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Region: Midsouth (Tennessee/Kentucky)
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Spending the early part of my childhood in Alabama, we moved around multiple times when I was between grades 2 and 3 due to my father’s job.  As a child, we lived in Florida, Oklahoma, and in a couple of different places in Tennessee.  Those formative years developed a keen interest in Native American culture, rocks, planetariums, zoos, history, glass-bottom boats, and sea life.  We finally settled in Tennessee, and that is where I grew up.

After a few years in Texas, I currently reside in Tennessee with my two cats and my vivid imagination.  Spending the past twenty years working around books, I believe that while we move further toward electronic formats, there continues to be value, comfort, demand, and a market for the traditionally printed word.  That said, exploring the evolving frontier of electronic media is fascinating and a continuing journey.