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Kidlit Good News / Re: 1st Birthday - Lily in the Loft
« Last post by JulieM on Today at 04:01 PM »
Poetry / Re: Concrete Poems
« Last post by b-j-lee on Today at 10:26 AM »
thanks everyone! Hi, Diana! Yes, I already know your views :) but good to post here for others' benefit! :D

Illustrating / Re: I have a question about marketing materials.
« Last post by anthonye on Today at 10:19 AM »
Thank you all for your help.

And Adam, yes, I did solve my business card issue. My concern was  possibly sending an ineffective business card or postcard, and with this virtual world we live in, never learning how the recipient sees it.

I'll make my adjustments to the card.

Computer, Web & Tech Discussions / EU G.D.P.R. and http vs. https
« Last post by 217mom on Today at 10:04 AM »
With all the hooptidoo  about the GTPR rules beginning enforcement today, I got to thinking about another matter, possibly much more relevant to writers' sites  whether you collect financial information through your site or not. It's the matter of adding an SSL certificate. I thought it was not applicable to me as I do not sell ANYTHING from any of my sites, but after some reading I realized it was the prudent thing to do. It's the matter of having our sites encrypted and secured, something Google has been urging for over a year.

So I'm sure the techies (like the very helpful Frequency on our boards) will do a face-palm at our naiveté, and most writers who have acquiesced to the reality of having personal blogs or sites would rather not think about either of the above. (I know because I'm one of the non techies of which I write.)

But as one who does not collect data nor run adds, I think the EU rules are unlikely to affect me. The matter of adding an SSL certificate to my personal site has, however, weighed on me. So I bit the bullet and did it.

If you use Blogger or WordPress or Weebly, the "s" in the httpS was either added by these companies, or a simple action by you would add it and redirect all old links to it. If you have your own domain on another host, you may need to take action as I just did.

I bring it up here to see if anyone has more insight on these matters. Internet security and rules regarding privacy are everywhere on other chat boards, but I seem to miss them here. 

Your thoughts?  :trenchcoat
Kidlit Good News / Re: 1st Birthday - Lily in the Loft
« Last post by Monica Rondino on Today at 04:34 AM »
Congratulations :)
Book Talk / Re: favorite PBs where MC gets what they DON'T want?
« Last post by Stephanie Ruble on Yesterday at 04:17 PM »
Thanks, dinalapomy101! Great suggestion. Had forgotten about I'M BORED!
Education / Re: Online course in illustration (London Art College)
« Last post by amanda-hayward on Yesterday at 03:05 PM »
Thanks! This link looks really good! I would love to go back to school for a masters, but it is totally unaffordable with a family, and the nearest university has no courses in illustration. The course I mentioned is still through a university, is about one year of online work, and is within my budget. If I pay money for a course I'm more likely to spend time working, although I've learned a lot just reading things through SCBWI and doing to the monthly Draw This! on my own. Just don't know how good it is, and if I should try it or look into something else...
Education / Re: Online course in illustration (London Art College)
« Last post by adam-cahill on Yesterday at 01:00 PM »

I have not done this course, but I am trying to learn too, so I'm tuning into this thread. Do you find out anything about the course?

I've used this website but there's more focus on digital tools, although there are some nice tutorials on character development, which I found useful.

Illustrating / Re: I have a question about marketing materials.
« Last post by adam-cahill on Yesterday at 12:56 PM »
Awesome pictures, I love your stroke techniques :) :) :)

Did you solve your business card issue?
Illustrating / Advice on Creating a Visual Vocabulary and Style
« Last post by kelly-owen on Yesterday at 12:06 PM »
Hello! I'm looking fir any advice fellow illustrators have on creating a visual vocabulary and a consistent style.
My artwork and style tends to be all-over the board and I would like for it to be more concise and recognizable piece to piece.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get there? Did you have to actively decide that you were going to draw in a specific way, or did it just happen? Did you try out a lot of different people's styles until you generated you own?

I would love to know your thoughts!

- Kelly
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