Regional Volunteer Team Grants


The SCBWI sets aside special grants for the hard-working volunteers that run each regional chapter. Regional Advisors, Assistant Regional Advisors and Illustrator Coordinators of any region (US or International) are eligible for these grants. SCBWI reserves the right not to award either or both of these grants in any year. These grants include:

WOOP (Work of Outstanding Progress) to recognize excellent works in progress and Regional Advisor Marketing (RAM) Grant to assist in the marketing or promotion campaign for a book scheduled to be published in the following calendar year. 

Applications and guidelines are sent each year to all official RTs. 


Previous winners:

2015: WOOP

Winner: Tioka Tokedira, RA France, and Shannon Moore, ARA Missouri

2015: RAM
Winner: Greg Fishbone, ARA New England

2014 WOOP: 

Winner: Adrienne Wright, Eastern Pennsylvania Illustrator Coordinator for Have you seen Hector? A True Story of Apartheid

Runner-up: Michele Corriel, RA for Montana for Ice: A Race for Answers

2014 RAM:

Winner: Courtney Stevens, Mid-south ARA for Faking Normal, The Truth About Lies

Runner up: Nancy Castaldo, Eastern New York RA for Seeds: The Untold Story

2013 WOOP:

Winner: Sheryl Gwyther, Australia East/New Zealand ARA, for Sweet Adversity 

Runner Up: Carrie Pearson, Michigan RA for Steve Sillett: Giant Tree Skywalker 

2013 RAM:

Winner:  Mary Cronk Farrell, Inland Northwest RA, for Pure Grit: How American Military Nurses Survived War In The Pacific And Japanese Prison Camp

Runner-up:  Patricia Newman, California North/Cental RA, for Plastic, Ahoy! Investigating The Great Pacific Garbage Patch 

2012 WOOP:

Winner: Genetta Adair, mid-south Regional Advisor, The Vanishings

Runner-up: Quinette Cook, Minnesota Regional Advisor, for Gilt.  

2012 RAM:

Winner: Kristi Valiant, Regional Advisor for Indiana, for Penguin Cha Cha. 

Runner-up: Holly Thompson, Regional Advisor for Tokyo, for The Language Inside

2011 WOOP:

Alice McGinty, co-RA from Illinois, for Gandhi: Hope of the Future. Retitled upon publication: Gandhi: A March to the Sea

2011 RAM:

Q.L. Pearce, Assistant RA from Orange County, Red Bird Sings: the Story of Zitkala Sa, Native American Author, Musician, and Activist