks

Official blog of middle grade and picture book author, Katie Sparks

Once Upon A Story

by Maria Burel

For parents, teachers, and lovers of children's literature

Once Upon A Time

by Shari Schwarz


by Eileen Wacker

Parenting, moms, children's activities, articles

One Great Book

by Freya Hooper

A place to find inspired book choices for kids

One Green Bee

by Rebecca Mary Green

One Happy Writer

by Liliana Erasmus

Aruban author-illustrator's life and career challenges

One Way to Wonder

by Linda Armstrong

a curated selection of online articles for children's writers

One Word at a Time

by Carmen Oliver

Reading, Writing and Studying Children's Literature.

One World: Chinese Adoptee Links Blog

by Jennifer Jue-Steuck

One Writer's Journey

by Kathryn Jankowski

One Writer's Life

by Gladys Sherrer

My personal journey to improving writer's craft, tips & inspiration.

One-Leg Liz

by Liz Heywood

Only Losers Cry

by Susan Westley

Musings about the everyday struggles of writing and publishing

Ono Draws

by Annie Idris

A daily sketch blog inspired by total randomness existing in my brain

Ooh La La Design Studio

by Vanessa Newton

A tiny blog about the illustrations of Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Oojoo Boojoo - writing and illustration for the young at heart

by Michael Edwards

Orange Marmalade

by Jill Swanson

Book reviews for ages 12 and under.


by Rosemary Macuga

Delightful assortment of photos, illustrations, thoughts & events!

Origami n' Stuff 4 Kids

by Tammy Yee

Easy print and fold origami, crafts and educational articles for kids.

Original Content

by Gail Gauthier

Reflections On Children's Books, Writing, And Children's Publishing


by Carol Federoff

Other Such Things

by Gaia Cornwall

Oumar Dieng - Writing and Publishing Blog

by Oumar Dieng

Blogging on writing, publishing, parenting and social media

our stories, ourselves

by Emma D. Dryden

emma d dryden's thoughts on the stories we tell & the stories we live

Out & About

by Patricia Collins

Out of Control Characters

by K.C. Sprayberry

Blog tours, cover reveals, spotlights, reviews, and release parties.

Out of My Head

by Gary Schwartz

On the work of Viola Spolin and Improvisation

Out Of My Mind

by Gary Alipio

Arranger of words to make laughs, make love, make you mad.

Out of My Mind

by David Roper

verbal creations of David L. Roper

Out on a Limb, Shy Writer Goes Social

by Ruth Schiffmann

Out There

by Stacy Nyikos

Two parts book review to one part musings on what it means to be a wr

Out to Play

by Nancy Tandon

Sharing PBs and MG novels that help us navigate parenting and life

Ovi Nedelcu

by Ovi Nedelcu

owl tracks

by Christine Brodien-Jones

Owl's Quill: Blog of Barbara Etlin

by Barbara Etlin

Pack-n-Go Girls

by Janelle Diller

Page on my web site

by Millicent Bell Hughes

The 'historical research tips' is the important part.

Paint & Paper

by Barbara Willcox DiLorenzo

My thoughts about the writing and illustrating process.

Paint Draw Love

by Carrie Cartier

My journey into becoming a children's book writer and illustrator.

Paint. Write. Travel.

by Dora Tsang

Painting Horse Feathers

by Kristen Girard

All about illustrator and writer Kristen Girard's artistic endeavors.

Painting Mouse

by Emily Morse

Animal and fandom inspired drawings

Painting Words

by Ramonita Pangan

This keeps me in the habit of writing and illustrating!

paisaje del mar

by Ruth Torres

Mainly writing, reading, & books. And anything else that sounds good.

Palace of Twelve Pillars

by Christina Weigand

pam withers

by Pam Withers

Lots of inside stories on how I write my novels (ideas, research, etc)

Pamela Goodman Illustration Blog

by Pamela Goodman

Pamela Weisberg Illustration

by Pamela Weisberg


by Frans Vischer

All about my fat cat, Fuddles' adventures and his wide food tastes.

Pancake Polish

by Julia Hutchinson

Personal blog with my art and reblogs of things I like.


by Kenard Pak

A collection of my artwork, and also a hub to other sites and shops.

Paola Ruberto Ilustraciones. Illustrations

by Paola Ruberto

Paper and Parchment

by Linda Garner

A group of authors talk about the joys of writing and other stuff.

Paper Clippings

by Denise Ortakales

Occasional posts about assignments, sketches, trips, amphicars, etc.


by Teen Liu


by Patrick Gannon


by Susan Swan


by tatjana mai-wyss

a blog of sketches, ideas and projects


by Gail Shepherd

writing children's litgai

Paranormal Point of View

by Lisa Green

A little blog for writers. Tips, treats, guests,and laughs.

Parenting & Teaching Multiculturally

by Stephanie Kammeraad

Sharing resources as we try and raise our children as global citizens!

Parenting My Interracial Family

by Omilaju Miranda

Discussion community for Parenting biracial & Transracial adoptee kids

Parenting Stories by Dr. Wanda Venters

by Wanda Venters

Children's stories with parenting tips.

Parents for Character

by Kris Yankee

A blog for parents and other caregivers of children that discusses ess

Parents' Learning Group

by Brynn Carter

exchanging ideas to help children learn - posts for parents

Pascale's Great Joys

by Pascale Duguay

Bite-sized advice on life, writing, baking, and other essentials.

Past Alive

by Peggy Caravantes

Brings the past alive and connects readers to events that happened long before they were born

Pat Cummings News

by Pat Cummings


Pat Mallon

by Pat Mallon

Keeping you up-to-date on my works, writing tips and everything else.

Pat Miller Books Blog

by Pat Miller

Ideas for making books relevant as a school librarian and as a writer.

Pat N. Lewis Illustration

by Pat Lewis

Patalosh: The Time Travelers

by Z Altug

For readers interested in science fiction and multicultural adventure.

Patch Miller

by Patrick Miller

Patience, Persistence, Perseverance Pays Off!

by Laura L. Weller

Encouragement and humorous essays on the writing life, sharing ideas, books and links. Stop by!

Patricia Miller - From the Farm

by Patricia A Miller

Ramblings from a farm wife/mother/homeschool teacher/writer.

Patricia Newman Books

by Patricia Newman

A literary life. Behind-the-scenes about books I write & books I love.

Patricia Pinsk, illustration

by Patricia Pinsk

Various topics related to illustration, artist websites and so forth

patricia rust

by Patricia Rust

Patricia's View of the World

Patrick Jennings—The Blog!

by Patrick Jennings

Patrick Waldron

by Patrick Waldron

Patsy's Creative Corner

by Patsy Holder Parker

I showcase my art and writing as well as other artists/writers.

