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SCBWI Members Who Don't Have Green Stars - READ THIS

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SCBWI members who do not have TWO Green Stars or if you cannot see the SCBWI Only boards:

1) MAKE SURE your passwords and emails in both your SCBWI profile and your Blueboard profile are exactly the same.

2) Log off of both SCBWI and the Blueboard

3) Go to this link -

4) Log onto JUST the Blueboard using ONLY the login box under the words *Welcome Guest* and using your *email address*, not your username.

5) Your SCBWI stars plus your Region and any other SCBWI categories (PAL, RA etc.) that you are eligible for should now be in your profile (at the bottom of the Summary profile page).

IF THEY ARE NOT, please send a Trouble Ticket to Verla Kay so SCBWI can help you. Use this link to submit a Trouble Ticket to Verla Kay:
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