• With a degree in illustration and advertising, Leslie joined SCBWI in 1998 with a plan to illustrate books, not write them. Now, after writing eight picture books, including ‘Big Chickens’(the Michigan Reads Picture Book for 2007, Great Lakes Great Books Award) and ‘Woolbur’ (a Book Sense pick, and nominee for state book awards in 11 states) she has illustrated her most recent three. ‘Fair Cow’, ‘Doggone Feet!’ and ‘Big Pigs’. Her books are filled with word play, fun language, and humor.

    Leslie lives in Michigan and is co-Regional Advisor for SCBWI-MI. 

    “SCBWI has saved me. I continue to love this organization and want to be part of making it great.” 

    Leslie Helakoski–Books for Laughing, Living and Learning


  • For me, nothing beats a small child fully engaged in a story and looking you excitedly in the eye. It pushes all of my concerns away. I want reading books to be joyful for reader and child.

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