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Update from SCBWI


Update from SCBWI


To the SCBWI Community


We are reaching out to update you on SCBWI, which as many of you know, is a non-profit organization of and for children’s book writers and illustrators. The SCBWI mission is to be an inclusive creator-focused organization serving writers, illustrators, and translators as they create a body of literature for ALL children. As an apolitical literary organization, it is not our mission to promote any specific political viewpoint or policy. Instead, we provide our members the opportunity, space, tools, exposure, and empowerment they require to make the high-quality, diverse children’s books that all children need. Recently, our Equity and Inclusion officer resigned by her own choice, not at any request or demand of our organization, as she felt she had made mistakes in her professional decisions in managing social media. Today, we want to be sure that our community understands our core mission as an organization of children’s book writers, illustrators, and translators.


The SCBWI is here to support the shared journey of writers, illustrators, and translators whose goal is to create and deliver quality children’s books all over the world. All children need to see themselves reflected in books. Our leadership has rededicated ourselves to the SCBWI’s core mission—to build proactive programs that help diverse creators provide literature for all children. 


Please reach out directly with any questions or concerns to