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The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators stands together with the African-American community in our unequivocal stance against racial inequity and prejudice. We deplore the legacy of tragedy, pain, cruelty, and fear that have resulted from long-standing explicit and implicit racism.  We must examine and dismantle racism. Our members create books that will influence what kind of adults children grow up to be and how they see themselves reflected in the world. We want those stories to speak to all children, to tell the truth no matter how difficult it is to face, and to contribute to the message of today––that the time has come to end racial inequity forever. Black Lives Matter. Black Voices Matter. Black Children’s Lives Matter.  



*Compiled by #KidLit Rally for Black Lives by The Brown Bookshelf


1619 Podcast

Fare of the Free Child Podcast

Here Wee Read

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility 

National Museum of African American History & Culture 

Colorlines by Race Forward

Rethinking Schools 

Teaching for Change 

Teaching Tolerance 

The Conscious Kid 

The National Visionary Leadership Project 

We Need Diverse Books

Zinn Education Project 




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Unlearning Racism Reading List by Skylight Books

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*Compiled by We Need Diverse Books


The Key Bookstore 


Ashay By the Bay

EsoWon Books

Marcus Books 

The Free Black Women’s Library 

The Multicultural Children’s Bookstore

(Donate to Establish) The Salt Eaters Bookstore 

Underground Books


Mahogany Books

Sankofa Video and Books Cafe


Black Dot Cultural Center & Bookstore

Brave and Kind Books 

For Keeps Books


Medu Bookstore

The Listening Tree


Pyramid Books


AfriWare Books

Marcus Books

Semicolon Books

The Underground Bookstore


Brain Lair Books


Frugal Bookstore


Everyone’s Place


Detroit Book City

Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe


Black Garnet Books


Cafe Con Libros

The Lit Bar


Hakim’s Bookstore

Harriet’s Bookshop

Uncle Bobbie’s


Turning Page Bookshop


The Dock Bookshop



African American Book Clubs in the USA

Audre Lorde Project

Black Futures Lab

Black Girls Create

Black Past

Black Visions Collective

Black Women Radicals

Black Youth Project 100

Color of Change

Coming to the Table

Courageous Conversation

Equal Justice Initiative

Melanin in YA Site and  Twitter

Reclaim the Block

The BIPOC Project

The Loveland Foundation




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African American Book Clubs in the US

Black and Asian Feminist Solidarities: A Reading List by Black Women Radicals and the Asian American Feminist Collective

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For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies

Noname Book Club

Reparations Club Book Recommendations 

Well-Read Black Girl Book Club 

Why You Should Stop Saying “All Lives Matter,” Explained in 9 Different Ways

10 Things White People Can do for Racial Justice

Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice

Police Violence and Antiracism in America

White Privilege

Being a Good Ancestor

Mapping Inequities

Residential Segregation (redlining)

Kimberlé Crenshaw

Lark Sontag (SCBWI member)

Explaining White Privilege

DuBois on the Irrationality of AntiBlack Racism in America



The White Racial Frame

See No Stranger

They Were Her Property

Linguistic Justice



Antiracist Films By SVA

Amend: The Fight For America

The 13th


Extend Your Privilege/Advantages

Hire, mentor, pay, and promote equitably

Buy from underrepresented people

Dr. Eddie Moore’s 21-day Challenge

Me and White Supremacy Workbook




180 Black-Owned Businesses to Support

An Official Guide to Black-Owned Bookstores in the US

Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing Resource List by The Authors Guild 

Bookmarks Netflix series

International Women’s Media Foundation Black Journalists Therapy Relief Fund

Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation

Writing with Color

Black-Owned Art Supply Store

Editors of Color

Berrett-Koehler– Black Fatigue and Antiracist resources