Pattern Me Mommy

by Anna Redding

Adventures in mommy-hood

Patty Wurster

by Patty Wurster

Writing and Illustrating Children's Picture Books


by Patricia J. Murphy

musings on life, love, and writing...

Paul Gude's Blog

by Paul Gude

News, Thoughts, Stories, Drawings, and Poems by Paul Gude

Paul's Collected Works

by Paul Belz

A collection of poetry, nature writing, and travel writing.

Paula J. Freedman

by Paula J. Freedman

Thoughts on writing, reading, identity, middle school and more.

Paula Terrey, Author

by Paula Terrey

Travel in Egypt, Egyptology

Paula Thinks

by Paula Miller

I Think A LOT... therefore I write about it.

PB Crazy

by Dawn Young

All about picture books and writing PBs

PB Writes

by PB Rippey

A writer writes--by night

Peacock Prairie

by Julia Richardson

A celebration of country living sprinkled with the joy of nature.

Peak Perspective

by Shelley Sackier

Wilderness, Whisky & What's for Dinner?

pearled earth

by Zoe Tilley Poster

words and pictures from a wild garden

PeasePod Books

by Elaine Pease

Peggy A. Borel

by Peggy Borel

Weekly inspiration and ponderings of Peggy A. Borel

Peggy Draws and Writes

by Peggy Collins

Peggy Eddleman: Will Write For Cookies

by Peggy Eddleman

Peggy Kruger Tietz, Ph.D.

by Peggy K, Tietz

Peggy's Pages

by Peggy Archer

Pen & Oink

by Robin Rosenthal

The collective blog of three children's book illustrators

Pen and Prose

by Shannon Hitchcock

Book Reviews, Writing Tips, and a Writer's Life

Pen in Hand

by Karen Sandstrom

Art and words

Pen In Hand, A League of Writers and Dreamers

by Catherine Jean Hedge

Short pieces by writing colleagues on writing, nostalgia, and dreams.

pencil led

by Patrice Barton

a sketch blog


by Jacqueline Jules

PENCIL TIPS WRITING WORKSHOP is composed of children's writers and illustrators who have published in a variety of genres: picture books, novels, poetry, nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy, chapter books, and magazines. As writers and illustrators fo

Pencill'd - an irregularly illustrated blog

by Luke Séguin-Magee

Penelope Anne Cole

by Penelope Anne Cole

reviewing children's books, parenting, children's authors, teaching


by Salina Yoon

Follow the adventures of Penguin!

Penguin Tales

by Kate Garchinsky

I'd rather be drawing birds.

Pensive Pens

by diedre Knight

Thoughts on writing, inspiration, children's literature, nature

Penspaper Studio

by Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Sketchblog of Author/Illustrator Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Perilous Places

by Darcy Zoells

art, stories, more art

Personal and Professional Challenges and Triumphs

by Debra Wallin

How I handle personal and professional challenges.

Personal Musings

by Wendy Terrien

Peter Adam Salomon

by Peter Salomon

Peter Baldwin Illustration

by Peter Baldwin

Peter Brown Studio Blog

by Peter Brown

The infrequent book thoughts of author and illustrator, Peter Brown.

Peter Utton

by Peter Utton

I blog about my work, past and upcoming events.

Pets in Bookstores

by Gina Lewis-Lee

Philip Coleman Blog

by Colman O Criodain

Writing about things that I hope interest my readers


by Phoenix Chan

my illustrations, sketched, work in progress

Phyllis I Turner

by Phyllis Turner

Author showcases, book tours, reviews, and other fun stuff.

Pia Drent illustration

by Pia Drent

Picasso's Basement

by Paula Cohen-Martin

An ongoing saga about an illustrator/writer/art instructor.

Piccalilli Pie

by Christina Wilsdon

A blog about books, cooking, crafting, natural history, and more.

Pick up the Pieces

by Vic Fountain

Snapshots of Stroke Recovery

Picture a Book with Yvonne Mes

by Yvonne Mes

Australian children's writer and illustrator blog, with reviews and industry news.

Picture A Book with Yvonne Mes

by Yvonne Mes

Anything related to writing for children.

Picture Book Corner

by Henry Porada

book reviews, short stories, poetry, five lovable characters

Picture Book Den

by Paeony Lewis

10 British authors & illustrators blog on picture books.

Picture Book Girl

by Danna Smith

Children's book author, Danna Smith, blogs about her writing life.

Picture Book House

by Abigail Janowiec

Reviews and stories about parenting with picture books.

Picture Book Month

by Dianne de Las Casas

November is Picture Book Month! Read * Share * Celebrate!

Picture Book Palooza

by Dianna Burt

I review children's picture books

Picture Book Playdate

by Lauren Neil

Picture Books & Pirouettes

by Kerry Aradhya

A celebration of dance, movement and children's literature

Picture Books Help Kids Soar

by Vivian Kirkfield

No batteries required - powered by a child's imagination

Picture This

by Nancy Miller

The musings on art and children's book illustration by Nancy S. Miller

Picture This!

by Rob Sanders

Picturebooking: Let's Create Stories

by Nick Patton

Stories about creating and loving children's literature

pictured with words

by Marie Elena Good

simple pairing of pictures and poems

Pie An Old Brown Horse And other new indie books

by Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

The blog is used to promote my book and other new indie books & author

piedenero alcontecavour

by Manuela Pentangelo

I work as an Illustrator and now I live with my fisherman in our B&B i

Pierre Collet-Derby - News!

by Pierre Collet-Derby

Piers Torday

by Piers Torday

My personal website with updates on books, reviews and author visits.

Pints of History

by David Tollen


by Phyllis J Easterbrook

random thoughts and ideas from a newish writer and storyteller


by Faye Gibbons

Memories of my childhood growing up in north Georgia.

Plank Road Stories

by Emily Demuth Ishida

Plant Exchange

by Brenda Johnson

Plant Exchange is for plant enthusiasts and their plants.

Plants, Paint, Pattern, Pliers

by Arlene Graziano

Professional Projects, Sketches and Links to Stuff I Like!


by Sonja Thomas


by Patricia Barry Rumble

blog about my plays being produced and writing plays


by Rae Pleasant

Shop and Illustration Blog

Pleasant Words

by Julie Smith


by Aileen Leijten

On Books I like, my own illustrations, things I make, and great finds!

Poetry Time

by Charles Waters

The life of a children's poet, actor, educator.

Poetry Works

by Robin Prehn

Point of View

by Kim Culbertson

Polliwog on Safari

by Michelle Cusolito

Suggestions for raising global citizens who respect and enjoy nature.

Ponderings With My Pencil

by Meagan Munroe

Pop Gun Pocket Books

by Steve Sagovac

Self publishing resources for artists and picture book authors.

