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If you're using a phone or tablet, comment below to let us know how the experience is working for you. If there's a problem, model, year, operating system and browser info could be helpful.

If you recently joined the Blueboard, we're especially interested in your experience if you REGISTERED on a phone or tablet. (SCBWI members: this does not apply to you, since you did not have to register separately to access the Blueboard. If you registered in error, you're missing out on the SCBWI-Only sections of the Blueboard, so use the Contact a Moderator link at the top right of the page to alert us so we can take care of it. If a SCBWI region is listed beneath your avatar, you're fine. )
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I've started using my pixel 3 just to see how it works. As long as I hold it horizontally I have no problems navigating the site. Vertically, it's not near as nice.
#2 - January 18, 2020, 10:41 AM


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