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Book Talk / Re: The Long Secret/The Witches of Worm
« Last post by andracill on Today at 03:50 PM »
I haven't read THE WITCHES OF WORM in years (I was a young kid), but I love much of ZKS' writing. My favorite by her is BENEATH THE ROOT. That's part of a trilogy, but I didn't like the final book (one of my favorite characters died?!!).

I did read THE LONG SECRET, but I prefer HARRIET, THE SPY. ;) I've read the latter a few times (all when I was a kid), but TLS only got one read from me. I still enjoyed it, though.
PAL Book Promotion / The Secret of Book Promotion on the Blueboard
« Last post by andracill on Today at 03:46 PM »
The best book promotion is (almost) no promotion.

So you're published and feel that pressing need to Promote! Promote! Promote! Many publishers burden authors with promoting their books all over social media, and we definitely understand the desire to see your book succeed. But if you constantly self-promote, it often backfires. Here are some tips to spread the word about your book on the Blueboard (or elsewhere) without driving people away:

1. Use the cover of your book as your avatar.

2. Include the link to your website featuring your book in your signature line (this can include a book page with a sell button on it).

3. Post in Kidlit Good News on your book's birthday or the initial sale (do NOT include any sales links, however) if you have at least 5 solid posts. The best way to encourage community support with KGN posts is to include a snippet of your book's journey to publication. We've all been there (or currently are there), and hearing about your triumphs and challenges along the way involves everyone. If your journey was particularly long, include a link to your blog post where you more completely detail the journey.

4. If you have a cover reveal or book launch party, post in Promotional News. However, try to avoid posting in KGN and PN within the same week. Too many posts in too many places tend to cause the community to ignore your book (or even become a little annoyed) rather than interest us.

5. Now that your book info is on our board, the best thing you can do to raise awareness of your book is to be a helpful, active member. Members don't come here to see ads; they come here for the community. As people get to know you through thoughtful posts, they'll see your amazing cover and signature links. They'll know your name and book title, which could easily lead to them buying it, suggesting it to others, or asking their library to order it if they don't have it in stock.

All in all, congratulations on your new book!
Non-Fiction (NF) / Re: How to Save Research Found on the Internet
« Last post by JodyJS on Today at 03:28 PM »
I usually copy and paste the article and the links into a Word document.
PAL Book Promotion / ALLIGATOR JAZZ Is Here!
« Last post by sam-pittman-ii on Today at 02:04 PM »
I'm excited to announce that my debut picture book Alligator Jazz (illustrated by Sheila Bailey and published by Pelican Publishing Company) is on bookstore shelves! Here's the link to the publisher's website:

Alligator Jazz is also available on,,, and, as well as on other online bookseller sites.

Book Synopsis:

A scaly tale of music, mischief, and growth!

Alligator Slim is tired of singing sad songs and playing the blues down in the swamp. From now on, he’s going to play jazz! He packs up his saxophone and heads to the big city where he lands a gig at The Zoo playing this jumping lively sound. The crowds love him! This is where he is meant to be and everything seems perfect. That is until a certain weasel becomes jealous. He is none too thrilled about Alligator Slim stealing his fans, and makes sure that Slim won’t be able to perform. Young readers with revel in the musicality of the text and the lush atmospheric illustrations that bring to life this heartwarming tale of change, struggle, deception, and forgiveness.
Non-Fiction (NF) / Re: How to Save Research Found on the Internet
« Last post by AnneB on Today at 12:31 PM »
Zotero, wow. I came here to say that if you're using Scrivener you can save links to your pages easily enough to a "reference" file, but nothing like Zotero seems to do.
Book Talk / The Long Secret/The Witches of Worm
« Last post by joey-goodall on Today at 12:02 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted here yet. I've been reading a lot of middle grade lately, as I'm working on a couple of things of my own, and my two favorite this year have been, The Long Secret by Louise Fitzhugh and The Witches of Worm by Zilpha Keatley-Snyder.

I have one friend I was able to gush over The Long Secret with, but the only person I know who's read The Witches of Worm read it as a child, so they don't remember the specifics.

Anyway, I think they are both just masterful.

Anyone else love these?

Non-Fiction (NF) / Re: How to Save Research Found on the Internet
« Last post by Vonna on Today at 10:51 AM »
Becca, I hadn't heard of Zotero before. Sounds interesting!  :thanks2
Non-Fiction (NF) / Re: How to Save Research Found on the Internet
« Last post by BeccaB on Today at 10:38 AM »
Zotero! It's a free reference manager.  :goldstar

You download their program and extension from their website (Safari is no longer supported, if you're using a Mac, so you'll need Chrome or another browser). Then, when you're on a website you want to save, you literally just push the extension button to save it to your computer. Along with a snapshot of the webpage, it automatically adds bibliographical information (e.g. author, date written, date accessed, etc.). When you're ready to add a reference list in Word, it automatically (!) makes a reference list for you!! There are a variety of citation types you can use, too.

Plus, you can add tags to each webpage/article so that they're searchable within Zotero. I always use whatever topic I'm working on as well as what the link is for (e.g. "roller coasters" and "Muse April 2018). That way, when I go to add my citations, all I have to do is search for the assignment (e.g. "Muse April 2018") and all of the references I used will show up.

Seriously, I don't know how I could stay organized without it!

...Oh, and the best part is it's free  :yay
Research / Re: NF PB research
« Last post by Vijaya on Today at 10:35 AM »
Love that book!

Another useful thread with resources for writing NF:
I use Evernote to save them.  When you create an account with them, you get the "evernote clipper" which you just click on when on a website. Then you create a note and can even select what notebook you want to save that clipping to. If you're curious, check it out at They have a free option, though at some point I think I've paid for a version that had more memory or capability or something. I have found Evernote helpful in so many ways as a writer of NF PBs. . . .
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