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Technically I've heard that your not suppose to do page breaks for picture book manuscripts. How is a narrative poem (assuming that it's not a rhyming poem) treated if its simply arranged in scene breaks, but not necessarily page breaks?

I'm more naturally a poet (though not necessarily good poet), that is used to separating them in scene breaks that have a numeral heading.

As an aside: Found a recent picture book, though looking for recs. Also this is quite a change from what I'm used to doing, sense my work is often so dialogue-driven.
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You can put in page breaks, but as an extra line space. You can also format as you would a poem.

There are dialog heavy picture books out there. Some are very popular. The key is to do them well, but that's the key with anything.
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Boy I tell you though, in like 5-7 syllables dialogue is really really hard.:/ You really have to pick and choose what is bloat and what will get the message across.

Thanks a bunch!^^
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