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Off Topic Board / Re: A family of con artists
« Last post by Pons on Yesterday at 07:42 AM »
That sounds delightful. Thanks for the info.  :star2
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Impressive! But... it doesn't fit our line up...
« Last post by Pons on Yesterday at 07:37 AM »
I agree that you should have more than four illustrations in your portfolio. If you intend to illustrate for kids, include pictures of kids doing kid things. Try to make each drawing  tell a story. For instance, a lovely picture of a room is just that: a lovely picture of a room. But if you can see the heal of someone's shoe as she leaves that same room, story questions have been raised and you have an illustration.
Can you include more than those 4 images on your website? I'd have a whole portfolio that shows your entire range, but an illustrator will have more concrete advice.
PAL Book Promotion / Re: WHO IS JACKIE CHAN? cover reveal
« Last post by JodyJS on May 23, 2019, 06:55 PM »
What a cool memory, Vonna! He’s had a fascinating life.
PAL Book Promotion / Re: WHO IS JACKIE CHAN? cover reveal
« Last post by Vonna on May 23, 2019, 06:31 PM »
I love it, Jody! I first discovered him twenty-five years ago when we lived in Singapore. I was nearly crushed in a mob when he showed up unexpectedly at a mall. So fun to see your PB of him!
The SCBWI Insight has  Draw This! competition every month and you can submit art for publication in The Bulletin as well. Look under the Publications tab on the main menu of the site. I'm not sure about becoming a featured artist....Wait! I found it. Click on Promotional Opportunities on the home page.
I think you might be right. Also, I included my location in the search and it must have confused the system, because searching by my name only works! ... Thanks for responding. I get confused when I am unfamiliar with a site. I just need to spend some time on here getting to know my way around!
I tried it and it worked for me (I found you by last name, first name and under whimsical). Perhaps there was a delay?

Sorry, I can't answer the 'featured' question.
Picture Books (PB) / Impressive! But... it doesn't fit our line up...
« Last post by syd-arbor on May 23, 2019, 11:03 AM »
             I have been trying to get a PB out and while I've had some lovely comments it always comes down to not fitting the line up. So what if you cannot find anywhere that fits your style? What do I do now? You can see my art syle at

Anyone producing 3D artwork out there? Agented? Published?
I just became a member of SCBWI yesterday. Today I finished uploading my art into my gallery. I went to test it out by searching my name in the illustrator gallery search. I can't find myself.
Do I need to take more steps to be featured as an illustrator on SCBWI or is that a further paid privilege or are their further requirements that I don't meet? I am confused. Help me understand, please. Thanks!
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