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Submission of Second Story to Agents

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Hi Everyone,

Using all your good advice, I sent off query letters to agents and got a few manuscript requests (and a few still waiting) (.....and a few rejections....).  But, my question is, what procedure should I follow for a second manuscript once I have perfected it if I am still waiting on getting an agent.

Do I just wait until this first round has completely run its course unsuccessfully?  I only contacted 7 agents so if I get rejected from all these and go back for a second or a third round the whole process could take quite some time and I expect I will have my second manuscript finished by then.  Also, do I go back with the second manuscript to agents that have already rejected me?  Should I send a second manuscript to anyone that is still considering me or does that seem like I am pestering them?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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Usually, the standard is to wait 4-6 months to query the same agent with a new ms, unless they have invited you to send them something else. The thinking is that your writing can grow in a few months time. For PBs, it's a good idea to have several strong mss, as an agent will probably want to read more than one before offering. (My agent requested two more mss, as well as an illustration revise before offering on our second phone call) You should query with your strongest ms. It's a good idea to see if there is a common reason in the rejections and you can revise before sending to more agents. If the newer ms is the stronger one, then you can lead with it. If you think you have several strong mss, query with one but you can mention you have other work available for them to review if they are interested.

It's been a long time since I was querying, so I may be out of touch with common query practices.
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Hi, Darcy.

Because of the wait time involved with querying, I don't think it's frowned upon anymore to sub two stories at the same time, as long as you send them to different agents and agencies. Once you've subbed to an agent/agency I think it is standard to wait at least 3 months AFTER either you've received a rejection or have passed their 'no response means no' time frame to send anything else. This is hard to do when someone is your "dream agent" and you write something you're very excited about, but it isn't worth the risk of annoying them. You should only be subbing your strongest work, of course, but there are times when an author really does have two great manuscripts ready to go. Just be careful not to rush it and waste your one chance (in hindsight I did this more than once myself  :faint. ).

Whatever route you take, best of luck to you!  :goodluck
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Thanks, Jen!  The waiting has to be the hardest part!
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I'm with Arty on this. Select the best one to query and query it widely. Have manuscript two follow the same track as the first one, but six months behind its rejections. (This allows extra time for the no response folks in case they are running slow.) Mention the availability of other work in your query/cover letter. If someone requests more of your work, you can send immediately, but never rush. You don't want to burn that bridge, you want to light the folks at the other end of it on fire.

The patience is definitely the hardest part, but publishing is a very slow moving industry.
#5 - May 18, 2015, 11:25 AM
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