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Dwarf Stars Award (poems 10 lines or less or prose poems 100 words or less)

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Hi, everyone! I wanted to share this, since many of you may be writing short poems for children, and many of these may include fantasy/science fiction/horror/mythic content.  I'm sharing the news with all my writing groups. It's a reprint opportunity (payment in copies) & chance to win the Dwarf Stars Award. This year, my friend Greer Woodward and I are editing the Dwarf Stars Anthology of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. The reading period is only open in April. We're simply looking for help finding the best short poems that fit any definition of the "speculative."

You don't need to be a member of the group to either submit, or suggest anyone's work. We'll be getting in touch with the authors for permission to reprint. If interested, please read on... Thanks so much! Adele Gardner


From April 1-May 1, submissions open for the 2022 Dwarf Stars
Anthology, from which the best short speculative poem published in
2021 is selected. Anyone may submit their own poems or those of
others; there is no limit to how many poems you may submit for the
anthology, but poems are selected for inclusion by the editors. Only
members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association may vote for the
award. Open to all genres of speculative poetry, including science
fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, the mythic & legendary, and
“unclassifiable but speculative.”  Poems must be no more than 10 lines
(or no more than 100 words for a prose poem), not including title or
stanza breaks, and first published in 2021; please include publication
details and how to get in touch with the poet and editor, if known.
For guidelines and more information:
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