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Update: We are offering a free preview webinar, in which we will demonstrate one of our favorite revision tools, and doing a promotion giveaway. Just go to the webinar page for more information... Thanks!
I'll be guest faculty, bringing in an editor's perspective. Looking forward to it!
Thank you, Tori!!  :yourock
Amazon read my mind and dropped the price (as low as it goes for the paperback 10.99) for BOUND. If you need to purchase multiple copies for your class, youth group, or book club, now's the time to get it. I'm also giving away the e-book for 99 cents on all platforms until Jan. 23. Thanks for taking a look!
 :yay :yay :yay
Warm congratulations, Jody!
Tori :pizza :palmtree
On March 25-28, 2019, I'll be teaching a Highlights Foundation workshop, Self or Indie Publishing: Answering the Big Questions.
Can you successfully self-publish?

My May, 2019 book, POLLEN: Darwin's 130-Year Prediction is a Junior Library Guild selection.

THE NANTUCKET SEA MONSTER: A Fake News Story is a 2018 NCTE Notable Children's Book in Language Arts and a Junior Library Guild selection.

Three of my books are NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books.
2019 Clang! Ernst Chladni's Sound Experiments
2017 Nefertiti the Spidernaut
2015 Abayomi the Brazilian Puma

Self-publishing is a stronger option than ever before. Read more about the workshop here:

Darcy Pattison
Illustrating / Re: Illustration Post Cards
« Last post by nikkee-vincent on Yesterday at 06:00 PM »
Hi Marla! Thanks so much. I did look into VP and I've used moo before for business cards. I loved them! Plus they seem to have more options than VP-like rounded corners!
Illustrating / Re: Illustration Post Cards
« Last post by marla-lesage on Yesterday at 05:23 PM »
I use Vistaprint for mine, their recycled matte. You might like cotton paper. I use it for my business cards it's really nice thick and tiny bit of texture.
Illustrating / Illustration Post Cards
« Last post by nikkee-vincent on Yesterday at 05:08 PM »
Hello! I'm looking for some recommendations for printers to get some illustration post cards made up. I do watercolor, so I need a printing company that can print on thicker paper and still stay true to the watercolor detail. Any suggestions?
The Craft of Writing / Re: How to focus
« Last post by onestepp on Yesterday at 10:16 AM »
Thanks for sharing this article.
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