Speaker Profile - Mindy Dwyer

Illustrator, and Writer

Region: Western Washington
Skype Visit: No
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I am an illustrator and author of books
for children. As an illustrator, I look for a way to show something that the
words cannot. As author-illustrator I move between the two worlds letting
pictures inform words until I arrive at a story.


I grew up in the wooded hills and steel
valleys of Pennsylvania, moved around seeking adventure.  I tried forestry
and furniture making, ski bumming and advertising in Colorado, I was an artist
in the Northwest, an Alaskan fisherman’s wife and then a bluegrass band-mom in
New York. We have lived in many beautiful places of mountains, rivers, oceans
and wilderness to inspire stories, raised three kids, ran away with the circus,
and built a cedar gingerbread house in the Pacific Northwest, where I call