PAL Booksale Guidelines

If you're an SCBWI PAL Member and would like to have one of your books for sale at the Friday night reception honoring SCBWI PAL Members, You may bring up to 20 copies of a book published by a PAL publisher to sell. You must sign up and have the title, price and number of books sent to no later than June 25th.  You are responsible for collecting your books at the end of the sale.

1. Only PAL authors and illustrators are eligible to sell their books and the books must be published by approved PAL publishers.  

2. You may sell ONE title (please use your judgment as to how many you can sell but it is a maximum of 20 books).

3. Books will be on sale only during the Friday night reception.

4. If you plan to sell one of your titles, please email Sara Rutenberg at We must be in receipt of this information by June 25th.


    Address/Telephone Number

    Title of Book

    Price of book for sale

    Two-line Synopsis

5. Drop-Off Info: Please package your books in a box labeled with: your name, title of book and the number of books enclosed.  All books must be brought to the Pavilion (Plaza Level) between 9:00am and 12:00pm on Friday, July 31st.

6. You may include business cards or postcards (only one set permitted – up to 300) to be displayed in front of your books during the book sale (maximum size of 5 inches x 7 inches). When you check-in your books on Friday, submit your cards either in a rubber band or in a disposable bag and the cards will be displayed on the table in front of your work. No card holders please — we cannot ensure their safety or return. There will be staff to facilitate the setup of your books after drop off.

7. All books must be picked up by the author/illustrator on Friday evening by 8:30pm at the LATEST as we have no secure place to store it overnight.  Please make your own arrangements for book pick-up if needed. If you do not pick them up we will donate them.

8. Payment: We ask that you handle payment for the sale of your books. The easiest way to to use a square on a smart phone. This way you are assured of receving the money in the correct amount immediately!