• Although Sally Riley had been writing all her life (journals, Christmas letters, poems), she had never consciously thought about writing books for children. Then, in 1999, a friend observed that Sally was less excited about her job teaching computer software programs than she had been. He asked her what she’d do if she weren’t teaching. Her answer came from somewhere in her subconscious, “I’d try to write a book for children.” She decided to pursue that dream. In January 2001, she enrolled in Vermont College of Fine Arts and completed her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults in January 2003. This has given her life a whole new direction. She receives much encouragement from her two daughters and their husbands, and her writing is inspired by her three young granddaughters. She first became involved with the SCBWI in 2001 and has served as a Regional Advisor for her region since 2003. She lives in Rhode Island.