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As some of you know, I started a few months ago a blog on what the blueboards offers to those who need to address aspects of their work inthe literary of children's books.
I concentrated in Revisionland last month.
Any thoughts on why blueboarders. would find it advantageous to post queries here?
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Because members are from around the world and you can get info on almost anything, our experiences are just that varied. Read past threads to see how varied we get.
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Many of the research questions posted here  are things you can't formally research -- like, "where do you live and how do you pronounce this word?" or "if you grew up in the 60s, what was your favorite band?" They're things that can provide authenticity to people's books, but they're not easily googled. You can ask them here and get answers from people who understand the writing process and will give helpful answers.
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