Pope's Nose

by Jerald Pope

Occasional thoughts on the relation of Art and the World.

Poppi's Sketch Blog

by Danny Popovici

a collection of personal and client illustrations I have worked on

Poppy Adventures

by Paige Darrah

Funny, witty little anecdotes/musings surrounding young parental life-

Poppy Dada's Kidlit Blog

by Rose Behar

Positively Woof

by Larry Kay

Celebrate our bond with dogs. By award-winning dog writer, Larry Kay.


by Alexandra Thayer Stewart

Post Whistle

by Susan Lendroth

Postcards of Paris

by Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli

My work as an oil painter and illustrater.


by David Stack

A playlist of cool things for cool kids.

Potter Werks

by Michael Potter

Weekly observations supported with scketches and doodles.

Potterypup Blog

by Debra Lampert-Rudman

Preeti Parikh

by Preeti Parikh

Poetry,reflections and book talk

PreK and K Sharing

by Connie Dow

I blog about the benefits and joys of movement for young children.

Presence and Prose

by Shannon Mayhew

Being fully present, we find the magic and joy in the current moment.

Press Your Healthy Buttons

by S Press

This blog is designed to provide beneficial nutrition information!

Pretty Good For a Girl

by Kelly Light

rambling thoughts and occasional epiphanies .

Pretty is as Pretty Does

by Kate Salley Palmer

The "blog" is mainly pictures--political cartoons & caricatures

Priscilla Prentice on Facebook

by Priscilla Prentice

Illustration projects of Priscilla Prentice. I include sketches.

Prissy blog

by Dolores Andral

Process notes

by Suzanne Goldsmith

Former journalist. Children's fiction writer. Sometimes I share ideas.

Professor Storytime

by Karyn Tunks

Encouraging a lifelong love of reading, one story at a time.

Progressive Pioneer

by Amy Thompson


by Pamela Steiner

My sketch blog - mostly surface & pattern design.

Publisher Blog - Kristin Hamilton

by Kristin Hamilton

Kristin Hamilton and her husband are the founders of Red Heart Books.


by Jason A Rust

Puddle Jumping

by Juliann L. Caveny

My blog contains my random thoughts on writing.

Puddles and Pie Pans

by Ginger Eager

Magic for the young and the young at heart.

Puddlesworth Cafe for Parents

by Debbie Caldwell

Where Harry Pierre & PeTunia bring Parents together for Little Buddies

Purple Eggplants

by Erin R. Hogan

An artistic journey blog with works-in-progress, poetry, and updates.


by Kristina Swarner

New work and occasional updates.

Pursue Your Passion and Believe in Happily Ever After

by Katherine Martinez

Putterers' Pen

by Nancy McConnell

Just some thoughts about life.

Putting Pen to Paper

by Rebecca Kellogg

An archive of my magazine writing.

Puzzling Posts: A Passage Through Parenting

by Mike Reynolds

My thoughts on parenting two creative little girls.

Quantrell Quips

by Angie Quantrell

Angie blogs about children, nature, inspirational topics, and writing.

Quarter-inch Glass

by Marty Schwartzstein

Quietest Noise

by Hillary Moore

imagination and illustration

Quirk and Quill

by Linden McNeilly

Musings on writing and life, by grads of Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Quirk and Quill

by Ginger Johnson

Quirky Tales Old and New

by Barbara Liles

Slightly unusual and just plain weird children's books I recommend.

Quizzical Reader

by Pamela Mayer

Rabbit Droppings

by John Hare

Musings,news and thoughts on projects I'm working on

Rachel A. Dillon - Mom, Artist, Author

by Rachel Dillon

Rachel Ann Hanley: Writer and Reader

by Rachel Ann Hanley

New posts twice weekly: mostly book reviews and author interviews.

Rachel M. Wilson Books Blog

by Rachel M. Wilson

Rachel Parris Illustration

by Rachel Parris (Zingher)

Rachel Toor

by Rachel Toor

Raconteur Raven

by Elisabeth Craster

Radiant Courage

by Annelise Pierce

Radio, Rhythm, and Rhyme

by Matt Forrest Esenwine

Tying together poetry, kidlit, parenting, and advertising!

Rain Not Apricots

by Rowboat Watkins

Because procrastination should never feel fruitless

Rainbow Rune Reading Room

by Laura Crean

A blog to showcase my children's books and children's content

Rainey Doodles

by Merrill Rainey

Creativity Spawned by Green Pencils & White Paper!


by Rachel Pudelek


by Sean Adelman

Education, Advocacy and Inclusion

Ramblin' Round

by Amber Revis

Rambling Meat

by Jessixa Bagley


by Michael Carroll

Well, my ramblings.

Ramblings of a freelancer

by Jonny Wood

My writings as a freelance designer.

Ramblings of a Rising Author

by Heather Rising

Trials and tribulations of publication in the children's market.

Ramblings of a Writer

by Paul Czajak

Ramona Davey


my journey to becoming a traditionally published children's author

Random Acts of Creativity

by Karen Windness

Art, Creativity, Fun

Random Acts of Writing

by Lori Mortensen

Children's Author Lori Mortensen's Adventures Writing, Rambling, and W

Random Bits

by Jorge Lacera

Random Noodling

by Diane Mayr

Haiku, haiga, poetry and a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Random Ramblings of GinaMarie

by Gina Byars

Tangential Wanderings of a Non-Nomadic Vagabond

Random Synaptic Activity

by Raymond K. Nakamura

Thoughts in 100 words.

Random Things to Read

by Zachary Wakefield

It's whatever I'm doing/thinking about at the time. Could be anything.

Random Thoughts

by Tanu Dahiya

Random Topics

by Amanda Thrasher

Topics I hope interest readers, moms, kids, and people in general.

Random Writing

by Tamra Wight

Random posts about writing, my books, my wildlife photography and more

Ranger Rom's Adventures

by Romiko Derbynew

Ranger Rom's short stories.

Rasma Says

by Rasma Haidri

Intermittent musings.

Rate Your Story

by Miranda Paul

Find out if a published author thinks your story is ready to submit!

Raven-ish Writing Desk

by Tara Lehmann

Raye's Reviews

by Kaitlin Scirri

I love to write and I'm full of opinions! Welcome to my reviews!

Reaching Out, Conversations

by Mary Kincaid

I blog about middle grade and younger subjects, the creative process.

Read All About It

by Anthony Paolucci

A place where you can read the first chapters of my books for free.

Read by Myfanwy Collins

by Myfanwy Collins

I write and I read and I write about reading.

Read Hard. Read Harb.

by Jennifer Harb

Read Like a Girl

by Kathryn Royster

Reviews of books to inspire the next generation of women

Read Like A Writer

by Christine Kohler

A teaching blog that uses books to teach writing craft

Read More Be More! Children's Books for Kids of All Ages

by Kimberly Kunkel

Book reviews and creative ways to instill a love of reading in kids.

