• Greg R. Fishbone is an author of novels for young readers, including Galaxy Games, a humorous middle grade sci-fi novel from the Tu Books imprint at Lee & Low Books. Greg also writes and draws The Penguins of Doom webcomic adaptation of an earlier book. 

    An SCBWI member since 2001, Greg serves as an Assistant Regional Advisor for the New England regions and is a two-time NESCBWI conference co-director. In 2006, he founded of the Class of 2k7 debut author group that has inspired follow-up groups every year since. In 2011, he participated in the NASA and NSF-funded Launch Pad program at the University of Wyoming, intended to provide authors with better knowledge of astronomy and theories of science literacy. Visit his website at gfishbone.com for more information.


  • My writing style is humorous, action oriented, and fun. I write stories that would have entertained me when I was a boy, devouring every title on the fantasy and science fiction shelf.

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