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Closer to MG?

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Is Ellen Brock's definition close to accurate? Certainly in the books I read, I got a little bit of that. But according to this, that would mean even my YA to NA cross-over novella is closer to MG.

There are elements of self-discovery, there is very little in the way of subplots, there are "missing parents" though not for a typical reason. I guess what's weirding me out I originally intended it as a YA, and so the overall tone is ... not higher stakes, but a different sort of high stakes game. And of course main characters are 13 - 23. But it's also around 35,000 words.

Nymphs Of Winter Fire and The Hatchling are unarguably middle grade. But even comparing Nymphs with Voreth's Promise Saga, Nymphs has a ... bit of different voice.

Summary: Can YA not also have these elements?

Edit: I'm just going to market pitch it as YA, and then see what they suggest.
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Hi Sarah,

I had the MG vs YA issue going on with my current WIP. Some said it was MG because my main character is 14. Although from Ellen's video she seems to say 13+ is YA. I don't have sex, but I do have subplots and it seems like it is heading towards 60k words. My style or 'voice' is decidedly not MG in vocabulary or tone. Friends said it is a 'young' YA. It certainly seems YA by Ellen's definition and that's fine with me. Some suggested I just age the main character, but because of a certain plot point the main character can't really be older. In the end I decided to not obsess over what it is. It is what I need to write and when it's finished hopefully an agent or editor will be able to give it a label. I just can't hammer a square peg into a round hole. Will it be marketable? I don't know. I just know it's the story that I have to write. My advice to you is don't worry about what it is, just write the best story you can and it will find its audience.

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Your right, I'll just see what happened. Good news is I finished editing it.^^

Side note: It's actually two novelettes, two 13,000 word books. The second one a direct sequel. The entire duology being an upper  middle grade and an upper YA.

So because I have a cross-over novella (it being two novelettes) that would put it in an even trickier position, if I were to decide on a two part serial.
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