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Just a note: Any member can post on the site. We do not vet all contests and other material posted. If the post was made by the SCBWI home office, it will have been vetted, but otherwise, do your research.

That said, thank you for the reminder about this. I had forgotten about my submission.
Now it says " at the end of October 2021..and the participants will be notified by email at that time."
 :curtsy  You're welcome.
(Sorry I don't have any useful information for you.)

Thanks, Laurel!
They changed it to "in October" (maybe in an email?) so they still have a few more days.
 The winners of this contest were supposed to be announced on their website "on or about" October 1, but as of today (10/24) the most recent post on their site is dated 4/13, and it just announces a new contest.
Anyone know anything about this outfit? The contest was  on this Blueboard in January, so I assumed they're legit, but now I'm wondering ...
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Plush toy of your character
« Last post by Chris Harden on October 22, 2021, 08:30 PM »
That is a delightful plush truck character. 
Thank you for sharing.  :)
Picture Books (PB) / Re: Formatting verse for picture book
« Last post by d-dzien on October 19, 2021, 07:59 PM »
Thank you both!  Vijaya the example was definitely helpful.  I think I have her all formatted and ready to put on the critique board.  I appreciate your time!
This is really helpful.  Thank you!
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