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PBParty 2022 contest with 52 agents/editors for the final round!

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This contest is for unagented picture book writers and author/illustrators!

The PBParty judges and I are so excited for submission day on March 1. The final round has 52 amazing agents and editors.

Here's a link to the contest info and FAQ:

Here's the list of participating agents and editors:

We also have an exciting giveaway with 38 critiques from past PBParty finalists & some of my agent-siblings. I'm thrilled so many people will win a prize...but I wanted everyone to be winners, so I put together a Google form for a PB ranking party to help make sure they know which manuscript is the strongest and get at least a little feedback (there's detailed info inside the post).

Fingers crossed for everyone who enters! It's fun cheering for all the Blueboard finalists each year. The judges and I can't wait to read your entries. 🙂
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Mindy, this looks fantastic. I have to see if I have any PBs to submit this year.
#2 - January 23, 2022, 06:58 PM
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