Read the World - Dog Reads - World Reads

by Annemarie O'Brien

I feature author interviews and essays related to dog or world stories

Read Write Dream

by Lisa Connors

Reviews of my favorite picture books with links to lesson plans.

Read, Learn, and Be Happy

by Jane Healy

Life and books, books and life

Read, Write, Repeat

by Pat Zietlow Miller

Mostly, a collection of children's book reviews by children.


by Ruth Donnelly

Musings on middle grade literature and writerly craft


by Ann Jacobus

For parents, teachers and librarians, books & reading for kids K-5.

Readin', Ritin', But Not Much 'Rithmetic

by Virginia Butler

Roughly equal parts of book reviews for all ages and life reflections

Reading and Writing Children's Stories

by Linda Schueler

Follow me on my writing journey.

Reading and Writing Journey

by Emma Price

Author recounts trips/events while marketing her books.

Reading for Writers

by Andre Swartley

Learning about writing from the stories we love

Reading on the F Train

by Jessica Silverstein

YA (and occasionally MG or adult) book reviews and more!

Reading Upside Down

by Susan Whelan

The life and bookshelf of an avid reader and compulsive overthinker

Reading, Writing & Elizabeth

by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff

Reading & writing: advice, techniques, contests & more.

Reading, Writing & Ruminating

by Vijaya Bodach

on writing, faith, and family life

Reading, Writing and No Arithmetic

by Elizabeth Felt

Reading, Writing and Reaching for Chocolate

by June Smalls

Reading, Writing, and Chocolate

by Stacy DeKeyser

Reading, Writing, Raising Hell

by Creative Support (Linda Gerber, Jennifer McAndrews, Ginger Calem, and Julie O'Donnel)

This blog explores what writers can learn about their craft from reading good books.

Real Kids. Good Books.

by Kate Goka

Realm of the Seadragon

by Amanda Zimmerman

Blog covers illustration techniques, inspiration, stories of interest

Rear in Gear

by Leslie Zampetti

Blogging about writing, reading & all things kidlit

Rebecca Agiewich

by Rebecca Agiewich

Features to my portfolio, upcoming appearances, and a novel excerpt

Rebecca Herzog

by Rebecca Herzog

A blog aout read, writing, and telling awesome stories

Rebecca Israel Bischoff

by Rebecca Bischoff

Rebecca Newman Children's Writer & Poet

by Rebecca Newman

News about Rebecca Newman - children's writer & poet

rebecca nolen's blog

by Rebecca Nolen

Blogs about writing, illustrating, gardening, and house renovation.

Rebecca Sheraton Children's Writer

by Rebecca Sheraton

Rebecca's Nonfiction Blog

by Rebecca G. Aguilar

Nonfiction Q&As, news and reviews.

Red Lantern Cyclist

by Alexis David

This is a blog about failing.

Red Rose, Yellow Rose, Cardboard Box

by Rosemary High

My blog details my journey as a writer and as a Brit in Texas

Red said what?

by Jennifer Reinharz

Personal essays. I write what feels right.

Red Writing Hood

by Kara Parlin

Red-Eye Family

by Amy Bates

Two Kids. One Husband and a Very Big World to Explore.


by Maia Kobabe

Redheaded Stepchild

by Lynn Alpert

Reenita's Wisdom

by Reenita Malhotra Hora

A blog that unleashes the backstory of my stories

Reflecting Runes

by Blessy Mathew

We are reflected in our writing and our writing is a reflection of us.

Reflections of a Bibliophile

by Jennifer Birch

YA book reflections, recommendations, and reviews

Reflections of a Shallow Pond

by Tim Haywood

Musings of a middle-aged dad, husband and pop culture dinosaur.

Reflections on a Life in Motion

by Debra Paulson

Publish Fridays: musings on the writing life.

Reflections on Writing

by Katie Van Ark

My experiences at Vermont College of Fine Arts and on Swoon Reads

Refreshingly Riki

by Erika "Riki" Cleveland


by Regine Verougstraete

A thousand drawings for growth, daily from May 2012 to today.

Reindeer Dust

by Kate Dwyer

The making of a children's book

Rejected and Alone: A Writer's Life

by Jonathan Stark

A 6 days/week blog about becoming a writer. Posts topics follow a regular schedule.

Rejection Letters & Such

by Venessa Schwarz

Relax a bye Baby Blog

by Mimi Sommers

Sleeping topics for kids & adults

Remember Haiti

by Dorina Lazo Gilmore

journeying through life with the Gilmore family

Rene Colato Lainez Blog

by Rene Colato Lainez

My personal blog: Read more about my books, interviews and events.

Renee's Pages

by Renee Roberson

The Writing Life of a Pop Culture Junkie

Research Warrior

by Diana Turk

Sacrificing sleep and sanity to make you an instant expert.

Resolute Not Reluctant

by Jim Westcott

A Blog about books for boys and boys and reading

Resources For Children's Writers

by Rachelle Burk

Hundreds of resources in over 30 distinct categories.

Respect the Cupcake

by Lindsay Ward

A blog about illustration and my adventures as an author-illustrator.

Restricted Waters

by Kimbra Cutlip

A blog and web site for the Restricted Waters Trilogy

Reverie of a Picture Book

by Sarah Isaacson

When you know better who you were, you know better who you are.

Reviews and News

by Phyllis Wheeler

Reviews and news from author Phyllis Wheeler

Revision Warriors

by Marlana Antifit

Writers Tips and Trades

ReVisionary's View

by Susa Silvermarie

A writer's perspective- Reviews, Reflections, & Creative Adventures

Revolutionary War Story

by Jean O'Connor

How the novel The Cause: The Story of James Lovell, Patriot came to be

RH Andrews

by RH Andrews

Topics related to my YA novel--thrillers, empowerment, dog love.

rhcrayon: The Blog!

by Rita Crayon Huang

Rhonda Lucas Donald

by Rhonda Lucas Donald

Rhonda Paglia, Children's Author

by Rhonda Paglia

A little place to share my "Grammy Pags" stories and happenings.

Ria Art

by Alexandria Gold

Ribs, Inc.

by Noel Tuazon

Updates on current and past illustrated projects.

Richmond Children's Writers

by Deb Dudley

Richtoon's Blog

by Rich Lauzon

A collection of my drawings, caricatures and digital paintings.

Rick Johnson Author Site

by William Johnson

Daily updates in my areas of interest.

Rick's Blog

by Hollis Pettway

Articles with a multicultural and historical spotlight on Art and Lit.

