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Title: The Secret of Book Promotion on the Blueboard
Post by: andracill on April 06, 2014, 02:04 PM
See next post for how you can promote your book successfully on the Blueboard.

We love when people with various backgrounds and experiences share their ideas with the rest of the community.  However, please refrain from 'selling' or promoting your own services at these moments.  Here's an example:

Good input:  Yes, I also had a similar experience and learned [insert your experience here].

Not-so-good input:  Yes, I agree and think you should look at this [service/book/seminar/etc that you started/created/taught]. 

The latter will often be removed from posts, with only the former type of information left alone.  There is a place and time for promotion (usually in promotion threads earmarked for such things) -- otherwise, we're all here together, simply sharing our experiences and our dreams. 

Caveat:  if someone is looking for recommendations that fit the service/book/seminar/etc that you're involved with, definitely share!

And keep in mind that too much self-promotion can sometimes have the opposite effect of what is intended and irritate people enough so that they AVOID your book or service rather than being interested enough to check it out. That's definitely a result no one wants to see! Instead, make sure you're utilizing your signature space to the best effect--the more helpful posts you make, the more people will see your book or service advertised in a POSITIVE way.

Thank you!
Title: Re: The Secret of Book Promotion on the Blueboard
Post by: andracill on May 31, 2016, 06:36 PM
The best book promotion is (almost) no promotion.

So you're published and feel that pressing need to Promote! Promote! Promote! Many publishers burden authors with promoting their books all over social media, and we definitely understand the desire to see your book succeed. But if you constantly self-promote, it often backfires. Here are some tips to spread the word about your book on the Blueboard (or elsewhere) without driving people away:

1. Use the cover of your book as your avatar.

2. Include the link to your website featuring your book in your signature line (this can include a book page with a sell button on it).

3. Post in Kidlit Good News on your book's birthday or the initial sale (do NOT include any sales links, however) if you have at least 5 solid posts. The best way to encourage community support with KGN posts is to include a snippet of your book's journey to publication. We've all been there (or currently are there), and hearing about your triumphs and challenges along the way involves everyone. If your journey was particularly long, include a link to your blog post where you more completely detail the journey.

4. If you have a cover reveal or book launch party, post in Promotional News. However, try to avoid posting in KGN and PN within the same week. Too many posts in too many places tend to cause the community to ignore your book (or even become a little annoyed) rather than interest us.

5. Now that your book info is on our board, the best thing you can do to raise awareness of your book is to be a helpful, active member. Members don't come here to see ads; they come here for the community. As people get to know you through thoughtful posts, they'll see your amazing cover and signature links. They'll know your name and book title, which could easily lead to them buying it, suggesting it to others, or asking their library to order it if they don't have it in stock.

All in all, congratulations on your new book!