• -I wrote and illustrated my first picture book the summer before third grade; an action-adventure with a fantasy twist.  

    As a kid, I did’t get coloring books. I got a pad of newsprint and a huge basket of crayons. If I wasn’t drawing, I was reading and directing screen plays in my back yard. After earning a degree in Advertising, I landed a job as an art director. I found myself jealous of my contract illustrators and realized I was on the wrong side of the desk. It wasn’t until winning a portfolio award at my first National SCBWI conference that everything clicked. My storytelling migrated into my work and since then I have illustrated five picture books including Dizzy, a Mom’s Choice award for Children’s Picture Book Adventure. I currently am the Inland Northwest SCBWI Illustrator Coordinator which fuels my creative process and I’ve never looked back.


  • Expressing myself as a storyteller makes the rest of my world fall into place.

    I’m famous in the eyes of the local 5 year olds. Some years ago my daughters play group was discussing what their parents did for a living. “Well,” my daughter stated, “My mommy colors for a living.” Silence fell over the room. I’m totally cool.

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