Rick's Blog

by Rick Alimonti

Musings on just about everything

Riddle Me a Story

by Sharron Riddle

Writer musings, teen angst, YA & NA book reviews.

Riding The Waves

by Christine Wolf

Documenting life's ups and downs with honesty.


by Marie Basting

I’m rewriting my story through telling stories.

Right Side Space

by Derek Douglas

A back-lit place where my illustrations take up space.

Rilla's Rambles -- rSquare

by Rilla Jaggia

Rini by Design: Life...Imagined, Transformed, Inspired!

by Irene Pozoukidis

Inspiring others to live creatively!

Rita Writes History

by Rita Hubbard

Rita's Reflections

by Christine Read

Rob Donnelly's Blog

by Rob Donnelly

Illustrations and sketches created by Rob Donnelly

Rob McClurkan Illustration Blog

by Rob McClurkan

Robb Terranova

by Robb Michael G

RobertaMalasomma Illustrations

by Roberta Malasomma

Robin Hall Writes

by Robin Hall

Robin Koontz

by Robin Koontz

Sharing experiences of writing and illustrating for children.

Robinson Illustration

by Susan Gail Robinson

Robyn Campbell

by Robyn Campbell

Writing information and select book reviews.

Robyn Jorde Studio

by Robyn Jorde

my artwork and illustrations


by Joe Rocco

I started this blog to create postings about my work and my process.

Rock, Paper, Write

by Carrie Brown-Wolf

Tips for writers!

Rocking Horse Writing

by Laura Wolfe

Rocks on the Road

by Jacqueline B. Broy

a photo-travel blog journaling my travels near and far with my husband

Rodney's Weird World

by Lorraine Nelson

In Pluto, Washington, "weird" is normal. Just ask Rodney.

Rogue Librarian

by Edward Sullivan

All about books and reading.

Roland NIpps: Writer, Cook, Teacher

by Roland Nipps

My collection of fictional writing, cooking pix, life on Oahu

Rolandas Dabrukas Art

by Rolandas Dabrukas

Ron Writes Stuff

by Ron Jr Delaney

My writings, ramblings, and retrospect on life.


by Brian Ormiston

A forum for sketches and ideas dedicated to pictorial story telling.

Rosalie Street Blog

by Rosalie Street

Illustrations, Art and Life Snippets by Rosalie Street

Rosalyn Reads, Writes, and (Sometimes) Waxes Rhetorical

by Rosalyn Eves

Route 19 Writers

by Marcy Collier

We are a group of writers and book lovers living along Route 19 South in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Most of us are kidlit writers (every genre) but our contributors also include authors of adult fiction and nonfiction, an illustrator, and a couple of scree

Route 19 Writers

by David Amaditz

Reviews debut novels.

Rowan the Scottish Fairy

by Heather Shepherd

Blog to accompany self published book "Rowan and the Charm Cake"


by Roxie Munro

About interactive apps and children's book publishing.

Roya's Daydream

by Rongyuan (Roya) Ma

Royce Vanatta

by Royce Leary VanAtta

Portfolio Imagery

Rubberband Slingshot

by Aimee Thomas

Storytelling musings that span books, film, theater and daily life

Ruby Rainbow Reviews

by Carole Poustie

YA and children's book reviews


by Linda Book

Dazed and Confused in the 21st Century

Ruminations and Reflections, A Writer's Blog

by Jean James

Inspiration and the Writing Process

Run Dog! Blog!

by Melissa Yeomans

Find real life adventures of Melissa, Boy and Dog here.


by Ali Wilcox

Thoughts about Life, Love and Laughter, of course.

Running Through This World

by Jennifer Vandenberg

Running to Tahiti

by Rebecca Light

Tahiti is 4,109 miles from Los Angeles. My husband and I ran there.

Running with Stilettos

by Mary Wagner

Living a Balanced Life in Dangerous Shoes!

Russ Cox - Smiling Otis Studio

by Russ Cox

Illustration and general thoughts from the merry land of Otis & Russ.

Ruth Daly - Author

by Ruth Daly

Ruthful; A View from the Trees

by Ruth Ingulsrud

Logging adventures in teaching, writing, publishing & exploring Japan.

Ruthie Briggs Greenberg Blog

by Ruthie Briggs-Greenberg

Is your Art as Good as your Ambition?

Ryann Dannelly

by Ryann Dannelly

S. E. Green

by Shannon Greenland

S. Kober Facebook page.

by Shahar Kober

S. R. Kriger's Official Site

by Sarah Kriger

Updated Mondays.

S.A. Lewis

by Stephanie Anne Lewis

S.G.Penn illustration

by Speranza Penn

S.K. Mayhew, Kid Lit Writer

by Sharon Mayhew

My random thoughts on writer, editing, books, and the world.

Sabina Hahn ceramics

by Sabina Hahn

My ceramics and drawing a day blog.

Sabrina Fedel

by Sabrina Fedel

I write about writing, books, growing up, and learning disabilities.


by Sarah Gramelspacher

Hans Christian Andersen illustration anthology

Sagebrush Lessons

by Leslie Tribble

Exploring the natural environment.

Saints and Recipes

by Maria Ross

Sally Apokedak

by Sally Apokedak

A literary agent talks about writing and publishing

sally fawcett

by Sally Fawcett

creating - with kids, for kids, inspired by kids, in-spite of kids.

Sally Kindberg

by Sally Kindberg

Sally Matheny

by Sally Matheny

Sally Writes

by Sally Spratt

Book reviews, giveaways of picture book and middle grade novels.

Salvatore Barbera-Author-Illustrator

by Salvatore Barbera

News, interviews and reviews of about and from Sal Barbera

Sam Sochacka's Blog

by Sam Sochacka

stories from my life as a Children's Lit Advocate and Aspiring Author

Samantha Green Mysteries Blog

by Christy Lynn Allen

News, events, Serious Reader Club updates

Samantha Hollister - The Art of Make+Believe

by Samantha Hollister

A place for inspiring + aspiring storytellers

same as above

by Jane Miller

Blog is part of website, drawing hints, artists I admire


by Samantha Hernandez

Samsketches work updates on: Illustration. Graphic Design. Fine Arts.

Sandra Javera

by Sandra Jávera

I post about the illustrations and ceramics I make.

Sandy Carlson, Michigan

by Sandy Carlson

Offers writing challenges, insights on craft and marketing, with an occasional real characters and real plots.

Sapsucker Blues

by Anita Schmidt Kyanka

Get outdoors and remember to look up!

