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PAL Guidelines



 PAL Publishers and PAL membership


P.A.L. (PAL) stands for “Published and Listed.” This level of membership is open to those whose books, articles, poems, stories, illustrations, photographs, films, television or electronic media for children have been commercially published by one of the designated PAL publishers listed in the SCBWI Market Surveys. PAL members may have a speaker’s listing in the “Find A Speaker” area of the site. They are also able to sell books at certain regional events where such sales are organized and sponsored by the regional chapter.

The SCBWI PAL list is a global index that includes the largest trade publishers and imprints as well as small independent publishing houses.


PAL Publisher Guidelines

These guidelines are considered minimum qualifications; additional factors may also determine whether a publisher is eligible for PAL.

1. The author/illustrator shall not have paid any money to the publisher for consideration of their work, nor for the publication, marketing, editing and/or distribution of their work, nor any other payment in order to produce their work in any format.  This eliminates all forms of vanity publishing, subsidy publishing, and hybrid publishing, including agreements in which publication costs are taken from the creator’s royalties.

2. The publisher, whether traditional or new media, must provide a professional editorial process prior to publication, at no charge to the author/illustrator.

3. The author/illustrator must not be required to purchase copies of their own book/books.

4. There must exist a means of broad distribution to the retail customer.

5. The publisher must publish works from at least five authors and/or illustrators who are not related to each other. Thus, if there are several illustrators but only one author (or vice versa), the publisher will not qualify.

5. The publisher must show a consistent track record of publishing works for a children’s/YA audience.

6. The publisher, whether traditional or new media, provides a means of marketing at no cost to the author/illustrator.


How do I know if my new publication qualifies me for PAL membership?


First, log in to your SCBWI account and click on “MY HOME” in the upper right corner to go to your member profile.

Scroll down to Publications, and click the “Add” link in the Books column. A new page, “Edit Book,” appears.

Fill in your book’s title and upload a .jpg of your book’s cover.

Click the “Publisher” dropdown list. A box opens to reveal the current list of PAL publishers. Scroll down the list and look for your publisher. If you find your publisher, select it.* You will not fill in the “Other Publisher” field and you will not check the “Self-Published” checkbox.  Additional fields may open asking if you’d like to submit to the SCBWI Reading List or other programs.

After you have filled in all the fields that pertain to your book, click the green SAVE button at the bottom of the page. Your membership will automatically update to PAL. Note that only books published by a PAL publisher qualify for PAL status.

*What happens if my publisher is not on the PAL list?

If you are not a PAL member and you don’t see your publisher on the dropdown list, enter the name of your publisher in the “Other Publisher” field.  Once you complete and save the information, your membership level will be listed as “FULL.”

If you are currently a PAL member and you don’t see your publisher on the dropdown list, enter the name of your publisher in the “Other Publisher” field. Complete and save the information. Your membership level will still be PAL. As long as you have one PAL book listed, your membership will not change from PAL.


Can I recommend a publisher for PAL status?

Yes! If a publisher meets the PAL Guidelines listed above, you may recommend them for PAL status.

Before you recommend a publisher for PAL, please review our current list of PAL publishers.

If your publisher is not found on the current list, please complete the PAL Inquiry Form. The SCBWI PAL Inquiry committee will research the publisher for possible inclusion in our list. PAL publisher reviews may take up to 45 business days to complete. If you do not receive a reply after 45 business days, please contact the PAL Inquiry committee. There is no guarantee that any publisher will be granted PAL status. SCBWI may remove a publisher from PAL status at any time if it finds the publisher no longer meets PAL requirements.