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Should I submit it as a short story to a magazine, or revise it to PB quality?

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Last week I wrote a PB, got a few lovely writers to look at it, and all of them basically said the same thing: It's beautifully written and well-crafted, but the way it's written, it reads more like a short story piece for a magazine.

Since this is my first PB, I'm still not used to "leaving room for the illustrator." It was the descriptions, they said, that made it sound more like a short story piece.

So what should I do? Submit this as a short story to a magazine? Or strip the descriptions from it and make it more PB quality? Currently the manuscript is approximately 900 words.

(Also, if it helps, it is basically a contemporary story about a military child. With a story like this, would it be better as a short story or PB?)

Thank you for your time!
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Hi Woods,

I think there have been some other posts on this very (tricky!) topic. I find this article by Jan Fields to be very helpful in understanding the difference between a picture book and a magazine story.
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