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Interning with publishing company

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So as most of you know, I'm very eager to learn and to get as much experience with everything illustration and so I have contacted a publishing company. Now before you get all excited  :grin3 I contacted them because they take volunteers and interns all the time. They are professional and award winning so I submitted a very nice cover letter, a link to my website, as well as my resume. I do have some experience since the e-book I illustrated was published not too long ago and I'm hoping to expand that even more. They contacted me back and I have a phone interview with them later today. For those of you that work with publishers on a regular what do I do??

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So to update, the call went well and the person I talked to said she will forward my information on to the higher ups and then they will decide on what to do next.

She also informed me that she has many independent projects she is working on and requested that I submit some more 'adult geared' images because she has a couple of authors that are in need of an illustrator but their books aren't for children. More like Danielle Steele. She suggested I look at designing book covers because the market is in need of illustrators because so many books are being published that aren't very good. Thoughts? This is not something I have ever thought of...but who knows.

She also requested we keep in touch because networking is a powerful tool in the world of illustration and publishing.

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I don't really have any thoughts but hopefully an illustrator will soon chime in. Just wanted to say I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and glad the interview went well!
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Wish you good luck:)
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Good luck! It sounds like you have gone through the right steps. Interning is a great way to get your feet wet.
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