Sara Eastler, Children's Author

by Sara Eastler

Sara Latta

by Sara Latta

Sara Silkwood Illustration

by Sara Silkwood

Sarah Ahiers Writes

by Sarah Ahiers

A place where I write about writing. Mostly. Sometimes. Maybe

Sarah Green Illustration

by Sarah Green

Sarah Hipple: Writer

by Sarah Hipple

Sarah J. Carlson, Author

by Sarah Carlson

Sarah Johnson

by Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson children's author

Sarah Laurence

by Sarah Laurence

Novels, art and life in coastal Maine. I review YA & Literary Fiction.

Sarah Lucas Young Adult Fantasy Writer

by Sarah Lucas

Just comments as I go through my writing :)

Sarah Remy

by Sarah Remy

Sarah Says Write

by Sarah Clayville

Writing tips and ruminations along the rocky road to publication.

Sarah Sketch Blog

by Sarah Wells

My art blog, where I post finished and unfinished work.

Sarah Underwood Illustration

by Sarah Underwood

Sarah's Book Reflections

by Sarah Maury Swan

I blog about the books I've reviewed.

Sarah's Sketchblog

by Sarah Marino

Sarah's Sketchbook

by Sarah Bachtold

A portfolio/blog combination of my work and what inspires me.

Sari-Sari Storybooks

by Christina Newhard

Multilingual Filipino children's stories for the next generation

Saundra's Studio Blog

by Saundra Jones

Saved By the Nap

by Lauren Cook

Finding the humor in everyday situations

Saving the Rejects

by Sue Fliess

Say What?

by Rebecca Roan

Saz Francisco

by Sarah Powell

Adventures in America, Creative Projects, Ideas, and Inspiration.


by Jet Harrington


by Warren Ross

Blobs of this and that. Self-publishing struggles. Nothing serious.

School House Stories

by Susan Apps Bodilly

Stories about school from the past and the present.

School Visit Experts

by Alexis O'Neill

Advice on creating programs that kids, teachers and librarians love


by Claire Eamer

A group blog by Canadian children's science writers.

Science Art Spirit

by R. Elena Tabachnick

Three human ways of knowing: all interesting, valid, and incomplete.

Science Whisperer

by Linda Williams

Science discoveries, videos, and news in everyday language.

Sciency Fiction

by Jacqueline Houtman

Scirbi y ilustra buki pa mucha

by Sheila Werleman

Articles and illustration about how to write and illustrate for childr

Scott Treimel NY

by Scott Treimel

an ill-maintained source of promo, silliness, info, and opinion.

Scratch and Peck

by Lauren Scheuer

Scribble and Hum

by Kris Dinnison

A site for book reviews and other writing

Scribble Girl

by helen jameson

Writing news, inspiration, and humor

Scribble Leigh

by Jennifer Leigh Holt

Thoughts on writing, news on books, and general book bloggishness.

Scribble Sketch

by Stephen Aitken

Musings on writing and illustrating children's books.

Scribblers Tail

by Julia Patton

A collection of work reflecting my adventures and current projects.


by Cathy Cronin

The writing blog of Cathy Cronin.

Scribbles From Jenn

by Jennifer S. Pitts

Scribbles on the Wall, a blog by Mariana Llanos

by Mariana Llanos

Personal experiences, living life and enjoying writing.

Scribbleymark~The Art of MNat~

by Marcelle Natisin

Scribbling in the

by Cynthia Platt

Scribbling, Still...

by Katia Novet Saint-Lot

Scribblings and Scrivenings

by Airlie Anderson

Sea of Words; Charting a course from imagination to publication

by Linda Collison

Writing process, guest authors, research, news about my books

Sea Serpent Design News

by Rosalind Lord

The latest on illustrations and tech work from yours truly. info/

by Sean Noonan

As it says, info about the author Sean Noonan

Searching For Light In The Darkness

by Daniel Krippene

Articles about science fiction, fact, and humorous musing.

Season's Art Blog

by Season Bivens

Seasonal Crafts Kids Love

by Karen Frandsen

SeasonalCraftsKidsLove: printables and projects for the whole family

Second Cup of Coffee

by Annie Fix

Art of Annie Fix.

Secret Agent Josephine

by Brenda Ponnay

a quirky lifestyle blog

See Blanche Write, Write Blanche Write

by Blanche Baxter

A writing and illustration journey of self discovery, and other stuff.

See Sam Sketch!

by Samantha Kallis

Seed of Fire

by Polly McCann

Once a Day Poetry

Seeking Successsful Author-ization

by Jennifer Lakhlani

The most sought after information by writers.

by Marquita Hockaday

Basic writing blog

Seize the day

by Molly Blaisdell

A blog to inspire writers and creatives of all kinds. Writing tips, words of wisdom, and fuel for your creative journey.

Selene Castrovilla's Blog

by Selene Castrovilla

An account of my writing life, and anything else which comes to mind.

Sense and Disability

by Chelsey Kendig

Sensibility and Sense, A Perfect Blog for Imperfect Writers

by Patti Richards

The craft and business of writing. PGWRites Critique Services

Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids

by Leila Boukarim

The challenges and joys of parenting a Highly Sensitive Child.

Sentinel English Language Institute

by Jacqueline Leigh

Nonprofit institute that facilitates writing in Sierra Leone


by Lyn Sirota

Thoughts and Musings about Life

Sergio Ruzzier

by Sergio Ruzzier

Thoughts on picture books


by Damon Dean

Discovering the trials, treats, and treasures of writing for children.

Several Times Removed

by Eric Shanower

The Genealogy of Eric Shanower--the histories and the mysteries.

Sex and Gender in Shakespeare's England

by Jinny Webber

Short illustrated posts relating to Elizabethan England

Shabana Muhajir

by Shabana Muhajir

Information for parents on topics that are interesting and relevant.

Shanda McCloskey

by Shanda McCloskey

An account of my journey.

by Deby C. Gervais

Please visit my Blog to see when my first childrens book is going to b

Shannon Day Illustration

by Shannon Day

Shannon Medisky

by Shannon Medisky

Engaging, effective ways kids can put fear and failure in their place

Shannon Wiersbitzky - Children's Book Author

by Shannon Nutter-Wiersbitzky

shari brady

by Shari Brady

Sharing the voice in my head...

by Kimmy L. Davis

Sharon Biggs Waller

by Sharon Biggs Waller

I blog about writing, history, farms, and art.

Sharon F. Jones

by Sharon Fried-Jones

An aspiring author who has views, loves shoes and writes book reviews.

Sharon Ledwith: I came. I saw. I wrote

by Sharon Ledwith

Children are the keys to our future. That's why I write for them.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

by Sharon Lovejoy


Sharon's Paws Create

by Sharon Wagner

A blog highlighting everything my hands can create.


by Sharon Skinner

Sharon Talks about writing and publishing related topics.

