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Melody, do find out if they're vegetarian. Many Indians are vegetarian even if they're Christian. Of course, they need not partake of any meat if they don't wish, but many strict vegetarians are turned off even by the sight of meat. I grew up vegetarian because women don't go to the meat market but occasionally someone would bring a leg of lamb or something and you know--it was a LEG!--and I hated helping my mother prepare it.

Other than that, the menu looks lovely. I'd have some salty things like chips & salsa or nuts with tea to balance the sweets (why not save the cupcakes for dessert?). Oh, cold lemonade would be nice.

For dinner, it'd be good to have some hot pickles and yogurt on the side because some like it HOT!!!
You probably don't need both beans and lentils. But dal (lentil soup) and rice are staples.

Oh and if you really want to make them very happy, make mango lassi--2 parts mango juice and 1 part buttermilk. Stir and top it with a sprig of mint. It's so delicious and refreshing. You probably won't even need to make dessert. It's a perfect finish. That or mango or pistachio ice cream.

Now I'm hungry all over again. lol. Have fun with your Indian guests. V.
A couple is coming to town to see my husband and his brother because they knew their grandfather. They are from India but are Presbytarian. I am assuming they will eat dairy, but don't want to offend someone from a culture I am not familiar with. Need input from those from this culture or familiar with it.   ;)

Ideas for tea:

*Tea and coffee, with cream, sugar & lemon - Maybe something cold to drink?

*Finger sandwiches: 1. cream cheese & jam  2. cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo  3. egg salad w/ mayo  4. chicken salad with celery/mayo

*Store bought scones? American cookies? Mini-cupcakes?

*Home-made Irish Soda Bread with butter?

Dinner Idea:

White basmati rice, brown basmati rice, lentils, baked chicken and gravy, lettuce salad, some sort of dessert. I also have black beans.

Does this sound okay? Anything not work? Any other ideas of what I can buy? My baking skills are limited and so is time. 
PAL Book Promotion / Re: Cover Reveal: PUP 681
« Last post by BonnieJoy on Today at 11:45 AM »
Research / Re: Quantum Mechanics -- Help
« Last post by bridget-grenolds on Today at 03:40 AM »

word swap for deleted:  . . . Perhaps instead, diminished over time.
:oops That's how the manuscript actually reads. Deleted was a mistype on the post.  :lol5
Thank you!

PAL Book Promotion / Re: Cover Reveal: PUP 681
« Last post by JulieM on Yesterday at 10:53 PM »
It's gorgeous! Congratulations, Jean.
Upcoming Education & Writer Events / Re: Writer's retreats
« Last post by Mindy Alyse Weiss on Yesterday at 10:43 PM »
 :yay It looks fantastic, Julie. Enjoy every minute of it. I hope you'll tell us all about it. :)
PAL Book Promotion / Re: Cover Reveal: PUP 681
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Aw, sooooo cute!!! Congratulations!!!
Book Talk / Re: Re: Whatcha reading?
« Last post by onestepp on Yesterday at 03:34 PM »
Read a PB about Ada Lovelace and her love of math as one of the earlier woman mathematicians, and I'm reading "The Enchantress of Numbers" novel by Jennifer Cheveiliar about the same woman. 
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PAL Book Promotion / Re: Cover Reveal: PUP 681
« Last post by marla-lesage on Yesterday at 11:59 AM »
Love it!  Congrats  :grin3
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