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My favourite app for kids so far

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I just came across NIGHTY NIGHT, the app, and it is so, so wonderful. I play with it before I go to sleep, after I've put the kids to bed! (Yeah, okay, I may be taking it too far but I love it!) It's not a story, really, but it feels a bit like one in the sense that there is a narrator and all the animals go to sleep, one by one.

I highly recommend it if you have little ones. The other apps by the same company (Fox & Sheep) are great too - especially PETTING ZOO, for anyone with an artistic bent. Honestly, PETTING ZOO feels like one of those groundbreaking wonderful pieces of work that will become a classic in the future. If there will ever be such a thing as a 'classic app' in the future!!

But back to NIGHTY NIGHT. If you do get it, do change the setting to 'snowflakes' when it gets close to Christmas. It's so Christmassy! And it's worth investing the 99cents or pence to get the three extra animals too. I just love it so much. Ahem, as you can probably tell.

PS Other story-like apps for kids I've loved are anything by Nosy Crow (Cinderella, for example, is pure joy); anything by Storybots (the fairytale book is just genius – the cameo roles by various fairytale characters is wonderful). There are probably others... 
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Hi Franzilla,

I'm an app developer myself.  I've just released the first version of our app, Piggtale, on Thursday.

I find your post very useful as we are looking for ideas on how to further develop Piggtale.  I've already seen petting zoo and love it as well. I will download Nighty Night.

If you do get Piggtale, message me to let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas for what you want to see on Piggtale, just let me know and we'll certainly consider putting them in! Thanks.

#2 - October 19, 2013, 07:24 PM

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My favorite app for very young children (around age one) is Toddler Tap. It's hands down the perfect app for very little ones. Wherever they touch the screen it makes geometric shapes with awesome sounds as they slide their hands around the screen. The shape/s follow their hand and spin and all but dance on the screen. It's awesome!
#3 - October 20, 2013, 12:15 AM
Verla Kay

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Thanks for pointing toddler tap out.  It is content that I can include with very little effort for toddlers -- and can even animate the objects a little and play interesting noises.   

I will make something similar to offer as free content on Piggtale -- it's a great test case for some of our functionality.  Cool!

#4 - October 20, 2013, 10:51 AM

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Why not Viking Bunnies? :P

I?ve only converted 2/4 of my books to Apps. I want to say it is the best way to self-publish, but Apple can be screwy sometimes.
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