Shatter the Bond

by Annie Downer

Thoughts on writing with hopefully helpful hints and some WIP rants

Shaunna Peterson's Ravings & Cravings

by Shaunna Peterson

Shawn Carney Art

by Shawn Carney

Shawna JC Tenney

by Shawna Tenney

Shay Can Bake

by Shaylyn Esposito

Telling life's stories through food

Shay Crinkle

by Shay Crinkle

Poetry and Short Stories

Shedding Me

by Chantee Hale

Random thoughts and musings on art, family, health and life.

Sheep Thoughts

by Mike Demers

It's Ewe's blog, about Ewe's thoughts on the farm. I just transcribe.

Sheila Renfro

by Sheila Renfro

Book reviews, contests, writing tips


by Elizabeth Bluemle

Shelley Ann Jackson's Blog

by Shelley Jackson

Shelley Scraps

by John Shelley

Musings of a roving illustrator

by Shelley Hampe

A journey documenting an artists career.

Shells, Tales, Sails

by Sharon Himsl

Shennen Bersani's Blog

by Shennen Bersani

Updates about my career in children's books.

Sher A Hart: Written Art

by Sheryl A. Hartwell

Book blog promoting quality kidlit via reviews, etc. Error list free!


by Sheri Poe-Pape

Updates on my latest book, book signings and personal appearances.

Sherri Winston

by Sherri Winston

Sherrill S. Cannon, Author

by Sherrill Cannon

Books, Plays, SBPRA Info, Bio... lots of pages!

Sherry Chen Illustration

by Sherry Chen

Sherry Meidell's Teeter Totter Tales

by Sherry Meidell

Painting life and illustrations with a broad brush.

Sherry Shares

by Sharalyn Edgeberg

Sheryl Gwyther - Author

by Sheryl Gwyther

Blogging on books, writing, art, people, politics - and other things.

Sheryl McFarlane

by Sheryl McFarlane

an eclectic collection of news, reviews, tips, & writing-life tidbits

Shine, Just Shine

by Julie Darychuk

Nurturing grass roots creativity and art.

Shirley Ramaley Author

by Shirley Ramaley

A blog for children's writers

Shirley's Illustrations

by Shirley Ng-Benitez

Shishur Sevay

by Michelle Harrison

Posting from Shishur Sevay, my life, protecting the girls...

Shop Talk

by Shelly Renee Gerritsma

An interior design and DIY blog.

Short Happy Blog

by Wilma Fleming

A short(150 words)blog(posted by Friday)to help readers stay happy.

Short Stuff

by Sarah Laurenson

Show and Tell

by Angela Padron

A blog about writing, illustrating, and loving children's books

Sian Mandrake Illustration

by Sian Mandrake

Update's of what I am working on currently.

Side Dishes Online

by Chuck Mallory

My food pursuits

Silly Acts of a Celiac

by Robin Trustman Hofmann

Entertaining and educational way to learn to live with Celiac Disease.

Silly Adults, Kid Lit is for Everyone

by Caitlin Prozonic

Silver Apples of the Moon

by Tara Chang

Art & illustration with a dose of backyard chickens.

Silver Lines

by Robin Prince Monroe

Notes on finding the good in every day.

Silvergum Studio

by Gay McKinnon

Silvia Dotti Illustration

by silvia dotti

Simon P. Clark

by Simon P. Clark

From querying to getting published, along with stories and reviews.

Simon Rose - Author Writer Presenter

by Simon Rose


by Rachel Sarah

A new way to think about love, family, and motherhood

Sir Lance Says

by Michael J. Bowler

Writing, publishing, and social ills plaguing children in America


by Mimi Cross

Music blog featuring pieces submitted by songwriters & composers.


by Siri Bardarson

Creative intersections between nature, music and my iPad art.

Sixteen Stories

by Natalie Aristy

Embracing the imperfect in life, visual art and writing.

Sketch Blog

by Spencer Hallam

Spencer Hallam posts work and discusses the art of illustration.


by Kat Kins


by Jaimie Whitbread

Sketchbook by Kendra Shedenhelm

by Kendra Shedenhelm

Sketches, illustrations and art projects

sketchbook drawings

by Dan Krall

Sketches for Nora

by Ky Betts

a collection of daily drawings done for my daughter's lunchbox

Sketches from a sketchy mind

by Rich Farr

Sketching My Life

by Sue Ann Erickson

Monthly entries with illustrations of life as I know it

Sketchy Blog

by Elizabet Vukovic

Skewampas Stories

by Alycia Calvert

Stories for little people, and the big ones who love them.


by Parris Young

mostly poetry for adults

Slay the Writer

by Trisha Slay

Slice of Blog Pie

by Alicia Gregoire

Slices of Life

by Clay Morrell

Smack Dab in the Middle

by Tracy Holczer

Middle Grade author blog

Small Frei's Blog

by Annette Frei

Latest sketches, demonstrations, articles and links to fun stuff.

Smart Books for Smart Kids

by Debbie Glade

children's picture book reviews & author/illustrator interviews

Smiley Face Publishing

by Tula Holmes

A mostly funny look on single life

Smogawoo - Illustrations by Sarah Jane Hinder

by Sarah Hinder

Illustrations, work in progress and thoughts of an illustrator

Sneaking Bliss with Mary A Livingston

by Mary A Livingston


by Dakota Lueck

bits and pieces of a young writer's life

by Jane Murphy

Snowball Journals

by Carla Sonheim

Art and online art classes

Snuggle With Picture Books

by Richa Jha

Reviews of Indian and international picture books


by Laney Cobb

Blog is about my writing, and events which inspire me.


by Ann Wang

A Space for the Young at Heart: youthful books, topics & community

by Eva Greene Wilson is a blog about Caribbean parenting.

by Maria LaPlaca Bohrer

Author information, book from seed to publication, photos, etc.

Solo Style

by Tara Chaudry Kovalski

Topics in spiritual growth, love, relationships, and health.

Something they don't understand



by Sommer Roman Sheffield

A virtual playspace where I post inspiration and studio news.

Somthing Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

by Amanda Huneke

As a childrens' writer, writing picture books is one of my greatest joys. But there is something I enjoy more than writing: reading with my family. This blog was created as a way to share my family's favorite books with you. The blog is updated weekly, a

Sona's Corner

by Sona Babajanyan

Songs of Ignorance

by Eleanor MacCannell

Sonja Anderson

by Sonja Anderson

Books and thoughts on faith and friendship


by Susan Charest

A mother's perspective of what her children are teaching her.

Sontag Writing Dreams

by Marie Sontag

For writers and readers of middle grade and YA historical fiction

Sophie's Stories

by Geoff Ring

About my debut science fiction/fantasy short novel "Sophie Aristotle"

Sophie's Writing Adventures

by Sophie Reid

Ramblings about the ups and downs of writing, reading and fandom.


by Sophie Kittredge

Illustration blog

Soulful Artist Blog

by Wilnara Kendrick

The soulful impressions of an aspiring children's illustrator.

