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How to market/publicize a PB contest entry?

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Hi, everyone! Can anyone share some tips/suggestions for publicizing/marketing my picture book entry in the worldwide Ethicool publishing contest? There are only 4 entrants, including mine (JUST MOON), and the one with the most votes between now and May 16th receives a traditional publishing contract. I'm not sure how to reach people for votes without sounding like a solicitor, though! I've contacted my local newspaper, but they will only run the story if I actually win. I've also posted on Twitter, but the tweet's engagements are embarrassingly low. Aside from family & friends, I'm at a loss. Have any of you had to market your own books before? How do you do it when almost every platform has rules against posting about voting? If you have any suggestions on how to reach a broader audience, please share - thank you SO much!
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