• My family moved around a bit during my early years due to my father’s job. Those formative years developed a keen interest in Native American culture, rocks, planetariums, zoos, history, glass-bottom boats, and sea life while feeding my vivid imagination.  We finally settled in Tennessee, and that is where I grew up and where I currently live.

    I love the art of story as well as the art in story. While I am not an illustrator, I try to choose words that bring a story to life as if it was an illustration. Spending the last twenty years working around books, I have seen many different types of publications in many different formats. I believe that while we continue to move toward more digital formats, there continues to be value, comfort, demand, and a market for the traditionally printed word. That said, exploring these new evolving frontiers in electronic media is fascinating and a continuing education and journey.


  • I am a children’s author with an interest in writing middle grade biography, nonfiction, and picture books.  I continue to learn the craft and business of writing and am developing my skills toward early chapter books and middle grade fiction as well.  With an educational background in history and historic preservation, I especially enjoy writing about American history.  My interest in biography is specific to the field of partial biography, selecting a particular aspect of a person’s life and how that influenced them into who they became and/or how they influenced others.

    I have attended SCBWI workshops and conferences off and on since 2003.  This organization has been a valuable resource in my development as a writer.  Along the way, I have taken a few courses, working slowly toward my MFA.  I am also a member of Biographers International.


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