Previous On-the-Verge Emerging Voices Recipients


Heidi Kim

The Certainty of Tides, a poignant young adult novel.

Adria Quinones 

The Disappeared, a middle grade novel following one boy’s journey to reconcile the disappearance of his father.


Jennifer Baker 

The Facility, a YA thriller where newly-orphaned teens forget painful pasts and embrace their supernatural abilities for better or worse 

Tiemdow Phumiruk 

Mela in the Jungle, a picture book Thai fable set along the Ping River of a girl lost in the jungle and the kindness of one animal that saves her.


Mary Louise Sanchez
The Wind Called My Name – The story of a Hispanic family in the 1930s in the Southwest. 

Sandra Headen
Cato's Last Home Run – A book about the historic Negro Baseball League.

Alex Brown
Astral – A science fiction novel written by a young bi-racial woman from Tennessee.