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Still a market for "making education fun" easy reader fiction?

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I am an emerging writer and am writing a fiction book for early readers which teaches math concepts. But when I go to the book stores I suddenly don't see very many of those like I used to.  Is there still a market for them?  If so, any publishers you know of that you could pass along would be most appreciated.  The ones I've gathered at home seem to all be published by Scholastic, but it seems that a new writer would have trouble submitting to Scholastic without an agent.  (By the way, I am in Canada.)  Thanks so much!
#1 - September 28, 2011, 07:57 AM

My son loves math and we read a lot of these books. A couple authors that come to mind are Stuart Murphy and Marilyn Burns.
I like to go to the website for ideas for math literature books so perhaps that would give you more ideas. (a website about teaching math) also has recommendations for math fiction books for teachers, so you might get some ideas there.
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Ramona, I've waited several days to see if you'd get more specific feedback here, in addition to Austen's.  Since you haven't, I'll go ahead and say that my Educational Markets for Children's Writers list might be helpful to you--

Best wishes to you,
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Evelyn and Austen--these are MOST helpful!  I so appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I am amazed that no matter what I post, there is always someone who has some guidance and experience to add.     ;o)
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