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What do you do with your research?

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I'm writing a picture book manuscript for which research is helpful, but which I do not specifically reference in the manuscript itself. By way of example, I may research names typical of a certain region, or delve into what a region is known for or what it prides itself on. I'll take notes, incorporate into the manuscript, and then delete the notes (it makes me feel productive and like my manuscript is going places). But now I'm starting to worry that if the manuscript works out, I will be asked to cite my sources (or the background information I gleaned from those sources). For example, if someone asks, "why did you choose to focus on X," I would like to give an informed answer as opposed to "well, I read Y is known for X."

This was all a very long way of asking, how do you organize your research? Do you save it somewhere or just absorb it and move on? Do you put together educational notes for potential inclusion at the end of a book?
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If this is a fiction piece, just absorb it and move on. Fact checkers will verify the info with whatever sources they find.

If the fiction is meant to be fact based, say historical, or if it's nonfiction, then save your resources and notes in a file. In the old days, index cards were used for this sort of thing. Today a file in your computer will do. I have photos of real places, notes from interviews, etc in a real folder for one story along with online resources. Be careful not to just save links to online sources. Links tend to change or lead nowhere over time. Include quotes or a summary with each link.
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