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Cultural sensitivity re: Attacks by Native Americans in 1812?

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I am writing a nonfiction historical nonfiction book regarding a true incident during the Western Campaign of the War of 1812. It involves a massacre perpetrated by British-encouraged Indians on American volunteers, and the response to that massacre which ended the War of 1812. I am having trouble figuring out how to address the Indian/Native American actions in this book and still be culturally sensitive and not demeaning of that culture or their actions during a time when they felt threatened by white settlers, thus much of the fighting during that war. Brits were feeding them liquor and giving them munitions to create havoc, but it was usually just Indians doing the attacking. Is this book even possible in today's climate? It's a really cute true story about a group of Kentucky volunteers and their mascot, but it's the massacre that put it into action.
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I would read some history books that are positive about Native Americans in general and see how they handle this part of history. Good luck!
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Can you start the story just after the massacre or do you have characters who were involved in it? I think I'd start with the bare facts. The native groups were victims of the Brits in some ways but also afraid of the Americans for good reason but still committed a massacre. Sugarcoating any part of that sells everyone short. Keep it real. Also, find sensitivity readers by going through tribal organizations and use oral histories or other primary sources from every side. Research as hard as you can.

I can't say the work will be publishable in the market after all of that, but the market changes and we have to write with our hearts.  Good luck.
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