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I am an Author/Illus: Do I include illustrations in my query?

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I am an author/illustrator. I am in the second phase of edits on my early chapter book (High interest/Low Complexity). It is a humorous story and the illustrations absolutely add to the story's humor. I have submitted dummy picture books with my queries in the past. How does it work for early chapter books (as a general rule) I understand that the first 10 pages (or so) will be submitted with my query letter (as a general rule) but do I include sketches/complete illustrations embedded with the text of those pages? Cover?

All advice welcome. Thanks in advance.
#1 - November 30, 2022, 07:37 AM

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Hi Veronica,

What about having a text-only version for submissions...and include a link in the query to a password-protected version that includes the illustrations on your website? That could make sure your files aren't too big, and take care of any query samples that are pasted.

I'm sending tons of good luck vibes your way!
#2 - December 01, 2022, 11:22 PM

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This sounds like a great idea. Now I just have to figure out the logistics on getting a password protected page on my website. :)

Thank you!
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