Southeast Alaska Sketchbook

by Katherine Hocker

A very occasional blog of my sketches and artwork.

Southern Edge

by Barbara Temperton

Space Kids Books

by Sheila Averbuch

Write, publish and promote | social media how-to videos for authors

Space on the Bookshelf

by Sally Poyton

Celebrating children\'s literature with reviews, views and more.


by Angela Martini

Sparrow Thoughts

by Susan Maas

Finding the eternal in the everyday

Spartan and the Green Egg

by Nabila Khashoggi

A blog with tips for moms with adventures kids

Speaking Jenerally

by Jennifer Baggiero

Thoughts from Author Jennifer Ellision

SpeakWell, ReadWell

by Jeanette Stickel

Speech therapy & kid-lit - exploring language, literacy & literature.

Spiked Designs

by Paul Griffin

A weekly blog that is a series of comic strips

Spilling Ink

by Alison Stegert

Reading & Writing Stories

Spiral Bound

by Meredith Messinger

Sponge Brain Stretch Pants

by Rebecca Ashcraft

Let's stop fighting this whole circle-of-life thing, shall we?

Spontaneous Combustion: Living the Storied Life

by Nancy Butts

Articles about the craft; musings about this wacky business.

Sporty Girl Books

by Stacy Barnett Mozer

For girls who love to watch, play, read, and write about sports.

Spot On

by Bridget Backus McBride

An art director looking creativity wherever she finds it.


by Catherine Oehlman

a mother's heart - a teacher's mind - a writer's hand

Squishy Speaks

by Amanda Greene

Squishy Blueberry learns

SR Johannes

by Shelli Johannes-Wells

Stacey Heather Lee's Video Blog

by Stacey Heather Lee

Advice and inspiration from YA author Stacey Heather Lee

Stacie Morrell

by Stacie Morrell

Stacking Books

by Reshama Deshmukh

@StackingBks, I review a variety of kidlit from Fiction, Non Fiction to Audiobooks and Poetry

Stacy Gray Illustration

by Stacy Gray

Stacy S. Jensen

by Stacy Jensen

Standard Written English

by Sharon Ellison

Starships and Celery

by Blake Hamilton

Start at the Beginning

by Dashka Slater

Notes & Interviews on the Craft of Writing plus updates on my career.

Stellarella and Tank

by Deborah W Dykes

Encouraging our progressive little thinkers to think critically.

Stephanie Geckle - Picture Book Writer

by Stephanie Geckle

Stephanie Keyes

by Stephanie Keyes

Author Stephanie Keyes hosts new authors, books, and reviews.

Stephanie Nicole Illustrations

by Stephanie Burgess

Stephen Ingram

by Stephen Ingram

Illustrator, artist, designer, webmaster, and librarian.

Stephen Macquignon an Illustrators blog

by Stephen Macquignon

About my artwork mostly


by Stephen Fitzsimons

Let's Doodle With Words! Extracts, comments and other stuff.

Stepping Around Rochester

by Sally Valentine

Observations on writing and/or walking

Steven Henry Illustrator

by Steven Henry

Steven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

by Jules Danielson

Interviews and information from librarian blogger Jules Danielson.

Steven James Petruccio

by Steven Petruccio

Observations and experiences of an artist

Stick Figure Studios the art of Nathan Gilmer

by Nathan Gilmer

Sticks and Stones Blog

by Jennifer Hotes

Observations from my art loft on humanity, kindness, and the craft

Sticks and Stripes

by Brit Cardarelli

Sticky Love

by Dana Sullivan

cartoons, mostly drawn on sticky notes (what were YOU thinking?)

Still A Dreamer

by Jeanne Balsam

Life, art, animals, writing, children's books, dreaming …

Still in Awe Blog

by Karin Fisher-Golton

Musings on being a grown-up person who still has her sense of wonder.

Still Learning...

by Jodi McKay

Stonely's Pet Dinosaur Books

by Naomi Burman-Shine

Blog about children's books and children.

Stop In and Feed My FishI

by Meg Dobson

Writing thoughts and tips picked up over the years.

Stories a la Mode

by Barbara Bockman

Reviews of children's books, interviews with authors, family fun stuff

Stories Galore Art Studio

by Victoria Thomas

Children Stories and Illustrations by Victoria D. Thomas

Stories of Vietnam

by Kat Fitzpatrick

Stories That Matter

by Beth Kanell

Stories of Vermont and adventure: a wild writing life.

Stories That Stick

by Marilyn Hilton

storm row studio

by Rhonda McCormack

the creativity studio of rhonda mccormack - writer, artist, bookmaker

Stormy's Blog

by Alejandra Abella

Animal-human communication and happenings

Story Catching

by Heather Knight Richard

The Craft of Writing for Children

Story Fairy's Library

by Lily Stejskal

Story Inkcouragement

by Samantha Jane Bremekamp

To get the writing juices flowing we do a weekly writing exercise

Story Juggler

by Bradley Johnson

Gibberish from a writing, science, and juggling junkie

Story Patch

by Carrie Finison

Story Queen's Story Castle

by Shelley Thomas

Writing Journal of Author Shelley Moore Thomas

Story Sharer

by Amy Laundrie

Sharing passions for writing, storytelling, animals, and nature.

Story Slinger

by Gwenyth Swain

All about books for children and great stories to tell.

Story Snug

by Catherine Friess

Picture Book recommendations for little people near and far

Story Stories

by Kristin Aker Howell

Stories that help children read, question, write and repeat.

Story Time with Signs & Rhymes

by Dawn Babb Prochovnic

A blog about early literacy, sign language & writing for kids.


by Kristen Williams

A blog about writing and life.

Storybook Spotlight

by Karen Santhanam

Podcast and blog on reading with kids.


by Tim Weed

Craft-based analysis for fiction writers


by Elena Jarvis Jube


by Marsha Diane Arnold


by Lori Norman

I review children's books and write about my writing experiences.


by Mary-Jane Belko

My writing life and stories.

Storytime Phoenix

by Phoenix Brown

Fancy-free meandering for the child at heart




by Rebecca Dudley

I posted a story here every month for three years. Start with 2010. :)

Strata: Liz Bannish Brain Drain

by Liz Bannish

Updates on goings-on surrounding my work and projects

Stress Free Stories

by Terri Donaldson

Uplifting fictional stories centered around Mrs.Green and her friends.


by elisa zied

Stressipes(R) includes posts on nutrition, health, and books I love.

Stride by Stride

by Tiffany Roget

Empowering Girls, Loving Horses, Sharing Life

Studio Blog

by Sarah Jones

Studio Fuller

by Beth Fuller