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Users of Procreate app for iPad Pro

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This is my very first post on the impressively huge blue board list of topics so be gentle! Please let me know if there’s a topic already for this elsewhere that I’ve missed.

As an illustrator I’m fascinated by tech as well as traditional methods of creating artworks and after trying a variety of digital software, Procreate for iPad/iPhone seems to be the most friendly for this user.

Is anyone else using it? How do you find it compared to Photoshop and other large similar software? I’ve been told it’s close to having most of the necessary functions and am curious as to how others see that comparison. Does it cut the mustard when it comes to the publishing world? What is it missing that you, as more experience book illustrators, see as an absolute requirement for a budding book illustrator?

Thanks in advance!
Tig Beswick
Canberra Australia
#1 - March 23, 2018, 04:50 PM


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